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Viewing blog entries in category: Kingdom Hearts calcs

  • Tacocat

    Spoiler: KH3 spoilers, obviously
    In case anyone was still confused as to whether worlds were actual planets or not. And at this rate, I think it's pretty safe to surmise that each cluster of planets, pictured below, constitutes its own star system at least.

    The feat is Roxas's:

    For some context, the scene takes place in the Keyblade Graveyard. Beginning this scene, Roxas's heart still resides in Sora's. During the course of the game several former members of Organization XIII procure a vessel for his heart which is kept at Ansem the Wise's lab in Radiant Garden. Roxas's heart leaves Sora's body, enters the vessel, and Roxas travels from Radiant Garden to the Keyblade Graveyard within seconds using his light magic. (I'm not putting that shit into Vegas to check the frames. Maybe later. Looks like two seconds for the heart to disappear and the beam of light to breach the atmosphere.)

    We know from Birth by Sleep's world map that Radiant Garden and the Keyblade Graveyard exist in separate star systems. Closest star system to ours is Proxima Centauri, 4.24 Ly away.


    Roxas then enters the fight against Isa in which he cannot take damage and is the only combatant who can interrupt Isa's berserk mode. Ya boy's awake for two minutes and casually chads the entire rest of the cast.
  • Tacocat
    Should probably wait for the 25th to do this, especially with it being KH 2.5, but I feel like I'll forget between finals next week and the holidays and stuff.


    At 21:10, we learn that Santa from Christmas Town has Sora, Donald, and Goofy on his naughty/nice list. That means this dude is the St. Nick for several planets. Because it'd be odd if he were exclusive to just his own world, Destiny Islands, and Disney Castle, it's pretty safe to assume that he delivers presents to every single inhabited planet in Kingdom Hearts thus far. Excluding sleeping worlds, worlds without life, worlds that are not actually worlds (100 Acre Wood, Monstro, Deep Space [though, the Earth Stitch traveled to at the end of BBS would certainly count], etc.), and worlds set in eras predating modern Santa-lore, Santa would preside over 12 different planets so far as we know.

    Now, I know you're probably wondering why each world has to be visited on the same day. But Santa prepares for Christmas on every other day of the year. So, because of time-zones and shit, this should give him 31 hours to visit 12 planets. Obviously going to each house is a feat in and of itself, but fuck that.

    Anyway, as with the Highwind calc, we're going to be using the distance from Venus to Earth (38 million km) as our distance between each planet.



    or about mach 12,000.

    Goddamn, these reindeer are fast. This is a pretty big low-ball, too, as it acts as if these planets are all rotating around the same sun in a perfectly circular fashion, which is simply not true. And it doesn't account for the distance Santa travels while on each of these planets, which would probably be huge if I cared to find out.

    I'll see if I can work out a more accurate distance with the world map in a bit. And maybe someday we should talk about how most of these planets have their own Suns.
  • Tacocat
    Remember this?



    ...Ursula w/ Triton's trident blocks it.

    Yeah, mermaid Sora is a thing. This is KHII Sora, and his height in this game is ~1.6m. Half of that for the height here.


    I know it looks like the trident gets wider at the top, but that's just perspective. Diameter is uniform.






    Ursula moved the trident this distance to block the beam of light.

    Now I'm gonna angsize the distance to the trident using the diameter we got earlier. I know it's not actually coming from perspective, but the only other option for the distance is direct scaling, so this is a low-end maybe? Anyway, the ratio is 4/3.


    I forgot to add in the frame width, but it's about 948px.


    Put that into the calculator and...


    The beam crossed at most that distance in the same time-frame that Ursula moved the trident those 1.965 meters. So, we create a portion.


    This isn't calc-stacking, right? I was always told it wasn't stacking if the value derived is lesser because there's no inflation involved.
  • Tacocat

    The above is a short story published in a booklet called Another Report, a sort of mini-Ultimania that was included as a pre-order bonus for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+ way back when. Nomura had it written as a way of explaining Maleficent's return after the unexpected volume of demand from the fans.

    Basically, after the events of Chain of Memories Axel and Roxas are sent to Hollow Bastion. There they free a caged bird. The bird is Diablo, Maleficent's raven. In KHII, this thing shows up at The Mysterious Tower and uses the fairies' memories of Maleficent to revive her.

    Thing is, after Symphony of Sorcery becomes a sleeping world, Yen Sid's tower situates itself right outside of Twilight Town, which is on a completely different planet than Hollow Bastion. With Maleficent dead and Pete's dumb ass not even aware of this fact, Diablo has no means of traveling between worlds aside from physically flying. That sounds absurd...except for the fact that Monstro, an animal that can't even fly in the first place, has no problem just swimming around the cosmos for months on end.

    Anyway, just like with the Gummi Ship calc I'm going to be using the distance between Venus and Earth. This is 38 million km.

    As for the time-frame, it had to take place between Axel's return from Castle Oblivion and the day Sora woke up (same day Maleficent was resurrected).


    The above timeline from the 358/2 Days Ultimania tells us Axel returned on the 71st day after Roxas's birth. Sora's awakening takes place a year after Roxas's birth exactly. That's 294 days of travel at the very low-end of things.


    or about mach 4.4.

    This thing can't even fight and it's traversing interplanetary distances :skully
  • Tacocat
    Not a calc, but more of an observation.


    I uploaded the video as Unlisted so as not to confuse my subscribers, and I think that means I can't display it in the forum's player. It's a short clip, though.

    Anyway, depicted in the video is Sora's Comet Dual Link. He and the Dream Eaters teleport to an asteroid and drop it. The Komory Bat has no problem keeping pace with the thing.

    This is consistent with even the weakest Dream Eaters having techniques far faster than the stated supersonic noise attack. Only problem there is finding recorded cases that occur in tandem.
  • Tacocat

    Clayton's pretty damn tall. He towers over Sora, Jane, and the rest. I think 1.9 meters shouldn't be so unreasonable.

    Lots of scaling.











    So that's the total area.

    That's at least the width. Sora's 14 in KH1, but probably a little on the short side. 1.524m is the average height for 12-13-year-olds based on findings from my other calcs, IIRC.




    Seems to me violent fragmentation works just fine. Indeed, most of it seemed to have been pulverized.


    or about 1.23 tons.
  • Tacocat

    ...about that...
  • Tacocat
    The feat is here.

    Sometimes, to find certain Keyholes, Sora has to shoot his magic through mediums (Triton's trident in Atlantica, for instance). Here, to seal Halloween Town, he reflects his magic off of...the moon.

    Pretty basic shit. Sora's light magic takes 11 frames to reach the moon, and the linked video runs a frame-rate of 30fps. That makes the time-frame 11/30ths of a second.

    Distance to the moon is, on average, 384,400km.


    or about 3.5c.
  • Tacocat
    Oh, you guys are gonna love this one :maybe


    Here we see Stitch's prison break by Ven's hand. The giant ship is a galactic space cruiser. You wouldn't have a galactic space cruiser if you didn't need to cruise pretty fucking huge distances.


    This planet we see in both Aqua's and Ven's time in Deep Space is called Planet Turo. We know from the Lilo & Stitch movie that this is where the galactic cruiser docks. We also know from the movie that it is located outside of the Milky Way galaxy as per this image of Stitch's projected course to Earth:

    However, people apparently don't like the application of this, so we will roll with Regi's low-end suggestion of Planet Turo being in the next solar system from Earth. We know this is a low-end because the Grand Councilwoman, whose protectorate is the entire universe, doesn't have a fucking clue what humans are. It'd be kind of stupid if she were familiar with species all over the cosmos but didn't know the dominant mooks next door.

    Basically, Stitch travels from the next solar system to Earth in some time-frame using the red police cruiser's hyperdrive. Alpha tells me that this solar system is Epsilon Eridani, and the distance is 10.5 Ly.

    As for the time-frame:

    Now for the calc:

    10.5(60*60*24*365)=331128000 light seconds


    But we're not done yet...

    Ventus was able to react and move within the time that the cruiser in hyperdrive was able to move out of the shot. I'll do that now.

    Sora is about 1.6m tall.



    So before the cruiser can move 5 meters with hyperdrive engaged, Ven can react, crouch, and move his arm a small distance. I couldn't really be fucked to measure that, but it seems to be about the length of his forearm.

    Considering Ven stands at about 1.66m tall, his forearm would measure about .26m.

    So for Ven's movement speed:


  • Tacocat
    Should probably leave it alone, but I thought it would be kinda funny considering recent events :distracted

    Anyway, anyone who's ever played a Squenix game knows that the final boss must have several final forms. During the battle with Twilight Xemnas's third form, Xemnas makes a dimension containing a black hole.

    Sora's about 1.6m tall, so...


    Xemnas being the annoying fuck he is launches Sora and Riku across his dimension whenever he's being overwhelmed.





    Okay, now for the mass.






    Gonna go ahead and stop there because energy-mass equivalence might be toeing the line :distracted
  • Tacocat
    Because I fucking beat Riku every time and it's always the Highwind :pek

    Anyway, let yourself be serenaded by Utada Hikaru because relevant :del


    Our time-frame for the Gummi Ship flying between worlds is about 2 minutes and 10 seconds, or 130 seconds, as seen about 6 and a half minutes in.

    Since we know the worlds are actually planets, and we've recently discovered that KH has vast cosmology similar to ours, Alpha suggests we use distance from Earth to Venus.

    Venus happens to be 38 million kilometers away from Earth when they are at their closest.


    or about 0.975c.
  • Tacocat
    Another influx of KH calcs. Prepare your anuses :maybe

    JK, this'll probably be my last one until KHIII, which won't come out for another forty years, give or take.

    Anyway, Riku drops a few meteors Fujitora style, and Xehanort isn't having any of that shit.

    KH games like to fuse frames like this. Just shows what's happening and what's going to happen next frame. Convenient for scaling between two consecutive frames, certainly.

    Gonna use ablation velocity and minimum impact velocity as a low and a high end respectively.


    I understand that some expressed concern with scaling speed this way, but I think ablation of a meteor is quite straightforward, no? :hmm

    Well then, going with an average value of 3km/s as per Chaos's and Flutter's suggestion in the linked calc...


    or about mach 182.

    Now for the high-end using minimum impact velocity (11km/s IIRC).


    or about mach 666.75.


    Low-end: Mach 182

    High-end: Mach 666.75
  • Tacocat
    So I know this is probably pretty low-end for Ven, who's the fastest of the apprentices while Terra could keep up with Xehanort, but whatever.

    So first I have to find Ven's height, for which I used a bunch of scaling.

    Brohan tends to use 1.6m for Sora's height, which holds water because...

    Orlando Bloom's height is 1.79m.


    I'm just gonna use 1.6m.



    So Ven's 1.66m tall.


    Eraqus is 1.9m tall.

    Now I have to angsize the distance Ven travels.


    Eraqus's Sentiment's angular size is 3.3422966222538 degrees.

    Using the usual calculator, we get a distance of 32.562m.

    I downloaded this vid and slapped it in Sony Vegas Pro. Going frame-by-frame, I found that Ven traverses this distance is less than one frame in the video, which has a frame rate of 30 fps. So, Ven moves 32.562m in 1/30th of a second.


    or about mach 2.87.