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Viewing blog entries in category: One Piece Calculations

  • Sherlōck

    https://[Blocked Domain]/Manga/One-Piece/One-Piece---874?id=376731


    All right, had some free time on my hand. And this was already scaled and ready so I thought why not post the most impressive feat of this pathetic excuse of an emperor.

    First, we need the island size. I already scaled it before. I took the mid end.

    Whole Cake Island Diameter [Mid End] = 7183.5134 meter

    Now we need the size of one of WCI's blocks that's beside the huge towers.

    Whole Cake Castle diameter = 491 pixel

    Block's Height = 103 pixel = 1506.92847 meter

    Now Meme slash entered from one part and exited from other. For the lack of better method I will use the width as the length that the slash crossed.

    Block's Height = 260 pixel = 1506.92847 meter

    Block's Width = 117 pixel = 678.11781 meter

    Lets now scale the hole it made and how much water it raised,

    Block's Height = 45 pixel = 1506.92847 meter

    Hole diameter = 8 pixel = 267.8983 meter

    Water width = (100+36+69)/3 or 68.3333 pixel = 2288.28762 meter

    Water Height = (44+61+54+44+26)/5 or 45.8 pixel= 1533.71831 meter

    Assuming the block was 80% solid and cylinder shaped,

    Hole's Volume = pi*r^2*h = pi*(267.8983/2)^2*678.11781 = 38223895.7192 meter^3

    It looks like Meme's attack pulverized it. But it's also true that everything in WCI is made from food ingredient. I am going to play it safe and use 8 j/cc for pulverization here.

    Rock Destruction, Q1 = 305791165753944.95927 joules

    Volume of Water = pi*r^2*h = pi*(2288.28762/2)^2*1533.71831

    Volume of Water = 6307491961.51961 meter^3

    Density of sea water is 1024 kg/m^3

    Water Weight = 6458871768596.08110671 kg

    PE of Water = mgh = 6458871768596.08110*9.8*(1533.71831/2)

    PE of Water, Q2 = 48539840477845673.62884 joules

    Total DC = Q1 + Q2 = 48845631643599618.5881132109 joules

    Total DC = 11.674386148 Megatons

    So that was impressive.

    Final Tally

    Big Mom's Elbaf Spear = 11.674386148 Megatons
  • Sherlōck


    Big Meme apparently has the power to create a storm. When she learns that Luffy beat Cracker she went into a fit of rage & created a thunderstorm.

    From the looks of it I think it's a
    Single-Cell thunderstorm. Single-cell thunderstorms typically last 20–30 minutes. But here it looks it lasted close to a day. Here we see the rain started at 2 pm. This is all after Luffy met with Sanji & fought the enraged army so probably 30 minutes earlier but lets just go with it as is. The marriage was next day. We learn from here that weeding was supposed to be at 10 am. The rain stopped at least 4 hours and 30 minutes before marriage started (including the time SH took to reach Bege's castle) so at 5:30 am at least.

    So, our time frame is 2 pm to 5:30 am or 15 hours & 30 minutes.

    First , we need the whole area the storm covered. From the scan below we can see from our POV the storm. Since it was created in Whole cake island lets assume it's ground Zero & distance from our POV to the island is the radius. I am going to calc the distance using angular formula.

    Island Diameter = 548 pixel = 7183.5134 meter

    Cloud Base height = 200 pixel = 2621.7202 meter

    Cloud height = 143 pixel = meter

    Panel Height = 505 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(548/(505/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 74.457258438

    Now, putting object degree size & WC Island size in angular calculator we will find the distance.


    Distance, r = 4.7271e+3 meter

    So area covered = pi*(4.7271e+3)^2 = 70200378.24743 meter^2

    Now, since we don't have a time frame & her creation didn't look like she gathered clouds at all I am not going to calc it using KE instead I am going to try a different method.

    We need rainfall rate. Light rain is typically 2- 4 mm/hr & moderate rain is typically 5-9 mm/hr. For the sake of low end lets use 3 mm/hr. (Link)

    Now, we need the amount of water fell during the rain.

    1 mm of rainfall equals 1 liter of water over an area of one square meter. (Link)

    Total number of millimeters that fell = (3*15.5) or 46.5 mm

    Rate in terms of liters/meter^2 = 46.5 liter/meter^2

    Total Water Fell = (46.5*70200378.24743) = 3264317588.505495 liter or 3264317588.505495 kg


    So, now we need dew point temperatures cause that's the temperature water vapor has to cool down to form water droplets.

    dewpoint = surface temperature - (4.4*cloud base/1000)

    dewpoint = 20 - (4.4*2621.7202/1000)

    dewpoint = -1.0257525517644 celcious

    Now, we need the temperature to calc the energy to cool down water vapor.


    Height from surface to mid point of cloud = 2621.7202+(1874.5299/2) = 3558.9852 meter


    So, temperature at 3558.9852 meter cools down (6/10000*3558.98521) or 2.135391 Celsius or temperature in the cloud is (20-2.135391) or 17.864609 Celsius.

    Q1 = specific heat capacity*mass*temperature change.

    Q1 = 1.996*(3264317588.505495*1000)*(17.864609+1.02575)

    Q1 = 123081605749218.61574931918 Joules

    I am going to calc the latent energy needed to condense this huge mass.

    The latent heat of condensation = 2.5 * 10^6 Joules/kg

    Latent Energy, Q2 = (3264317588.505495*2.5 * 10^6) Joules

    Latent Energy, Q2 = 8160793971263737.5 Joules

    Total Energy = Q1+Q2 = 8283875577012956.11574931918 Joules

    Final Tally

    Big Meme's Storm = 1.97989378 Megatons

    All discussion related to this calc goes here.
  • Sherlōck
    Since there has been a lot of debate whether Big Meme's feats are impressive or not I have decided to scale the Whole Cake Island. This is the second version. Lets see this one goes.

    First I will scale one of the Germa ship. I will use @God Movement Thousand Sunny calc for it.

    Thousand Sunny Width = 89.8943 pixel = 26.2 meter

    Germa 66 ship width = 488.0368 pixel = 142.2398 meter.

    Now I will use this to scale the diameter of the lower level of Whole Cake Castle. All the Germa ships should be of same size. But I doubt Oda used scale here so I will scale four ships & use the average.

    Germa 66 ship width = (78+74+76+74)/4 or 75.5 pixel = 142.2398 meter.

    Whole Cake Castle lower level diameter = 652 pixel = 1228.3497 meter

    TBH the design & size of WCI is pretty inconsistent. But one thing we are sure of is that Germa 66 was situated just behind Whole Cake Castle. I am going to scale the lower level diameter to scale the whole island. Also I am going to use two different scan & use average.

    Whole Cake Castle lower level diameter = 52 pixel = 1228.3497 meter

    Whole Cake Castle top level diameter = 17 pixel = 401.5758 meter

    Whole Cake Castle diameter = 387 pixel = 9141.7564 meter

    Again, with different scan,

    Whole Cake Castle lower level diameter = 129 pixel = 1228.3497 meter

    Whole Cake Castle top level diameter = 26 pixel = 247.5743 meter

    Whole Cake Castle diameter = 491 pixel = 4675.3465 meter

    So, almost half from what we got from the first scan. :hm

    Let's try again then,

    Whole Cake Castle lower level diameter = 79 pixel = 1228.3497 meter

    Whole Cake Castle top level diameter = 33 pixel = 513.1081 meter

    Whole Cake Castle diameter = 462 pixel = 7183.5134 meter

    Now, we are getting somewhere. Lets try again,

    Whole Cake Castle lower level diameter = 54 pixel = 1228.3497 meter

    Whole Cake Castle diameter = 432 pixel = 9826.7976 meter

    Now, some can object to the last scaling due to the castle falling down. But I think it falling down has any effect here since we are scaling via diameter. As such we can scale it with no problem.

    Nonetheless , I think I will go with the mid end or the value of third scan for island diameter. For top level diameter lets use the average which is (513.1081+247.5743+401.5758)/3 or 387.4194 meter.

    If there is any mistake, kindly point it out & I will try to correct it.

    Final Tally

    Castle Top Level Diameter [Average] = 387.4194 meter.

    Whole Cake Island Diameter [Mid End] = 7183.5134 meter
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/272/16


    Basically Enel destroyed a large chuck of upper yard with his lightning attack. Nothing more,nothing less.

    Weird Tree = 42 pixel = 211.7 meter

    Hole Diameter = 210 pixel = 1058.5 meter

    Now I could calc the height using angular size but I am pretty lazy to do so.

    Hole Height = 34 pixel = 171.3761 meter

    Modelling the volume as cylinder .

    Volume = 150807204.915789 meter^3

    One can argue that there were probably some part of cloud too & of course the space occupied by the tree. Instead of going into a shouting match I have decided to use only 1/3 of the volume I calced.

    Volume = 50269068.305263 meter^3

    Fragmentation value of rock is 8j/cc

    Lightning Energy = 402152546442104 Joules

    Lightning Energy = 96.116765402 kilotons

    Final Tally

    Casual Lightning Attack= 96.116765402 kilotons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    http://[Blocked Domain]/r/one_piece/799/2920/8


    In light of the new chapter which gives a more clear picture of the destruction I am going to redo the energy of Fujitora's ferocious tiger. The result might come as disappointing but not really in the business of pleasing people. So here goes,

    Island Diameter = 250 pixel = 43803.6296 meter

    Crater Height = 25 pixel = 4380.36296 meter

    Crater Width = 15 pixel = 2628.217776 meter

    I have decided calc the volume as box so I have scaled the destroyed part in three place & will use their average value.

    Stone Boulder Length = (56.4358+42+36)/3 or 44.81193 pixel = 7851.701565 meter

    Destroyed Part Volume = L*W*H = 90393089554.429750 meter^3

    Now I am going to use two value. For low end 69 j/cc & 214 j/cc for high end.

    Ferocious Tiger [Low End] = 6237123179255652768.8387427 Joules

    Ferocious Tiger [High End] = 19344121164647966558.42740503 Joules

    Very casual attack. He did it while levitating billions of tons of rubble in the sky.

    Final Tally

    Ferocious Tiger [Low End] = 1.49070 Gigatons of TNT

    Ferocious Tiger [High End] = 4.62335 Gigatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck


    As time pass I am hating scalling more & more. I am glad Tacocat did most of the work otherwise I wouldn't have touched it.

    Anyway first I need the mass the kings punch send flying. We already know it from Taco's blog. It is 7340285981115 kg.

    Now we need the distance he sent the mass flying.We don't know how far. We know it was send beyond platue so it has to work for now as low end.

    So the distance is = Platue's width = 3012.9480 meter .

    Now we need the angle. Elizabeth send his punch from 2nd level. I am going to assume he send the debris at same angle he threw the punch.

    2nd level height = 40 pixel = 605.65 meter

    Distance from 2nd level to Pica = 277 pixel = 4193.0875 meter

    Distance from ground to 2nd level = 60 pixel = 908.25 meter

    Again Platue's side = 15 pixel = 68.185 meter

    Impact place to Castle = 60 pixel = 272.74 meter

    Platues Height = 1683.706 meter

    So,Total height from ground to impact point = (1683.706+272.74) or 1956.446 meter

    Height from 2nd level to Impact point = (1956.446-908.25) or 1048.196 meter.

    Now lets find out the angle,

    tan(θ) = Opposite / Adjacent

    tan(θ) = 1048.196 / 4193.0875

    tan(θ) = 0.2499819047420308

    θ = atan(0.2499819047420308)

    θ =14.035267669032

    Great now plugging the angle & initial velocity in projectile motion calculator I got time = 12.4 second.


    So it will take 12.4 second for the mass to cross the platue's width after the punch connected with the mass.So,

    Velocity = s/t = 242.97967 meter/second

    Lets calc the Kinetic Energy then,

    K.E = 216682025791649835.377039 Joules

    K.E = 51.788247082 megatons

    Fuck you Zoro.Anyway someone check the calc.

    Final Tally

    King's Punch =51.78824 Megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/773/14


    Do I need to explain the feat? I don't think so. Its as simple as it seems. Lets just get down to business.

    To calc the crater volume first I need the height of fourth level.I am going to use Cat's 2nd level scaling for that.

    2nd level = 78 pixel = 605.65 meter

    4th Level = 35 pixel = 271.7660 meter

    Now crater size,

    4th Level = 142 pixel = 271.7660 meter

    Crater Diameter = (133+120)/2 = 126.5 pixel = 242.10142 meter

    Crater Radius = D/2 = 121.05071 meter

    Crater Depth = 24 pixel = 45.9322 meter

    To calc the volume I am going to shape it as a cylinder.

    Crater Volume = 2114475.36939 meter^3

    The whole volume was violently fragmented so I am going to use 69 j/cc here since we are not using 120 j/cc anymore.

    Blast Energy = 145898800488222.0681117 Joules

    Blast Energy = 34.870650212 kilotons

    Final Tally

    Gladius's Punk Rock Super Arena = 34.8706 kilotons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/770/13


    So in the latest chapter Hajrudin sent Machvise flying using this attack. He used it to counter Machvise "10000 ton hell vise". Basically Mach changed his weight to 10000 ton (which he can do because of his DF) & jumped from a higher ground. Hajrudin countered his KE with Gungnir & send him flying so high he clashed with bird cage. I am going to calc the Force behind the attack & the work needed to done the feat. Lets get to it then.

    First we need the mass. Its 10000 ton but we don't know which version of ton it is. So for the sake of low end I will use Short ton.

    1 Short Ton = 907.185 kilograms

    10000 Short Ton = 9071847 kilograms

    We we need the distance he was sent flying. Now we don't know the original distance cause he felt down after he hit the bird cage.So we will work with the low end here too.

    Machvise was sent flying from 2nd level.That's the distance I will use.

    Dressrosa Diameter = 523 pixel = 43803.6296 meter

    Distance Sent Flying = 157 pixel = 13149.464334 meter

    Now inputting the distance & 90 degree in the projectile motion calculator we got liftoff velocity = 508 meter/second.

    Now we need the acceleration of his arm.First I need the length of his arm for that.

    Ussop = 56 pixel = 1.76 meter

    Hajrudin's Hand = 197 pixel = 6.191428 meter

    So,a = v^2/2d

    Here, v = 508 meter/second.

    d = length of arm = 6.191428 meter

    a = 20840.424550 meter/second^2

    We know, Force = mass*acceleration

    F = 189061142933.271805210 Newtons

    From the scan I think he moved his hand more or less at 70 degree angle during the punch.

    70 Degree = 1.2217304764 rad

    His Hand Moved S = r*theta = 7.564256 meter

    Now lets calc how much work he did to throw it.We know

    W = F*S

    W = 1430107069733.418906 joules or 341.803792957 TNT

    Lets also calc the Kinetic Energy of the Machvise flying.

    K.E = 1170558562104 Joules or 279.770210828 Tons

    Final Tally

    Force of Gungnir = 189061142933.271805210 Newtons

    Work Done for Gungnir = 341.80379 Tons of TNT

    Kinetic Energy of Flying Machvise = 279.770210828 Tons
  • Sherlōck

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/one_piece/vTBD/c758/12.html


    In the latest chapter we see Ussop firing something (can't make it out totally) from Old castle ground to the castle which was placed on the flower field. I am going to scale the distance his bullet (or whatever went).

    For this I am going to use Green-bit scaling.First I am going to use the islands diameter to scale the old castle ground.

    Dressrosa Diameter = 756 pixel = 43803.6296 meter

    Old Castle Ground = 52 pixel = 3012.9480 meter

    Now I am going to scale the height of the castle using the castle previous location width.

    Old Castle Ground = 170 pixel = 3012.9480 meter

    Height = 95 pixel = 1683.706 meter

    Now I am going to scale the distance between the castle & the flower field.

    Castle ground height = 139 pixel = 1683.706 meter

    Sniping Distance = 383.54 pixel = 4645.8348 meter

    Ussop's possible COO Area = pi*r^2 = 67807450.2875 m^2

    Final Tally

    Sniping Distance = 4645.8348 meter

    Ussop's possible COO Area = 67807450.28754 m^2
  • Sherlōck



    Its not an important or relevant calc at all.Just thought I would do it cause I have some free time on my hand.

    Sunny Mast Height = 35.38 pixel = 42.1 meter

    Water Diameter = 91.21 pixel = 108.5279 meter

    Water Height = 134 pixel = 159.4353 meter

    Modelling the water as cone to calc the volume.

    Cone Volume =

    Water Volume = (1/3)*pi*(108.5279/2)^2*159.4353

    Water Volume = 491627.20700 meter^3

    Sea Water Density = 1026 kg/meter^3

    Water Mass = 504409514.38402 kg.

    Potential Energy = mg(h/4)

    Potential Energy = 197030783326.6996 Joules

    Potential Energy = 47.0914 Tons

    Now this is a battleship commanded by A Fucking admiral.Possibly all Buster Ship has same level of DC too.

    Final Tally

    Navy Ship Canon DC = 47.0914 Tons
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/751/6


    There is nothing to explain really about the calc.Its pretty simple. Fujitora summoned few meteor to see how Birdcage is holding up.Unfortunately his meteors got sliced into pieces before it entered Dressrosa.

    Now for scalling first I need the diameter of Dressrosa.I am going to use the Greenbit scalling here.Luckily we can see Greenbit & Dressrosa in a single panel & its a top down view.

    Green Bit Diameter = 33.3016 pixel = 6508.83 meter

    Dressrosa Diameter = 224.1160 pixel = 43803.6296 meter

    Dressrosa Diameter = 523 pixel = 43803.6296 meter

    Meteor Diameter = 23 pixel = 1926.3546 meter

    Meteor Radius = 963.1773 meter

    Meteor Volume = (4/3)*pi*r^3

    Meteor Volume = 3742892542.3607 meter^3

    Stony Meteor Density = 3500 kg/m^3

    Meteor Mass = 13100123898262.7630 kg

    Low End

    For low end I'll use 11 km/s which is regarded as the minimum velocity entering into Earth's atmosphere.


    This is definitely a meteor over 100000 tons.Still I am still going to use 70% of its cosmic velocity.

    70% of 11 km/s = 7700 meter/second

    KE = 388353172963999609964.7199 Joules

    KE = 92.8186 Gigatons of TNT

    Mid End

    I will be using calculated minimum velocity for entering OP earth's atmosphere which is 38360.4170 meter/second

    70% of 38360.4170 km/s = 26852.2919 meter/second

    KE = 4722893218999761745021.16170 Joules

    KE = 1.1287 Teratons of TNT

    High End

    The high-end value for velocity is 70.56 km/s which is the maximum velocity for meteor entering our atmosphere.

    70% of 70.56 km/s = 49392 meter/second

    KE = 15979332428421629491950.7985 Joules

    KE = 3.81915 Teratons of TNT

    It doesn't translate to Fuji's normal DC.KE of meteor here is mainly cause of velocity during its fall.

    Unless of course someone destroys it or counters it then its another matter.So don't go around power scaling it to Admirals & Yonko's yet.

    Final Tally

    Kinetic Energy of the Meteor

    Low End - 92.8186 Gigatons of TNT

    Mid End - 1.1287 Teratons of TNT

    High End - 3.81915 Teratons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    All right we are going to calc Meteor Speed using One Piece Earth Size.

    OP Earth Diameter = 150046.2 km

    OP Earth Radius = 75023.1 km

    Mass of OP Earth = 8.272E+26 kg

    We are going to use this formula to calc the speed here.

    Every value needed is already there.So,

    Meteor Velocity = sqrt((2*6.673*10^-11*8.272E+26)/(75023.1*1000))

    Meteor Velocity = 38360.41707299959 m/s



  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/724/15


    After the Meteor entered Law's Room he redirected it towards the Navy Ship.We are going to calc the KE of the meteor.

    Why? Cause it would give Nitpickers a minimum value of a projectile KE Law can control & redirect within his ROOM.

    This calc will also give us energy behind each of Fujitora's meteor

    Now,Thousand Sunny Mast = 61.32 px = 42.1 meter

    Meteor Diameter = 166 px = 113.95 meter

    Meteor Radius = 56.97 meter

    Meteor Volume = 4/3*pi*r^3

    Meteor Volume = 774843.820 m^3

    Density of Stony Meteor = 3500 kg/m^3

    Mass = 2711953371.638 kg

    For Speed we are going to use 70% of the entry velocity.

    Velocity = .7*38360.41707299959 m/s.

    Velocity = 26852.291951099713 m/s

    K.E = .5*m*v^2

    K.E = 26852.291951099713^2*.5*2711953371.638

    K.E = 977720999997508105.009072 Joules

    K.E = 233.6809 Megatons.

    Final Tally

    Fujitora's Meteor = 233.6809 Megatons
  • Sherlōck
    Now this is a movie feat,non-Canon.So I would ask everyone not to get too consume by the result.

    Anyway after opening the case of Dyna stone Z threw it towards Kizaru.It then detonated & destroyed the entire island.

    Now,first the island size.No island in one piece has been calced lower than 20 km so far.But Marineford was calced 3,031.9 meters.The smallest island in one piece so far.Since the destroyed island was another Marine base so I am going to use Marineford size as low end here.

    Here, in this scan

    Island Radius,r = 454 px = 3031.9/2 = 1515.95 meter.

    Island Height,h = 252 px = 848.1306 meter.

    The island is cone sized.

    Island Volume = (1/3)*pi*r^2*h

    Island Volume = 2041085106.9200 m^3

    The whole island was pulverized.Pulverization energy is 214.35 j/cc.

    Destruction Energy = 437506592668308835.00572 Joules

    Again Cross section area of mountain in the island = .5*848.1306*1515.95 m^2

    Cross section area of mountain = 642861.791535 m^2

    So,J/m^2 = 680560889493.28886

    Now the destruction spread like a hemisphere.

    So,Surface Area of Destruction = 2*pi*r*h [Half elipsode]

    Surface Area of Destruction = 2*1515.95*1515.95*pi

    Surface Area of Destruction = 14439415.8161 m^2

    So,Energy = 14439415.8161*680560889493.28886

    Energy = 9826901671604360381.5204 Joules

    Energy = 2.34868 Gigatons.

    Final Tally

    Dyna Stone DC = 2.34868 Gigatons.
  • Sherlōck
    Fujitora's Fodder Crushing DC

    Well since Fujitora is blind gamblers were ripping him off.But as usual out hero saved the day by telling Fujitora that he won so Fujitora simply crushed them with his gravity.

    Now,here Human = 20 px = 1.7 meter

    Crater Diameter = 700 px = 59.5 meter

    Crater Depth = 316 px = 26.86 meter.

    Volume [Cylinder] = 74684.3870 m^3

    Now Fujitora didn't only grained wood he also pulverised motherearth below wooden structure.So I can use 214.35 j/cc for the feat.

    Energy = 16008598369829.672695 Joules

    Energy = 3.826146838 kilotons

    Kings Punch

    No matter how awesome it sounds its actually a fodder level punch IMO.

    Anyway the king punches after storing up his energy for 1 hour & makes a tiny hole in the fort.

    Window = 10 px = 1.5 meter

    Destruction Diameter D1 = 175 px = 26.25 meter.

    Destruction Diameter D2 = 140 px = 21 meter

    Now his punch destroyed material all the way to the other side.But unfortunately we don't know its length.So we are going to calc height & width of castle & use average for length.

    Castle Height = 239 px = 35.85 meter

    Castle Width = 613 px = 91.95 meter

    Length = (H+W)/2 = 63.9 meter

    Destruction Volume [Cylinder] = 63.9*pi*(26.25/2)*(21/2)*.2

    Destruction Volume [Cylinder] = 5533.110426 m^3

    We don't know the type of destruction so we are going to use all three values.

    Concrete Fragmentation = 1.4 J/cc

    Concrete "violent fragmentation" = 42 J/cc

    Concrete pulverization = 12.96 J/cc

    Energy [Fragmentation] = 7746354596.6533 Joules = 1.851 tons

    Energy [V.Fragmentation] = 232390637899.5994 Joules = 55.542 tons

    Energy [Pulverization] = 71709111123.3049 Joules = 17.138 tons

    Size of Law's ROOM

    Its a fairly simple scalling.We already know Green Bit's size from Taco's blog.We will use it to scale Law's Room Size.

    Green Bit Diameter = 567 px = 8278.86 meter.

    Law's ROOM Diameter = 251 px = 3664.8921 meter.

    Law's ROOM Height = 117 px = 1708.3361 meter.

    Sabo's Dragon Breathe

    Sabo destroyed the Colosseum ring with an attack which not only fragmented the sturdy ring but also pushed it downwards.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/one-piece/744/4

    I am just going to calc the fragmentation part. So honestly its low balled.

    First we need the size of Colosseum ring. I calced Colosseum size few months ago. I have two scaling. I will use both.

    Scaling - 1

    Colosseum Diameter = 379 px = 1589.88577 meter.

    Colosseum Ring Diameter = 141 px = 591.4878 meter.

    Good now we need its height or depth whatever you want to call it.

    Colosseum Ring Diameter = 280 px = 591.4878 meter

    Colosseum Ring Height = 16 px = 33.799 meter

    Colosseum Ring Volume = pi*r^2*h

    Colosseum Ring Volume = 9287296.4320 m^3

    Fragmentation Value [8 j/cc] = 74298371456774.61660 Joules

    Colosseum Destroying Energy = 17.7577 kilotons

    Scaling - 2

    Colosseum Ring Diameter = 100.725 meter

    Colosseum Ring Height = 8.1458 meter

    Colosseum Ring Volume = pi*r^2*h

    Colosseum Ring Volume = 64907.9923 m^3

    Fragmentation Value [8 j/cc] = 519263938842.33344 Joules

    Colosseum Destroying Energy = 124.1070 tons

    Final Tally

    Fujitora's Casual DC = 3.826146838 kilotons

    King's Punch = 1.851 tons - 55.542 tons

    Law's ROOM Diameter = 3664.8921 meter.

    Sabo's Dragon Breathe = 124.1070 tons - 17.7577 kilotons