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Viewing blog entries in category: KTTK & Old Kingdom Chronicles

  • Galo de Lion
    Monday's Dusk summons a nightsweeper, a special plague removing nithling in the shape of a horse, which Arthur uses to cleanse all the plagues. Said Nightsweeper grows so big that its hooves are bigger than Arthur's house. Earlier in the book, Arthur's house is given a size of four levels tall.
    The average height of a floor is 2.4m (it can be higher, but we'll be using that for now).
    H = 2.4m X 4
    = 9.6m

    Next we need the centre of gravity for a horse.
    The site also gives us a cross diagram of a horse with the centre of gravity in focus, so we'll use that for our scaling.

    26 pixels = 9.6m
    1 pixel = 9.6m/26 = 0.369230769m
    0.369230769m X 445 = 164.307692m
    0.369230769m X 621 = 229.292308m

    Now we figure out the mass of the Nightsweeper using square-law. The average length of a horse is 8 feet, or 2.4m. The average mass of a horse is between 300kg to 1000kg, or an average of 650kg. We'll use all three for our low, mid & high ends. We'll find our energy using GPE.

    (Low end)
    M2 = (H2/H1)^3*M1
    = (229.292308/2.4)^3*300
    = 261610992kg

    E = 164.307692 X 9.807 X 261610992
    = 4.21550936e11 joules
    = 100.753091778203 tons of TNT

    (Mid end)
    M2 = (H2/H1)^3*M1
    = (229.292308/2.4)^3*650
    = 566823815kg

    E = 164.307692 X 9.807 X 566823815
    = 9.1336036e11 joules
    = 218.298365200765 tons of TNT

    (High end)
    M2 = (H2/H1)^3*M1
    = (229.292308/2.4)^3*1000
    = 872036639kg

    E = 164.307692 X 9.807 X 872036639
    = 1.40516979e12 joules
    = 335.8436400573614 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Nightsweeper's gravitational pull energy (low end) = 100.753 tons of TNT
    Nightsweeper's gravitational pull energy (mid end) = 218.298 tons of TNT
    Nightsweeper's gravitational pull energy (high end) = 335.844 tons of TNT

    Keep in mind too, this is the energy of the Nightsweeper standing still.
  • Galo de Lion
    The Abhorsen can invoke a flood from the mountains by paying respect to the Clayr. The mountains are 400 miles (643.7376km, or 643737.6m) away. We have a description of the width of the river a few chapters earlier, as well of the height of the Abhorsen house's walls.
    400 yards is equal to 365.76m, and the walls are the height of 6 men. The average height of a man is 1.77m, so the walls would be 10.62m. A span is 9 inches, or 0.2286m.

    H = 10.62m - 0.2286m
    = 10.3914m/2
    = 5.1957m

    There's a map of the Old Kingdom at the start of the book, and we see the distance from Abhorsens house to Clayr's Glacier.

    It's mostly straight, so I'm just going to calc it as a rectangle.

    V = LHW
    = 643737.6 X 10.3914 X 365.76
    = 2.44669113e9m^3

    The weight of water per m^3 is 1000kg.

    M = 2.44669113e9 X 1000
    = 2446691130000kg

    We'll get our energy with GPE.

    E = 5.1957 X 9.807 X 2446691130000
    = 1.24669262e14 joules
    = 29.796668738 kilotons

    And as it was curved and not straight, and didn't remain in a perfect rectangle and spilled out, it would ultimately be even higher.

    Final Results
    The Clayr sends a flood = >29.797 kilotons
  • Galo de Lion
    As Elysium is destroyed, the Secondary Realms are destroyed, including the Universe. The entire Universe is dissolved by a gargantuan wave of Nothing and returns to the Void. Such was the destruction of reality that not a single atom remained behind. On top of this, Supeior Saturday's magic is also capable of destroying a universe in a similar fashion, and sent time in Arthur's universe forward by a week (more information on each realm/world in the Secondary Realms being it's own universe here).
    I'm not sure how the "substance" of the Void devouring all existence would be quantifiable, but I'm going to give it a try anyway. The amount of matter in the Universe is approximately 1.1E+57m^3 (or 1.10000000000000012e+63cm^3). I'm not sure how to get the atomic destruction of everything in the entire Universe, but as most celestial bodies are pretty dense, I'll just go with the atomic destruction of rock (5.403E13joules/cm^3).

    E = 1.10000000000000012e+63 X 5.403E13
    = 5.9433e76/10^44
    = 594,330,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 FOE
    = 594.33 TENAFOE

    Given also that the setting is composed of more than one universe (and there's also the destruction of space-time), this would ultimately be much higher, but it at least shows the power to destroy one universe via Nothing (total atomic destruction, and the possible power of Saturday & other high tiers).

    Final Results
    The Architect destroys the Universe = >594.33 TENAFOE

    I'm not sure if I did that right, but it should serve I guess.
  • Galo de Lion
    Throughout the series, there are reference to microseconds.
    Arthur blinks in a microsecond. There are 1e-6 microseconds in a second. I couldn't find anything on the size of eyelids, but I'm pretty sure his eyes would be open at least 1cm.

    T = 0.01m/1e-6s
    = 10000/340.29
    = Mach 29.3866996

    During Mister Monday, Arthur turns back for a microsecond. The average circumference of a 12 year olds head is 54cm. Humans can only typically turn their heads 45 degrees. I'm not 100% sure how this works, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

    T = 54 X 45/360
    = 6.75cm
    = 0.0675m/1e-6s
    = 67500/340.29
    = Mach 198.360222

    Final Results
    Arthur blinks = Mach 29.387
    Arthur looks back = Mach 198.360

    In anycase we have a legit FTL feat as well as super sonic and hypersonic speed feats, so speedwise everything should check out fine anyway.
  • Galo de Lion
    Part 1 of the Will creates a storm to help Arthur escape into the House. It's not a very big storm (tiny actually), but it's ridiculously intense. It takes at least two feat of water to sweep away a vehicle.
    The overall length of an ambulance is 671cm, and a radius of 335.5cm. Using the rainfall method again.

    A = πr^2
    = π X 335.5^2
    = 353618.454cm^2

    Two feet is equal to 60.96cm.

    V = Ah
    = 353618.454 X 60.96
    = 21556581cm^3
    = 21.556581m^3

    The weight of water per m^3 is 1000kg.

    M = 21.556581 X 1000
    = 21556.581kg

    The latent heat of condensation is 2.5 X 10^6 joules.

    E = 2.5 X 10^6 X 21556.581
    = 53891452500 joules
    = 12.880366276291 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Part 1 of the Will creates a mini-flood = 12.880 tons of TNT

    Borderline cityblock level. Given we have not only island and country level feats in this setting, but also solar system and multiversal feats, it's not that impressive in the long rung in terms of raw DC, but it is in the fact that the 1st and weakest part of the Will did this from another dimension.
  • Galo de Lion
    The power of the Creator
    The Architect is the supreme being and creator of the entire setting. She made the Incomparable Gardens/Elysium, The Secondary Realms/Universe (which is a multiverse of different realities where time flows in drastically different speeds) and then the rest of the House (more on the cosmology here).
    She created the Improbable Stair, which leads everywhere in space-time.
    She created the House, which contains the Archive of All Things.
    The Architect didn't create mortals, but laid down the stuff of life across all Creation for it to come.
    Her word is paramount, and nothing can go against what she says, not even herself.
    The Architect came from Nothing, potentially making her an immensely powerful Nithling.
    The Architect can shape Nothing into substance with mere though (and even beings weaker than her can do this).
    The Architect can do this on an astronomical scale, down to the atomic level.
    She survives the gigantic wave of Nothing that destroys Elysium and the Secondary Realms at ground zero.
    She can survive inside Nothing indefinitely, save should she desire it to destroy her.
    She can posses people.
    The Architect (and lesser beings) can make objects from abstract concepts like light.
    The power of the Architect is perilous to mortals, from herself or her artifacts.
    The New Architect recreates the entire Secondary Realms (over an unknown period of time).

    Aspects & offshoots (the Will, the Old One & the Architects Children)
    The Architect was incapable of ending her life as she wasn't whole, so she created the Will (which may be aspects of herself) and started the process of destruction.
    The Will is an expression of the Architects power.
    The Will could not be destroyed by the combined might of the seven trustees, so they broke it and sealed it away across space and time.
    The weakest part of the Will passed straight through Immaterial substance.
    The Will is made of pure text.
    The Will can posses people, and even inanimate objects.
    The Will can change size and shapeshift.
    The Will can invoke someones power over the Keys.
    The Will can kill people with a deadly field of energy without even needing to do anything.
    The Will can possibly become both corporeal and incorporeal (it was forced to be incorporeal and trapped in countless raindrops against its will).
    The Old One is a major aspect of the Architect, split from her to hasten the process of creation.
    The Old One is immune to anything of Nothing or the House, save for his tormentors who were made by the Architect for the express purpose of hurting him.
    Powerful beings like the Old One don't need spells, speech or incantations to use magic, they just do so with their will.
    As the House weakens, the Old One grows stronger.
    Tom Shelvoke (the Mariner), the Piper and Lord Sunday are the Architects Children. They are neither denizen nor mortal nor nithling.
    Tom knows how to make pocket dimensions (worldets) and how to put them in bottles, a trick he taught Grim Tuesday (who also knows how to steal parts of a realm and put them in. Said pocket dimensions can be the size of star systems.
    As the son of the Architect, the Piper possess the power to create (rather than just copy like mere denizens).
    Lord Sunday is the son of the Architect and the Old One, but not as a mortal would understand.
    Artefacts (the Keys and the Atlas)
    The Seven Keys are what unbinds the Old One from his prison and allows the heir to become the New Architect. On each given day, they rule everything outside the House on said day.
    They cannot be torn from their owner, even by someone much stronger than themselves.
    The Keys can change shape.
    The powers of the Lesser Part of the First Key, including petrifying enemies, animating things and controlling Time.
    The Fifth Key is used to freeze time.
    The Keys can be used to command someone to do their bidding.
    The keys auto-protect the wielder in case they're too slow to react themselves.
    The Keys can create force fields that disintegrates anything that passes through it, including enemies.
    The Keys can banish things to the Void.
    The Third Key can be used to walk on water, as well as commanding others to walk on water.
    This includes bodily fluids, which can be used offensively.
    The Keys can can create and cure curses.
    The Keys can steal away part of a World into a pocket dimension, and alter the size of the dimension but not its contents.
    A Key can kill with the merest touch.
    The Sixth Key split the Sixth Part of the Will into countless pieces and hid each in a different raindrop.
    The Keys can erase things from existance entirely.
    Lady Friday uses her Key to steal the memories, emotions and experiences of mortals and devours them.
    The Keys (in conjunction with the Seven Dials) can be used to weaken the barriers between realities and the House.
    Lord Sunday uses the Seventh Key to silence Arthur (who's now a powerful magical being of his own right).
    Arthurs perception with the Seventh Key.
    The Compleat Atlas contains all knowledge of the House. It can grow and shrink in size, and can only be used by the Architect or a wielder of the Keys. The Architect, just by touching the Atlas, gains awareness of all Creation (except the House, sans Elysium).
    It hurts lesser beings who try to take it through force.
    Other magic
    There are other impressive kinds of magic used by lesser beings that would scale to the Architect (and even the Trustees). Encysting someone means to turn them inside out and trap them in their crystallized body fluids.
    Given the description, this can be used as an attack.
    House Sorcerers can detect magic of considerable power.
    Superior Saturdays magic makes it so that the Skinless Boy replaces Arthur in his realm, and should they meet, it would cause a paradox that would destroy the World.
    Destroying the Skinless Boy caused a temporal fracture that made time in Arthurs realm jump forward by a week.
    • The Architect is the creator of all existence, which includes the Secondary Realms (which consist of infinite planets, stars, galaxies and realities) and the House
    • The House is the Record of All Things and the Centre of All Reality
    • The Architect is immortal, and can only die if she willingly returns herself to Nothing
    • The Architect created the Improbable Stair, which is infinite and leads to all places in space and time
    • The Architect possesses cosmic awareness
    • The Architect is able to shape Nothing into substance on an astronomical level
    • The presence of the Architect, in person, through her words or her artefacts, is deadly to mortals
    • The Architect survived the wave of Nothing that destroyed all of reality (both space and time)
    • The Architect can possess people
    • The Architect can create things from abstract concepts
    • Whatever the Architect says is paramount and can't be overruled by anyone, not even herself
    • The Architect can create life
    • The Architect is capable of doing anything the Keys can
    • The Architect is capable of doing anything her aspects can
    • The Will can shapeshift
    • The Will can revoke someones control over the Keys
    • The Will is made of pure text
    • The Will can produce a dangerous cloud around itself that kills nearby enemies
    • The Will has telepathy
    • The Old One can remove someone from existence permanently
    • Powerful beings can shape Nothing with a mere though, and don't need speeches, spells or incantations
    • The Architects Children can create, and are not denizens, mortals or nithlings
    • The Architects Children are sons of the Architect and the Old One, but not in a way mortals would understand
    • Tom can create pocket dimensions, and taught this trick to Grim Tuesday (who can steal entire star systems from the Secondary Realms to put inside pocket dimensions)
    • The Second Key can create or copy anything the wielder thinks of
    • The Third Key can be used to control any kind of fluids
    • The Fifth Key can steal and return memories, emotions and experiences
    • Any Key can kill with a mere touch (and often contact is not needed)
    • Any Key can auto-protect its wielder
    • The Keys can control time, including being able to freeze and redirect it
    • A Key can erase things from existence, like they never where in the first place
    • The Compleat Atlas contains all information on the entire Universe, and the Architect can absorb said knowledge just by touching it
    • Weaker entities can magically replace someones role in their world with a nithling, and should they meet it would cause a paradox that would destroy their world
    • Said magic being nullified caused time to jump forward by a week
    • Far lesser beings can detect powerful magic
    • The New Architect is just as powerful as the Old Architect
  • Galo de Lion
    An impressive speed feat.
    Tom takes Arthur and Suzy to the core of a Sun on a sunship through a star system. On the way back, they're chased by sunsprites.
    The ship is moored near a Saturn-like planet.
    It takes them 20 minutes to 30 minutes to return to the mooring spot.
    The most impressive thing is though, the sunsprites where able to keep up with them for a time.

    A gas giant needs to be beyond the frostline in order to form. For an Sun-like, star, that's 5 astronomical units (748000000km).
    T = 748000000km/35min
    = 356190476m/s
    = 1.18812353845C

    Now the high end.

    T = 748000000km/25min
    = 498666667m/s
    = 1.66337295583C

    Final Results
    Sunsprites chase the Helios (low end) = 1.188C
    Sunsprites chase the Helios (high end) = 1.663C

    Not only would this scale to the Architect, the Old One, the Trustees and the Architects Children, but possibly also the Dawns, Noons & Dusks.
  • Galo de Lion
    The Void
    The Void is infinite and consists of Nothing.
    Everything was made from Nothing, including the Architect.
    It hurts to look at Nothing.
    Immaterial substance can stop Nothing (temporarily), though only the Artictect & the Old One can be truly unharmed by Nothing indefinitely.
    Nothing wears down spells too.
    It destroys everything absolutely, to the point that not even atoms remain.
    To enter the Void is to be utterly erased from existance.
    Not even powerful beings like the Piper can survive in Nothing (who would be at least as strong as his brother the Mariner, who even in base took the full strength of an at least solar system level reality warper to capture).
    Everything was made from Nothing.
    Nithlings are self-willed creatures that are created from Nothing, with scant regard for time or reason.
    The Secondary Realms
    The Secondary Realms are infinite in extent.
    The Architect created Elysium, the Secondary Realms and the House in that order.
    The Secondary Realms is refered to as the Universe, and takes a similar shape.
    The Lesser Magellanic Cloud is referenced, and is home to a particularly deadly planet.
    House time is true time, and moves ever forward. Time flows differently elsewhere.
    Different realms in the Secondary Realms are referred to as different realities.
    Time flows differently in different realms. Note the part of the realm taken is an entire solar system.
    Time flows incredibly slowly here, with several hours in this realm being less than a minute in the House.
    In comparison, it's quite the opposite for Arthurs world, where Time in the House moves much slower. Less than a day on Earth is six months in the House.
    In another Secondary Realm a few weeks pass where only a few hours pass in the House. There are also Secondary Realms where a year is just fifteen minutes in the House.
    The First part of the Will was locked on the surface of a dead star at the very end of time.
    Arthur's world, meanwhile, is very far from the end of time, and in check with House Time
    The Improbable Stair
    The Improbable Stair leads through and exists in all places in space and time. It was the Architects personal stair and one of her finest creations.
    The Improbable Stair skirts Nothing in all places.
    The Improbable Stair is also known as the Infinite Stair.
    Arthur uses the Stairs to go to the era of dinosaurs, cavemen, Greek antiquity, plague-struck Europe and modern Earth.
    The House
    The House is the Archive of All Things and the Epicentre of All Creation.
    The records in the House change based on what they record, and if the records change, so do whatever is being recorded.
    Destroying these records causes what was recorded to be destroyed, even it was in the past. This leads to holes opening up the the past.
    The shape of the House and it's denizens depends on what's in fashion.
    AS the House is destroyed, the Old One regains power.
    House Time is true Time.
    Just living in the House will make you an immortal superhuman.
    On top of that, non-sentient life gains sentience when entering the House.
    Denizens, however, do not posses the ability to create, only reshape and copy, while mortals can create.
    • The Void is composed of Nothing
    • The Void is infinite in extent
    • All things were made from Nothing, including the Architect
    • Nothing can destroy anything
    • Even beings with at least solar system level durability are dissolved by Nothing
    • Immaterial substance can hold back Nothing (temporarily at least)
    • Nithlings are creatures formed from raw nothing with little regard for logic or time
    • The Secondary Realms is the name of the Universe
    • The Universe consists of planets, stars and galaxies
    • Different realities exist within the Secondary Realms
    • The Secondary Realms are infinite in extent
    • Time outside the House is changeable
    • Times flow varies drastically in different Secondary Realms, with some realms having time flow faster or slower than in the House
    • The Improbable Stair leads to all places in creation, through both space and time, in both the House and the Secondary Realms
    • It's infinite in extent
    • The House contains the Record of All Things in the Secondary Realms
    • The House is constant while the Secondary Realms are ephemeral
    • Destroying a record destroys the recorded, even if it's in the past
    • House Time is true time and flows ever forward
    • Just living in the House will make you an immortal superhuman
    • Non-sentient life gains sentience by entering the House
    • The shape of the House and it's denizens changes depending on what's fashion, but important things like the records and the Old Ones prison last forever
    • As the House is destroyed, the Old Ones prison weakens and his power grows
    • Denizens cannot create (only copy & reshape) while mortals can
    • Everything mentioned above except the Void was created by the Architect
  • Galo de Lion
    Sabriel clears some fog covering an area of about half a league in a few seconds. 1 league is equal to 5.556km, so half a league is 2.778km, or 2778m. The fog is tall enough to cover the undead armies, so that's at least 2m tall to cover ordinary sized soldiers (and the spirit-walkers sound even bigger than that).

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 2778^2 X 2
    = 48489125.4m^3

    Fog is basically cloud, which weights 1.003kg/m^3.

    M = 48489125.4 X 1.003
    = 48634592.8kg

    It takes only few seconds to clear, so we'll have a low end of 6 and a high end of 3.

    (Low end)
    T = 2.778km/10s
    = 277.8m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 48634592.8 X 277.8^2
    = 1.87663482e12 joules
    = 448.526486616 tons of TNT

    (High end)
    T = 2.778km/3s
    = 926/340.29
    = Mach 2.72120838

    KE = (0.5) X 48634592.8 X 926^2
    = 2.0851498e13 joules
    = 4.98362762906 kilotons

    Final Results
    Sabriel clears fog (low end - energy) = 448.526 tons of TNT
    Sabriel clears fog (high end - energy) = 4.984 kilotons
  • Galo de Lion
    Orannis travelled from planet to planet, destroying each and turning them into a desert before he was finally bested and sealed away by the other Bright Shiners. As once they were Earth-like planets that were reduced to deserts, we can assume they had oceans that got vaporized (and knowing Orannis's other Manifestations of Destruction, that's likely what happened. Mass of the Ocean is 1.37 × 10^21kg. Looking at ChaosTheroy123s Darth Nilihus calc for help (as well as Lina Shields comments in it), plus this.

    Specific heat of water is 4186j and the average temperatures of the oceans is 17 degrees C.

    Q = MC(Delta T)
    = 1.37e21 X 4186 (100 - 17)
    = 4.7599006e26 joules
    = 113.764354685 petatons

    Then we get the latent heat of vaporization, the values of which can be found here.

    E = 1.37e21 X 2.26 X 10^6
    = 3.0962e27 joules
    = 740.009560229 petatons

    As the planet isn't covered in a thick haze of water, it must have been pushed off the planet at escape velocity. The escape velocity of the Earth is 11.2km/s (11200m/s).

    E = (0.5) 1.37e21 X 11200^2
    = 8.59264e28 joules
    = 20.5369024857 exatons

    E = 113.764354685 petatons + 740.009560229 petatons + 20536.9024857 petatons
    = 21390.6764 petatons
    = 21.3906764 exatons

    Final Results
    Orannis's Ninth Manifestation of Destruction = 21.391 exatons
  • Galo de Lion
    This explosion is compared to the detonation of 20,000 tons of nitrocellulose later on.
    1kg of nitrocellulose produces 4,053,000 kj of explosive heat.

    E = 4,053,000kj X 1000
    = 4053000000kj X 20000
    = 8.10600e13kj
    = 19.3738049713 megatons

    Final Results
    Orannis's Second Manifestation of Destruction = 19.373 megatons

    I might redo this in the future when I have the dimensions of the valley, as some of the stuff in the description looks like it could be even higher than that, but it's a good a place as any to start.
  • Galo de Lion
    In a previous calc, I calc'd Toms spear to be mach 2.3459. Merest fraction of a second could mean many things, right down to a plank, but here, I feel that 1 millisecond (0.001 seconds) is a good low end. She's sitting down when Tom throws the spear at her...
    ...so she'd have to stand up and jump out of the way of the spear in that time. 2m seems a good estimate at a low end.

    T = 2m/0.001s
    = 2000m/s
    = Mach 5.83090379

    Now let's go for a really high end that uses the literal merest fraction of a second. Because we can. :cat

    T = 2m/0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000539106s
    = 3.70984556e43m/s
    = 3.70984556000000012e+43/299792458
    = 1.23747128e35 C

    Final Results
    Lady Friday dodges Toms harpoon = Mach 5.831

    Borderline hypersonic. Fits in nicely with the speed of Grim Tuesdays Sun Burst.
  • Galo de Lion
    A giant whale, A GIANT WHALE!
    A leviathan of this size would gnerate immense energy just by swimming. Drowned Wednesday is compared to a larger Earth whale.
    Female blue whales grow up to 33m long and weigh 120 tons (120,000kg). 126 miles is 202.777344km, or 202777.344m, and 32 miles is 51.499008km, or 51499.008m.
    M2 = (H2/H1)^3*M1
    = (202777.344/33)^3*120,000
    = 2.78418262e16kg
    So let's look at how much water got displaced.
    For speed, we need distance and time, and we have both those things.
    It took 30 minutes for her to shrink down.
    And as said above, when she shrinks down, the sea level drops for half an hour.

    T = 160.9344km/30 min
    = 89.40800m/s

    Using the kinetic energy calculator, we get 111280862388952680000 joules, or 26.5967644333 gigatons.

    Final Results
    Drowned Wednesdays kinetic energy = 26.597 gigatons
    Drowned Wednesdays swimming speed = >89.408m/s
  • Galo de Lion
    One of my (if not my) first calc (from here). The final result was 34 megatons per second for their durability. How much energy do they absorb in a day?

    34 megatons X 60 = 2.04 gigatons
    2040 X 60 = 122.4 gigatons
    122400 X 24 = 2.9376 teratons

    Final Results
    Sentinels durability = 2.9376 teratons

    Along with the other three small country level feats, this add consistancy.
  • Galo de Lion
    A repost from an old blog of mine in a more professional (or at least less amateur) nature.

    Recalcing using KaiserWombats method...


    Pressure of the Sun's core is 2.447e+16 newtons/m^2.

    Average surface of a human/roughly human sized fire spirit is 1.7m^2.

    2.447e+16 X 1.7 = 4.1599e16 newtons


    4.1599e16 newtons = 4,241,917.461979 megatons
    4,241,917.461979 megatons = 4241.917461979 gigatons
    4241.917461979 gigatons= 4.2419 teratons

    AKA small country level.

    Final Results
    Sunsprite durability = 4.2419 teratons