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Viewing blog entries in category: Masadaverse

  • Boomy
    So few years ago I created blog where I was posting news about Nasuverse, but due to my longer absence and generally lack of contact with Nasu-related works I decided to abandon it. It would be great if someone decided to continue that.

    But since we lately have a lot of news about Masadaverse (which I adore), I decided to do the same thing with it.

    Especially because I created this giant page on the wiki
    *still incomplete*

    So let's begin.


    • Anime

    First of all, you've probably heard about it already, but there will be an anime. Kicking off in October of the current year.
    It's going to be animated by A.C.G.T. I don't know much about this studio, but looking at their past records, it's pretty meh.
    http://diesirae-anime.com/ - official site (together with teaser)
    https://i.imgur.com/UXEGmpq.png - promo art

    Some promo for anime. Nothing special, Kasumi has new VA, but it's not like anyone gives a fuck about her.

    It's hard for me to judge it by now. Character design will be done by G Yuusuke, so that's good. Masada is also responsible for screenplay. But I think Dies Irae is the kind of fiction you must read, not watch. So...I hope it will be okay.

    • World Box


    Basically, Masada decided to re-release his works (Shinza and Senshinkan) in a one, giant package. And that's some sweet promotion art. I believe it's the first time we see Ril by G.

    You can pre-order it here. It's limited to 5k copies.

    This VFB sounds pretty interesting. Because the way it's described it seems like all games get one. I don't think Paradise Lost had one before. And Masada generally covers some sweet information in his VFBs.

    It's pretty expensive, but I think it's worth if, especially if you're new to Masadaverse. Since I've already played them I won't probably buy it though. I will probably wait for a bit to see if it's possible to buy VFB separately.

    • Dies Irae PANTHEON

    Main dish. So basically Masada decided to continue story. FINALLY. Its been 4 years already since Akebono no Hikari.

    What surprised everyone though is that it will be mobage, not VN. And as you can guess, people went crazy. All of them (me including) fear his writing will suffer from it. But I believe it's pointless to worry for now, when we don't even know if it's going to change much. At the moment I just savor new content.

    Not much is known about story yet, but it will involve ALL Gods...so I hope Masada will have good explanation for that, because most of them are dead. Naraka is also going to appear, again, FINALLY.
    Oh, and Marie is now the strongest God...for some fucking reason.
    He jokingly calls it Super Throne Wars. Naturally, wink toward Super Robot Wars.

    http://dies-p.net/ - official site

    Few days ago we also had first look at all Hadou Gods designs. Silhouettes for now.
    So some of my comments about them:

    - Nothing much to say about her now. I'm glad we will finally be able to see major Queen Bitch of the Masadaverse. Also, it's funny how her Divinity is called 真我 (true me), when Hajun's Divinity is 唯我 (sole me). Inb4 love will bloom.

    - Badass as fuck. From what we knew about him I expected some yakuza boss, but here he looks like the dandiest motherfucker under Sun.

    - lolsatanel, trying to look all majestic. Joking aside, he looks pretty nice. Is it me or is he wearing glasses? If yes, then fitting for a genius I guess.

    - Nothing much to say about them. Tbh I'm pretty disappointed they didn't had re-design. Maybe they will change in the course of game?
    Also, am I the only one who prefers Snake in his rags?

    - We can see them on the main page, and in color.
    I think they look fine. Marie looks like she's preparing for wedding. Snake is so gonna rejoice/cry.
    Ren has this Egyptian feel to him (Masada generally mentions Ancient Egypt a few times in his series, maybe he's planning to do something in this direction). And I'm curious about his bracelet with lotus flower.
    Ren generally is someone who probably had the most appearance re-designs. Few costumes in Dies irae, his Finale look, his "Pure Divinity" look in Mitsudomoe, two of his Yatou forms and his "afterimage".

    - Definitely the one who produced the most hype.
    First of all, it's interesting he has six arms. They don't look organic either, but more mechanical. It's hard to tell from silhouette, but it seems he doesn't have his third eye.
    The most important question is - does he have Tumor? He shouldn't have. But maybe Masada changed some shit.
    Hajun's third eye was the result of his Tumor wishing to see outside world. So maybe he has Tumor, but now it's wishing for something that requires use of arms? Like "I want to hold someone hand" or "I want to touch something".
    Another speculation is that it is Hajun in his prime and arms just symbolize his full Divinity. But then again, we can't talk about Hajun in his prime without Tumor, because Tumor is the reason why Hajun is the strongest God in the first place.

    In the first place, I'm curious from where Masada is continuing. He said he won't dare to start story from Rea's route (besides, at that point Snake made sure to destroy any factor that would lead to birth of Hajun).
    And after KKK he's dead too. But it's still more logical start.
    IIRC Masada said something (long time ago) about elaborating what happens to Gods who were defeated. Maybe it has something to do with this.

    - Some concluding remarks.
    I find it weird there's no Amaterasu/Shokou. Is it really just a construct with no personality? I mean, Tumor was its core, so he should have.
    We see two unknown girls. Since they stand with Hadou Gods would that make them too? I'm pretty sure they are. Now I wonder if they're Dai Hachi/Kyuu Ten.

    That would be it for now. If something new pops out, I will update it.