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Viewing blog entries in category: OSR

  • Galo de Lion


    Jordan becomes the new Avatar, and a blinding white light erupts from Oban.

    The light washes across the galaxy, and stops the war between humanity and the Croggs. Oban sits in the exact centre of the galaxy.

    The Earth lies 8 kiloparsecs (2.4685e+17km) away from the centre of the galaxy. How fast is the light?

    1.25 seconds.

    T = 2.4685e+17km/1.25s
    = 1.9748e20/299792458
    = 658722375000 C

    Now onto the energy, in which we must find out how long the flash lasted.

    9.73 seconds. We'll come come back to that later. For now, let's look at the luminousity yield. The burst outshines all other stars easily, which would put it at least at 100,000 lux.

    L = -2.5 log I - 14.2
    = -2.5 log X 100,000 - 14.2
    = -26.7

    Given the Avatar is the master of the entire galaxy and this is shown washing over the Earth and beyond, it's reasonable to assume this would have covered the entire galaxy I feel. The Milky Way is 100,000 lightyears in diameter (9.46073e+17km, with a radius of 4.730365e17km, or 4.73036499999999984e+20m.

    (146000000000/(4.73036499999999984e+20))^2) = 9.52612786e-20
    -26.7 - -26.73 = 9.52612786e-20/((L/3.846*10^26)
    0.03 = -2.5Log(9.52612786e-20/((L/3.846*10^26))
    0.03/-2.5 = (9.52612786e-20/((L/3.846*10^26))
    10^(-0.012) = (9.52612786e-20/((L/3.846*10^26))
    0.972747224 = (9.52612786e-20/((L/3.846*10^26))
    0.972747224 X (3.864*10e26) = 9.52612786e-20
    3.75869527e27/9.52612786e-20 = 3.94566956e46 joules

    Finally we times that by the timeframe.

    E = 3.94566956e46 X 9.73
    = 3.83913648e47/10^44
    = 3.83913648 KILOFOE

    Final Results
    Oban unleases energy into the cosmos (speed) = 658722375000 C
    Oban unleases energy into the cosmos (energy) = 3.839 KILOFOE
  • Galo de Lion

    Oban is a planet bigger than the Sun which not only has multiple stars orbiting it, but the entire galaxy orbits it. The mass of the Milky Way is between 200 billion and 1000 billion solar masses. 1 solar mass is equal to 1.99 X 10^30kg. Looking at Ampchu's Asura's Wrath calc of a similar nature.

    (Low end)
    M = 200,000,000,000 X 1.99 X 10^30
    = 3.98e41kg

    (High end)
    M = 1,000,000,000,000 X 1.99 X 10^30
    = 1.99e42kg

    The rotation speed of the Milky Way is on average 828,000 km/h, or 230000m/s, and a galactic year is 240 million years (240,000,000 years). The radius of the Milky Way is about 50,000 lightyears, or 4.7302642e20m. Looking here for and here help.

    We'll need the area of the Milky Way (if it were a sphere) and it's circumference.
    A = 4πr^2
    = 4 X π X 4.7302642e20^2
    = 2.81177562e42m^2

    C = 2πr
    = 2 X π X 4.7302642e20
    = 2.97211265e21m

    W = 230000/2.97211265e21 X 100
    = 7.73860304e-15

    That's the percent of the galaxy that rotates every second. We need that as a radian (using this calculator here we get 4.862307691902339e-16 radians).
    Er = 1/2iw
    Er = 1/2iw^2
    = 1/2 X (3.98e41 X 2.81177562e42) X 4.862307691902339e-16^2
    = 1.3228744e53/10^44
    = 1.322874400 GIGAFOE

    Now for the high end;

    Er = 1/2iw
    = 1/2 X (1.99e42 X 2.81177562e42) X 4.862307691902339e-16^2
    = 6.61437202e53/10^44
    = 6.614372020 GIGAFOE

    Final Results
    Oban drives the galaxy (low end) = 1.323 GIGAFOE
    Oban drives the galaxy (high end) = 6.614 GIGAFOE

    Scales to the Creators, Oban, the Avatars (Satis & Jordarn), Sul & possibly Caneletto.
  • Galo de Lion
    First the Mortal Engines movie goes into production, and now this. It's all too amazing.
  • Galo de Lion
    Some scans from the art of Oban-Star Racers. Much of it is backing up what is already confirmed in-show, but it's still interesting.

    Earth spaceships can travel 10 times the speed of light. This is achieved by magnetic engines (anti-gravity) and the Burroughs Singularity, caused when some guy called Burroughs accidently teleported himself to the Moon.

    FTL communication systems (this is much more impressive than you may think).

    Ondai's precog has the ability to predict something happening with 99.999% accuracy.

    The power of the Creators (almost the same as what was said in the show).

  • Galo de Lion

    A tier list for French cartoon Oban Star-Racers.
    God Tier
    The Creators
    Canaletto (avatar)
    Jordan (avatar)

    High Tier
    Canaletto (base)

    Mid Tier
    Temple Guardians
    Eva (Whizzing Arrow Mark III)
    Prince Aikka
    Ning & Skun

    Low Tier
    Maya Wei
    Eva (Whizzing Arrow II)
    Lord Furtur
  • Galo de Lion


    The three worlds are equidistant from Oban (it says that somewhere else in the series). That must mean that each is 120 degrees away from each other. Some maths shows that's each Pre-Selection planet is over over 457 lightyears from each other. Though we don't know how long it took him to move between worlds, or if he's teleporting for that matter. He isn't using an astral projection however, as he himself competed in the races and this is his astral projection...

  • Galo de Lion



  • Galo de Lion
    This one.

    Avatar of Oban, a sentient reality warping planet many times bigger than the Sun that was used to create the galaxy.



    Canaletto is instantly destroyed by the power of the new Avatar (a feat that the old avatar couldn't do, though Canaletto still may have had some remnants of the power of the avatar).


    The power of Oban bursts forth into the galaxy.


    The damage Canaletto did to Oban is repaired.


    Oban lies at the very centre of the Milky Way, so we can determine the speed that the light wave travelled at. A quick search reveals that the distance from Earth to the galactic core is 26,000 light-years. The energy burst arrived at the Earth before Eva & the Earth team returned. At the least, the wave would've reached Earth moments before, and at the most a few days (which is still massively FTL).

    This also backs up the power of the avatars being able to outright destroy a galaxy, as stated by Canaletto.



    On top of all that, the avatars have cosmic awareness, reality warping, astral projection, time manipulation, largely expanded lifespans, causality control, super strength, super speed, telepathy, telekenisis and other powers.