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Viewing blog entries in category: Naruto Calculations

  • Sherlōck
    This one is a feat from the Naruto Movie. Its pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of power level but since it is already scaled & just sitting on my hard drive so....

    Now I am going to scale the meteor using the height of the hill that surrounds the village. Waka got it to be 96 meter.


    Hill Height = 105 pixel = 96 meter

    Meteor Diameter = 452.73 pixel = 413.9251 meter

    Meteor Height/Depth/Whatever = 159.45532 pixel = 145.7877 meter

    Modelling the meteor as half ellipsoid.

    Meteor Volume = .5*(4/3)*pi*r^2*l = 13078657.06883 meter^3

    The meteor is made from moon.For density I am going to use the density of the upper crust which is 2900 kg/m^3


    p = m/V

    p*V = m = 2900*13078657.06883= 37928105499.6310026 kg

    For velocity I am going to use 11 km/s . Why? It is the absolute minimum speed meteors can enter the atmosphere.

    Kinetic Energy = .5mv^2

    Kinetic Energy = 2294650382727675662.7315251 Joules

    Final Tally

    Sasuke Destroying Meteor = 548.4346 Megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    In the last movie we saw Toneri cut he moon in half which later split. I don't think there is any reason to explain the feat cause I suspect HST fags already know about it.Since I already saw the movie I thought why not calc it.

    There is two part of the calc. First calcing the original cut & 2nd part is the split. Then I will add the value.

    Lets start the first step. In this step as I have already stated I will calc the original cut. The swing made a big crater in the moon. Most of the volume was pulverized. But some huge chunks of rock was also lifted up. I am going to approach this calc in two ways. One will be low end where I will use sedan crater value for whole volume. Another will be where I will use 70% of the volume for pulverization. And rest for KE.


    Moon Diameter = 537 pixel = 3475 km

    Crater Width = 3 pixel = 19.41m4 km.

    Modelling the crater as cylinder which is the closest representation of the crater.

    Crater Volume = pi*r^2*h = 184120131.82483 km^3

    Low End

    Using Sedan Crater 67 joule/cc.

    Energy = 12336048832263839575988661.3443 Joules

    High End

    First I am going to use 70% volume for pulverization.Pulverization is 214.35 joule/cc.

    Crater Volume [70%] = 128884092.2773 km^3

    Energy = 2758119574736004.729079 Joules

    This one is a bit tricky.Since we didn't have any frame from where I can scale to directly I went a different route. I scaled it from a crater of the moon. For this I have used the smallest crater in the moon which is 500 meter. Though visible it doesn't resemble the crater I am going to scale but since Naruto's moon being weird & all I think its a decent low end.

    Fuck it. I am bored.Will finish this part later .

    Lets start the second step then.

    Now the moon is already 3 pixel apart due to crater. After split two part of the moon is 7 pixel apart. So the split send each other ((7-3)/2)) or two pixel in each direction.


    Force send two part apart = 2 pixel = 12.9422 km

    It took 165 frame for the split to happen from the moment Toneri cut it .Video is 24 FPS.

    Time frame = (1/24*165) = 6.875 seconds

    Split Velocity = (12.9422*1000/6.875) = 1882.512273 meter/second

    Mass of Moon = 7.3477*10^22 kg

    Now I have to subtract the mass of the crater volume.

    Moon Density = 3346 kg/meter^3

    Crater Mass = V*d = 6.1601*10^20 kg

    Mass Split = 7.2860*10^22

    Kinetic Energy of split = .5mv^2

    Kinetic Energy = 129104200092831506543501199114.5314755 Joules

    Total Energy [L.End] = 129116536141663770383077187775.8757755 Joules

    Total Energy [L.End] = 30.8595927681 exatons

    Final Tally

    Golden Wheel Rebirth Explosion = 30.8595927681 exatons of TNT (EtTNT)
  • Sherlōck
    Honestly speaking I am just bored right now. That's why I decided to scale few things from the last chapter. I know the results won't be nearly impressive neither it will do any kind of justice to their power level. But still like I said,I am bored.


    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/naruto/695/8


    So the fist bump of Kurama & Susano made water rise up above.I am going to calc the PE.For that first I need the height of statue's.

    Sasuke = 10 pixel = 1.68 meter

    Madara head to waistband = 189 pixel = 31.752 meter

    Waterfall width = 97 pixel = 16.296 meter

    Waterfall width = 126 pixel = 16.296 meter

    Madara waistband to foot = 334 pixel = 43.1973 meter

    Total statue height = 43.1973+31.752 = 74.9493 meter

    Madara Statue = 45 pixel = 74.9493 meter

    Canal Depth = 36 pixel = 59.9594 meter

    Now the water pillar I am going to scale is much further away from the placeholder statue. So first I am going to calculate the distance to the statue then use that to scale distance to water pillar which I will use to angsize water pillar size.

    Object Size = 45 pixel

    panel height = 500 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(45/(500/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 7.211871734786

    Putting object degree size & size into angular calculator I got distance = 594.66 meter

    Distance to statue = 180 pixel = 594.66 meter

    Distance to water pillar = 293 pixel = 967.9743 meter.

    Great now lets scale water pillar size using angsize method.

    Object Size = 208 pixel

    panel height = 500 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(208/(500/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 32.48023949892

    Putting object degree size & size into angular calculator I got size = 563.92 meter.

    Water pillar height = 208 pixel = 563.92 meter

    Water pillar base diameter = 101.7889 pixel = 275.9653 meter

    I am modelling the water pillar as cone to find its volume.

    V = (1/3)*pi*(275.9653/2)^2*563.92

    V = 11243333.125424 meter^3

    Water density is 1000 kg/m^3

    Water Pillar mass = 11243333125.424144 kg

    GPE = mgh

    g = 9.8 m/s^2

    h = 563.92/4 = 140.98 meter

    GPE = 11243333125.424144*9.8*140.98

    GPE = 15533834019418.49908 joules

    GPE = 3.712675435 kilotons

    As I have said not nearly impressive.


    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/naruto/695/18


    This one is pretty straight forward & easy scaling.

    Canal Depth = 22 pixel = 59.9594 meter

    Bijju bomb diameter = 660 pixel = 1798.7839 meter

    Final Tally

    Bijju bomb diameter = 1798.7839 meter

    GPE of Water pillar = 3.7126 kilotons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    I have to admit that this shit is bullshit. I tried to roam around the arc before calcing it but fucking inconsistency.My head started hurting so much that I had to give up eventually.

    For this calc I will use Hachibiwaks & ChaosTheory123 blog as reference.

    I am so fed up with this calc that I am not even going to scale anything myself.Will just use Chaos scalling.


    Kage Mountain Scalling.

    If one thing I learnt from those two blog then that is Konoha size is heavily dependent on Kage faces on mountain.

    From Waka's blog we get Kage faces length = 148 meters.

    Chaos got Kage faces length = 128.15 meters.

    Instead of going around trying to do my own scalling I would use the average = 138.075 meters.

    Kage Mountain Faces (All)= 172 pixels = 138.075 meters

    Kage Mountain Faces (Minus Tsunade) = 131 pixels = 105.161 meters.

    Now... Just rescaling Konoha off the Kage Faces.

    And this part is a bit of a problem cause I can't see the scan Chaos used to get the numbers. But thats not a problem really. From Chaos scalling we get

    Konoha Radius = 441 pixels

    Kage Mountain Faces (Minus Tsunade) = 17 pixels

    Konoha Radius/Kage Mountain Faces (Minus Tsunade) = 25.94

    Konoha Radius = 2727.8963 meters

    Konoha Diameter = 5455.7927 meters

    I can now see Narutofans frustration growing.Soon they will start claiming I am trying to downplay Naruto cause I hate this series to death.One of the reason I don't want to calc Naruto feat.

    Kage Mountain Faces = 133 pixels

    Crater Depth = 183 pixels

    Crater Depth/Kage Mountain Faces = 1.38

    Crater Depth = 190.5435 meters

    Kage Mountain Faces = 19 pixels

    Road = 1 pixels

    Konoha Debris = 16 pixels

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 1 = 201 pixels

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 2 = 236 pixels

    Road/Kage Mountain Faces = 0.0526

    Konoha Debris/Kage Mountain Faces = 0.842

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 1/Kage Mountain Faces = 10.58

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 2/Kage Mountain Faces = 12.42

    Road = 7.29825 meters

    Konoha Debris = 116.8275 meters

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 1 = 1467.945 meters

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 2 = 1723.275 meters

    Konoha Crater Diameter = 5455.7927 - (2)(116.8275) = 5222.1377 meters

    Volume = 0.6PIr^2*H = 2448679293.20317698988718 m^3

    Energy = 125.447993905 Megaton.

    Waka's Konoha Scalling


    Waka got two numbers for Bijuu bomb diameter & Konoha size. Low end & high end.I am going to use average.

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 1 = 236 pixels = 1786.345 meters

    Bijuu Bomb Diameter 2 = 201 pixels = 1521.42095338983027 meters

    Road = 1 pixels = 7.56925847457627 meters.

    Konoha Debris = 16 pixels = 121.10813559322032 meters.

    Konoha Crater Diameter = 7145.3826-(2x121.10813559322032) = 6903.16632881355936 meters.

    Volume = 4278898112.50279224502421649347 m^3

    Energy = 219.21171377 Megaton.

    Final Tally

    Pain's CST = 125.447 Megaton-219.211 Megaton.
  • Sherlōck
    I actually thought of two way to get the blast diameter. So I am going to try both.


    In this scalling we will try to find out how far the blast was from others.

    As we can see rubble & dust behind those mountain.Its safe to say that the blast happened behind those.We know average mountain height from Endless blog.

    Now,panel width = 385 px

    panel height = 433 px

    Mountain = 31 px = 1367.35617469775 meters.

    2*atan(tan(70/2)*(384/433) = 63.67802078795336

    2*atan(31/(384/tan(63.67802078795336/2))) = 5.73970803923943318686

    Using angsize we get= 13638m m kilometers

    Now in this scan,

    Distance from other's to Juubi = 244px = 13638 m

    Blast diameter = 19059.66 meters.

    After a conversation with Chaos I came up with the energy value.

    16 px (mount height) = 1367.356 m

    59 px (mount base .. approx) = 5042.12525 m

    Mountain Volume = 9,100,756,334 m^3

    So, Mountain base diameter = 5042.12525 m

    Area covered by mountain base = pir^2 =19967198.74261808431349

    Bomb diameter = 19059.66 meter.

    Area covered by Bomb = 285312092.93468911877179

    Ratio = Bomb/Mountain = 14.28903956996820117887

    Total volume = 14.28903956996820117887x9,100,756,334

    = 130041067373.16474305718741946258

    Pulverizing Energy = 6.662118258 Gigatons.

    Final Tally

    Bijju Bomb = 6.662118258 Gigatons
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/93-418-5/naruto/chapter-413.html

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/93-418-6/naruto/chapter-413.html



    Sasuke = Red Line = 7 px = 1.68 m.

    Diameter of the Platform = Blue Line = 189 px = 45.36 meter.

    Diameter of Crater by Juugo = Pink Line = 98 px = 23.52 meter.

    Depth of the Platform = Green line = 44 px = 10.56 meter.

    Now I am gonna assume the depth of Jugoo's crater is 1.7 meter.Which is a fair assumption based on this SCAN.

    So,Crater Volume = 371.88 m^3. [Dome Calculator]

    Platform Volume = 17064.74847238536103 m^3.

    Subtracting the part Juugo destroyed I get 16692.86847238536103 m^3 volume.

    Now I am gonna use 8 J/cc here seeing how GM used it for Luufy's COA Punch which is a similar feat.

    Energy = 32.62858216521819 Ton.

    High End Result = 277.3429484043547 Ton [Using 68 J/cc ]

    Final Tally

    V1 Punch ~ 33 Ton.

    Solid Multi Block Level.

    Side Note = Given the showing of people they are scalled with I find 33 Ton a reasonable number.
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/93-31674-3/naruto/chapter-463.html

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/93-31674-4/naruto/chapter-463.html[/SPOILER]


    I am gonna guess Raikage upper part of body is .83 meter.

    So Raikages Upper body = 33 px = .83 meter.

    Depth of the crater = 222 px = 5.586363 meter.

    Sasuke = 34 px = 1.68 m

    Diameter of the crater = 450 px = 22.235294 m

    So using this calculator I get volume = 1175.9 m^3

    Now no will like this part but I need to substract the total volume cause as you can see here they had a bit of crater from the start.

    Just gonna eye ball it & say depth is 50 cm & diameter 3 meter. So volume = 14.43 m^3

    So real volume = 1175.9-14.43= 1161.47 m^3

    Both Pulverization & Fragmentation so I feel safe to use 69 j/cc.

    Energy = 19.154261472301997 Ton.

    Final Tally

    Volume = 1161.47 m^3

    Energy = 19.154261472301997 Ton.