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  • Endless Mike
    Just for fun. Take these as seriously as you wish.

    First of all, here's one I've been thinking about for years but never got around to. In Futurama S1E12, 'When Aliens Attack', Lrrr makes the following statement:

    So how much energy would this take?

    Assuming they meant Celsius (I have no real justification for this assumption but this is a joke calc anyway), we'll start with the average global temperature from 1961 - 1990 as I used here (in Futurama-verse they periodically countered the effects of Global Warming with giant ice cubes, and Nuclear Winter cancelled it out, so this should be fine).

    We're going from 57.2 to 5,000,057.2 degrees F. We'll apply this to the atmosphere and the oceans.

    I can't find the specific heat capacity of air measured for any temperature higher than 1500 Kelvin, so I'll just use that - 1.216

    Since the water would vaporize very quickly, I'll use the SHC of water vapor, 1.996

    Atmosphere mass = 5e18 kg
    Hydrosphere mass = 1.4e21 kg

    Q = 1216*5e18*5000000 = 3.04e28j

    Q = 1996*1.4e21*5000000 = 1.3972e31j

    Total: 1.40024e31j, or 3.34665392 zettatons.

    This also equals a power of 7.746884073e15W, or 7.746884074 petatons/second (although realistically it would be much higher due to having to compensate for the heat lost by reradiation into space)

    Next up, Spongebob wearing the Quickster uniform runs to a mountain and back:

    There's no real way to scale the mountain, but Encyclopedia Britannica defines a mountain as being at least 2000 feet (609.6 m) tall, so that should be good enough for a joke calc.


    Screencap width: 672 px
    Screencap height: 480 px


    2*atan(tan(70/2)*(672/480) = 88.859530169702

    2*atan(123/(672/tan(88.859530169702/2))) = 20.344471967878 degrees

    Angsize calculator gives a distance of 1698.7 m. I won't bother angsizing the distance from the PoV to Spongebob as he's very small, it's very close, and this is a joke calc. So we'll say he ran this distance twice (3397.4 m) in less than one frame.

    I can't find any reliable info on the framerate of Spongebob, but downloading the Youtube video and opening it in VLC media player gave me a framerate of 30 frames/second, so we'll use that, meaning that Spongebob's speed here is at least 101,922 m/s, or Mach 299.5151195.

    Finally, let's try calcing Mr. Satan's durability when Cell hits him:

    Scaling from what appears to be an evergreen tree on top of the hill (it's more distinct without the red line drawn over it), we'll use the figures here to get an average of 72.5 feet (22.098 m). Again, good enough for a joke calc.

    Panel width: 361 px
    Panel height: 312 px


    2*atan(tan(70/2)*(361/312) = 78.027124194396

    2*atan(9/(361/tan(78.027124194396/2))) = 2.314239361668 degrees

    Angsize calculator gives a distance of 547.03 m.

    Measuring it in GIMP, the angle Cell launches him at is roughly 26.97 degrees. Plugging this info into the projectile motion calculator, we get an initial velocity of 81.475427617856 m/s.

    Mr. Satan's official weight = 94 kg, for a KE of 311,997.5294 joules. And he basically walked this off with no injuries.

    Final Tally


    Mr. Satan tanks Cell's backhand: ~311,997.53 joules
    Lrrr threatens to heat the Earth (energy per second): >7.75 petatons
    Lrrr threatens to heat the Earth (total energy): ~ 3.35 zettatons


    - Cell backhands Mr. Satan: ~81.48 m/s
    - Spongebob in Quickster uniform runs to mountain and back: ~Mach 299.52

  • Endless Mike
    Taking a short break from my manga reviews, here's a fun little calc. Galan007 on KMC provided me with these scans:


    Of course a value is given in the comic using made-up nonsense numbers, but let's calculate the real value, shall we?

    500 miles = 804.672 km
    Radius = 402.336 km
    Volume = 272,806,862.5 km^3

    Gold density: 19.3 g/cm^3 (density would be higher towards the center due to the pressure, but I'm not sure how to account for that, so take the mass as a low-end).

    Mass = 5.265172447e24 grams

    Value of 24 carat gold (as of time of writing this): $1254.70 USD/Ounce

    5.265172447e24 grams = 1.85723e23 ounces

    Value of the moon: 2.330266481e26 dollars, or $233,026,648,100,000,000,000,000,000.00 USD

    By comparison, the entire world's GDP in 2012 was around 84.97 trillion dollars, so using just this moon, Scrooge could buy the world about 2,742,457,904,000 times over.
  • Endless Mike
    Just for future reference, in case someone blows it up later in the manga :zaru

    Diameter = 139,728 km.

    SD.net planetary parameters calculator: 2.948e35 joules, or 70.45889101 yottatons.

    Did this mostly for amusement, and to attract more attention to my blog, as people seem to like anime/manga calcs better than comic ones :pek

    Now go look at my recent Thanos calc :sun
  • Endless Mike
    Lately I've heard people saying some nasty things about Negima. No, not the kind of nasty things you always hear about it :p but instead that it lacks good feats of destruction/power. For example, Toriko and EoS YYH characters being so far above Negima top tiers.

    Well it's time to put an end to that :maybe

    First, let's look at the official Vetus translation of Akamatsu's notes on Rakan escaping the infinite dimension:


    tl;dr: This confirms that Rakan created an actual black hole to escape the dimension, using gravity magic. The same gravity magic used by Albireo Imma. The black hole used by Rakan was so small as to be invisible and decayed almost instantly, however, we've seen Albireo create black holes too, when fighting Dynamis and Cosmo Entelechia. The largest black hole we saw him create, however, was in a flashback when he and the rest of the Ala Rubra were rescuing Nagi and Arika:

    This is pretty difficult to scale due to lack of references (the two in the foreground are hovering on a levitating magic stick thing). However, I figure we can start with distance to the horizon, and (since we can see parts of a building complex further behind the black hole), we can then halve the distance, just to be conservative.

    PoV above the ground... that valley is supposedly pretty wide, but to be conservative again let's say we're looking at it from only 10 m in the air. As this takes place in Mundus Magicus, and since Mundus Magicus literally is Mars, we will use Mars' horizon.

    Horizon formula:

    D = sqrt(2Rh) = sqrt(2*3.3862*h) = sqrt (6.7724*h)
    D = 8.229459277 km

    Halving: 4.114729639 km from viewer to the black hole.

    Time for the trusty angular size calculator.

    The panel is higher than it is wide, so we'll use the vertical FoV of 135 degrees. Pixel scaling:

    I used a horizontal diameter since part of the black hole is underground/in the canyon, and since it's a sphere the diameter should be the same from any angle.

    411 px = 135 degrees, meaning the ratio is ~0.3284671533 degrees/pixel.

    Diameter of the black hole = 10.83941606 degrees. Solving for size:

    Black hole diameter = 780.77 meters.

    Now how much energy did it take to create this black hole? We can figure this out with the Schwarzschild radius formula:

    Now to work this formula out backwards. Since it's a radius, first we halve the diameter: 390.385 m. Then multiply by the speed of light squared. Divide the result by 2 times the gravitational constant.

    Mass of the black hole = 2.628625652e29 kg.

    As this black hole was not created by compressing matter, but with magical energy, that means its total mass/energy equivalent must have been released to create it. So, using e=mc^2, we come to the conclusion that your average Negima top-tier can casually unleash around 2.362490918e46j of energy :zaru

    BTW, if anyone disagrees with this I will stab you :obd
  • Endless Mike
    Okay, so here you can see the Shattered God (powerful Skyfather - level dude) summons pieces of himself from "every corner of the universe". Wonder Woman manages to deflect them from all angles:


    Now, according to the DC Wiki, Wonder Woman is 6 feet (1.8288 m) tall.


    WW Height = 100px
    Path she traveled (it's implied here that she actually deflected these things from a sphere in 3 dimensions, but we'll go with what the art shows) = 261 + 126 + 115 + 104 + 102px = 708px
    Attempting to scale distance between the farthest and closest projectile = 21px

    Converting, this means that Diana traversed 12.947904 m in the time it took one of those projectiles to traverse 0.384048 m. In other words, she is moving around 33.71428571 times faster than the projectiles.

    So what is the speed of the projectiles?

    Well, normally, it would be hard to quantify, since we don't have a timeframe between when Shattered God started summoning them and when they arrived. But since it's now apparently allowed to just make up a timeframe on the grounds that "it couldn't have taken any longer" :maybe let's do that.

    They are clearly in the middle of battle and still talking as it happens. So I say, arbitrarily, that it couldn't have taken more than a minute. Now how far away were these things before he summoned them?


    The visible universe is 93 billion light-years in diameter. Since the universe has no actual center, any point can be treated as the center. Since he's summoning them inwards, we can halve that number, to 46.5 billion light-years.

    But wait!

    He didn't say "the visible universe", he said "every corner of the universe". This includes spaces beyond the event horizon of the visible universe. According to the same Wikipedia article, the size of the entire universe is at least 10^23 times the size of the visible universe. So the projectiles traveled some 4.65e33 light-years in one minute, or 2.44404e39c. Using the conversion factor determined above, this means Wonder Woman was moving at around 8.239906285e40c. That's 82,399,062,850,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times the speed of light. As she was deflecting the projectiles as well, this is both a speed and a reaction feat.

    Take this as seriously as you feel like :ho