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Viewing blog entries in category: Miscellaneous calcs

  • Tacocat
    WARNING: This blog contains major spoilers for the ending, middle, beginning, and even events which took place well before the start of Xenoblade Chronicles. If you have not yet played Xenoblade Chronicles and don't wish to be spoiled, exit this blog and play it immediately. Far more important than anything the OBD has to offer :maybe


    At about 31:30, Shulk relinquishes his godhood, destroys Zanza's old universe, and creates it anew. Monado III's ether blast, which forms the new universe, begins at about 31:59 and the scene ends at about 32:23, giving us a time-frame of about 24 seconds. Given the context, it's pretty safe to assume that scene encompassed the creation of the entire new universe, so I'm going to use the radius of the observable universe (46.6 billion light-years) as the distance. If anyone has any reservations with this, I might possibly edit it using the radius of that galaxy. Don't hold your breath, though :cat


    46.6e9*356*24*60*60=1.433e18 light-seconds

  • Tacocat
    Damn all of these JRPGs I have lined up to play :catprone


    You can watch Lavos start fucking everything at about 50 seconds in.

    I've seen people do calcs for this feat before (Nevermind? :hmm) but far as I can tell it was never for the KE of the giant rocks Lavos raises up by emerging from the ground.

    Protip: The relevant scaling is on the left side of the center continent.

    This is the CT world map in the year 1999 A.D., which is the year Lavos initiates Armageddon. No reason not to emply standard assumption that CT Earth is as large as ours AFAIK. However, I'm still less than halfway done, so if I'm wrong about anything at all in this blog then feel free to correct me.

    As for the scaling, those pathways between the domes and shit are likely not at all to scale, but they are consistent between the map and the cutscene with Lavos, so it wouldn't matter anyway.

    The width of the above map is 1536px, so...




    Those bottom two rocks look vaguely spherical :catnoworries



    So add those up for the total volume.


    Now for density. Considering the size of these things, I don't think crust density is going to cut it. Upper mantle density of 3400kg/m^3, I guess?


    Now, the black 44px line is the distance these things crossed at approximately the same time.


    I'm personally more comfortable going with KE over PE in this case because of how a bunch of the rocks are just left floating, implying some TK or whatever. If you disagree, feel free to comment and I'll make the appropriate edits.

    Anyway, those rocks crossed that distance in a single frame, and the video runs at 30 frames per second. Our time-frame is then 1/30th of a second.


    Now to just plug the mass and velocities into the KE equation.


    or about 1.6 yottatons.

    ...I feel as if I've fucked that up horribly :sanji

    Also note that there are obviously far more rocks and I went only with that which was the least work to calc :noworries
  • Tacocat
    God damn. I still remember getting my first Bionicles at the Disney World LEGO store for my seventh birthday. One of 'em was Tahu, too. Shit, man...

    Anyway, I just re-watched the Mask of Light movie on Netflix and it inspired me to get more into the lore. Started watching the other movies and reading the DC comic series, and I figured I might as well calc shit while I'm at it.

    Here's the relevant feat:

    Makuta senses that the Toa are beginning to rise against him, so he sends a bunch of monsters and natural disasters their way. In the scan above, we can see Tahu instantly turning "a few thousand tons" of sand into glass with "a fraction of [his] power".

    According to this, sand must be heated upward of 3200 degrees F to turn it into glass. To glass it instantly? Fuck if I know. And I know it's not the most scientific source, but it was a quick Google search, and it seemed to me that that shit would have to be hot, anyway, so let's roll with it.

    3200 degrees F=1760 degrees C. Gonna go ahead and say the sand is 25 degrees C on average...or something, which means the change in temp would be 1735 degrees.

    Specific heat capacity for sand is, apparently, 890 J/kg*degrees C.

    Also, Makuta says he's dumping a few thousand tons of sand on Tahu. Gonna take a few to mean 3, and I'll assume tons would refer to short tons 'cause DC. In which case, mass would be 2721554kg.

    Q=mass*specific heat capacity*delta temp

    or about 1 kiloton.
  • Tacocat
    Willy suggested this some months ago. The basic idea is that the Original Life Fiber was able to survive the explosions of planets all around the universe.

    Astral got the cockpit of this ship thing to be almost 10m.

    Gonna calc the surface area in parts.

    Large Sphere



    Small Sphere



    I know there would technically be less surface area to account for with these because they connect, but fuck accounting for that. I figure the giant-ass spikes on the back will make up for it :noworries





    Now I have to subtract the base.


    Cylinder (minus bases)




    Now add them all up and divide by two (I figure the half of the surface area facing the planet would be affected by the energy?).


    Assuming an Earth-like planet (not much of a stretch, considering the same process was initiated on Earth)...

    Surface area of Earth is 5.101e+14m^2. I can adjust for that if anyone wants to offer the altitude of Covers :noworries

    GBE of Earth is 2.487e+32 J.


    or about 47 teratons.


    Again, that's theoretical. I dunno how anyone wants to argue that the Original Life Fiber's surface area was exactly the same then as it is during the series. Unless I understood the origin story incorrectly, which is entirely viable considering I didn't pay a lick of attention to it.

    Also, a low end would mean using half of the large sphere's surface area. that yield about 38 teratons.
  • Tacocat
    In the most recent episode, Dandy becomes the lovechild of Star Wars and Redline or some shit. So yeah, I expected some speed feats (which we got), but then Dandy and Prince split a fucking moon just by flying into it.

    Darth came up the the executive conclusion that this mass has to be pretty big in order to be spherical.

    My quick Google search yielded the following links and suggested about 400km for this spherical nature of this celestial body to be the case.


    Now, I have no idea what the gravity on this moon would be, but I can just use density of continental crust (2700kg/m^3) as a low-end.



    Now for velocity.


    Half of this because it split down the middle.


    Each hemisphere of the moon crossed this distance in 38 frames, while my video file runs at 30fps.


    Now for kinetic energy...

    KE=5.1e27 J

    or about 1.22 exatons.
  • Tacocat
    willy asked if I could look into this feat of Precure Marine intercepting a camera flash to protect Precure Blossom.

    According to the wiki, Precure Marine is 13-years-old. Average height for her would then be 1.524 meters, apparently :hmm


    The orange line is about half of her height, so 0.762m.



    ...but that's kinda bullshit. She travels that distance in 2 frames when that one shot continues for 14 frames after she covers the distance. And even afterward, the flash still hasn't reached her. So she crossed her distance in two frames while it took the light at bare minimum 16 frames to cross its distance. That'd make the feat about 0.9864c. And given whole other shot it takes for the light to reach her, this feat is certainly FTL.
  • Tacocat
    Dunno why I'm doing this. Probably gonna get shit for it, and I've had a really crappy day so I'm not really in the mood. Oh well, deal with it.

    One really stupid pegasus is jumping on a cloud which is emitting lightning and Dash avoids it.

    Edit: Whatever Flutter did.
  • Tacocat
    http://i31.[Blocked Domain]/soul-eater/108/soul-eater-3986209.jpg

    There's the feat. As you can see, Black*Star kicks the Kishin into the moon's tooth and busts it up, along with a portion of the lower lip.

    Here we have Chrona. He/she is physiologically about 14, but still pretty tall, so I figure 1.65 should be a good approximation.

    Right now, let's focus on the tooth only.



    Okubo apparently can't perspective for jack shit, so I'll scale the depth with a different scan.


    Most people who read this are gonna know the formula for the volume of a rectangular prism, but for those who don't, it's l*w*h.


    Okay, now let's work out the lip.

    Considering he way it looks in the panel that Black*Star performed the feat, I'll just calc it as a triangular prism.



    The base and length will the two of the three values we found earlier. I'd hope you'd be able to figure out which ones.


    Now we add the volume of the tooth to the volume of the destroyed rock below it.



    or about 330.57 tons of TNT equivalent.

    Forever multi-block, Black*Star, forever multi-block.
  • Tacocat
    I think it's pretty obvious where this is going.

    The dude's name is LaserMan, he's got the spectrum on his chest, the attack is called Cross Laser, and it doesn't seem to behave too extraneously to my knowledge.


    So MegaMan w/ Search Soul moves 89px in the time that LaserMan's attack moves about 89.5px.


    Base MegaMan.EXE is no slower than Search Soul MegaMan.

    Thoughts? :hmm
  • Tacocat
    What else did you expect from this anime?

    Willy has courteously provided us with this gif in which the feat is explicitly laid out.

    We see the bullet travel between her bust and come back out without even touching her.

    Saeko's height is 1.74m according to the wiki, and one's head is generally an eighth of his/her entire body.


    Takashi is shooting a Springfield M1A1 Super Match Rifle which fires 7.62mm rounds.




    The chart at the bottom has muzzle velocity at 2800fps, or 853.44m/s.



    Saeko's left breast travels roughly half of this.



    or about mach 6.8.

    I regret this :sanji
  • Tacocat
    The dub for Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is fucking hilarious. Anyway...

    In a fight more epic than those of 99% of the HST, Panty and Scanty have a shoot-out. Some of Scanty's bullets get through and Stocking deflects them.

    Scanty seems to wield some kind of elongated revolver. I'm pretty sure a good standard bullet/shell to use for a revolver would be the .44 magnum, though I know basically nothing about guns, so correct me if I'm wrong.

    The entire time Stocking cuts these bullets, their movement is imperceptible. However, for the sake of the calc, I'm going to angsize and consider an arbitrary bullet's angular size to shrink by a factor of 1px.

    According the the link above, the diameter of the bullet would be 10.9mm.






    So we're going to assume the bullet traveled 17.25mm in the time that Stocking cuts the rest down.

    For the sake of a low-end, I'm going to use the 200 grain bullet variation listed in the link above, which has a velocity of 391m/s.


    Now let's scale Stocking.

    I forgot to label it here, but Stocking's head is 139.5px.

    Stocking's an angel, so she's probably pretty old, but she physiologically fits the mold of an upperclassman in high school; she's prepared to be married in one episode; and, while not as often as her sister, she has quite a lot of sex. I think average height for a female adult, which is 1.58m, is pretty safe for her.


    Now we have to scale her arm movements, which span a bunch of frames. I'll post them in order and add them up to get a total distance.



    Scaling from Stocking's head...



    or about mach 78 for a massive low-ball.

    If anyone's interested, using the 460 m/s value for the .44 yields mach 92, and using 1mm as per imperceptibility yields mach 1583.
  • Tacocat
    Not a very extensive list, but I figured I'd fill it with a few ones I found recently and maybe update another time with a few others I can think of off the top of my head.


    Tony sends Howard up to a satellite using one of his space-fairing armors to equip an Extremis death beam of sorts.

    I can get a value for both Howard's fight time (assuming perspective time is pretty cohesive to in-verse time) as well as the Extremis beam speed (kinda inconsequential, considering no one gets boosted from it, but eh).

    So this is meant to give a low-end distance for both feats (the entire beam is not shown).


    Put the Earth's diameter into the angsize calculator, and we get a distance of 17573000 meters.

    Now the beam unquestionably travels this distance in 28 frames of a video with an frame rate of 25fps.


    or about mach 46148.

    The beam also parts some clouds and the Makluan Overlord tanks it pretty well, so maybe I'll look into it later (not that I need to, considering there's a feat which I'll talk about later).

    Anyway Howard also travels this distance in an absurdly short amount of time. Assuming perspective time is equivalent to in-verse time (which isn't so crazy, as Tony pretty much directs orders to his father, Pepper, and Rhodey the entire time), the time between when we last see him at the satellite and when he lands is 147 seconds.


    or mach 351.

    This isn't really outlandish at all, considering Tony casually travels to space within a few seconds on, like, five different occasions. And if still skeptical, then at least we have the WarMachine armor give us an escape velocity statement, which scales to everyone and his mother.

    DC and Durability

    -Under construction- :noworries

    As I find more in this series, I'll just keep adding to this:distracted
  • Tacocat
    I'm going to be calculating both speed and DC for Vividred Operation from the second episode.

    This giant Angel-esque robot thing attacks the world's most convenient powerplant and a naval fleet attempts to stop it (of course they do nothing, but the flying pre-teen girls fuck it up like nobody's business). Anyway, the Angel rains lasers of death all over the place, which I will calc.


    Yellow line is Sailor Mercury Vividblue, who is anatomically more mature than the individual protagonists, so I figured it was cool to assign her a height of 1.6m.




    v of a cylinder=pi(r^2)h







    or about 221 kilotons.

    Just gonna do a joke calc for KE to see how high the results are. This isn't really valid, as the water mass isn't seen rising, rather the scene cuts straight from the explosion to these columns being already at full height a single frame after, but I thought it'd be funny.

    So the column of water is at this height in one frame.





    or about 3 gigatons :maybe

    Still, town-busting is nice for a low-end, being that the top of the mass can't be seen.

    Pretty straightforward, and willy says that the Vivid Dockings can be scaled to the Alones, so there you go :zaru

    Oh, and Aoi likes to play baseball with these :maybe


    The protagonists reside in Oshima, and I found here that the caldera of Oshima's volcanic summit is 3-4km wide. I'm just going to use 3.5km.


    I converted the episode and slapped it into Sony Vegas to find that the beam in question (yellow line) took 1 frame to cross this distance of 5900m.


    or about mach 416.

    Now, keep in mind that in episode 8, Aoi in base dodges a comparable beam from no more than 2 meters after it is fired. Also keep in mind that the girls fly from the surface to outer layers of the atmosphere in a matter of seconds, so this isn't so outlandish to scale to at least the Vivid Dockings.

    Final Tally:

    DC: 211 kilotons

    Speed: mach 416
  • Tacocat
    Thought I'd practice my calc's a bit. Also, I'm doing this at, like, 3 in the morning, so if you see any mistakes, just shout 'em out.

    Okay, on to the calc.

    In the scene, Suguro's a fucking dumbass and approaches a demon toad just to prove something. He almost gets eaten and Rin has to rescue him.

    Suguro is 1.81 meters tall.


    So Rin stops the toad almost half a meter before it gets to Suguro.

    Distance between the toad before it attacked and the toad after Rin stopped it (scaled from Suguro's height):

    According to Wiki Answers, peak-toads can jump at 13 mph, which converts to 5.8 m/s. The average cane toad is .1 m long.

    1s/58=.01724 seconds

    So, a peak-toad can jump its body length in .01724 seconds.

    Here we scale the toad's length to Suguro's height.


    Now we find how many times its own body length it moves to get to Suguro.


    So the toad moves .8465 times its own body length, and since it has the capacity to jump its own body length in .01724 seconds...

    .8465(.01724s)=.01459366 seconds

    Finally, a time frame :D

    Back to this picture

    Rin starts at the top of the wall almost directly behind Suguro's path to the toad and ends up at the end of the orange line. I used the shading of the wall to estimate the angle at which he traveled.


    Rin travels 13.055 meters in .01459366 seconds.

    v=894.56654465021112 m/s

    or about Mach 2.63

    Note that Rin leaves the wall after the toad jumps, so he should be faster :maybe