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Viewing blog entries in category: Pok?mon calcs

  • Tacocat
    You tired of all these niggas saying Magikarp is a monster when it's really not?

    Well you're wrong.

    That's Kanto. Modbat has Kanto at ~191km. the entire width of this picture is 798px. Was too lazy to correct for the sliver of water to the east, but I might do that somewhere down the line.


    The above is Cinnabar Island's width, then.

    This is an official map of the Orange Archipelago that was released with some DVD package thing. The island we're looking for is Rind Island, which was misnamed Millsweet Island on this map.

    The above highlighted island is Rind. You can tell that Millsweet and Rind are one-in-the-same (both are directly west of Shamouti).


    Rind is almost 10km.


    The lake on Rind Island measures more than a kilometer-and-a-half.

    See this shit? Yeah, a few Magikarp did this. Contained in that ridge is the lake where they seasonally travel to evolve.

    (1661/336)321=1587m for the height

    (1661/336)69=341m for the larger base (2R),

    (1661/336)35=173m for the smaller base (2r).

    Gonna just calc the volume as a conic frustum.



    Don't really feel like calcing rotational KE, so PE will have to do. I also don't feel like finding the center of mass for this, so I'll just use that of a cylinder (h/2).


    or about 158 kilotons.

    I have no idea exactly how many Magikarp there were, but there certainly weren't as many as 158 of them. You probably see what I'm getting at.

    The feat is here, by the way. The Magikarp are preparing to evolve, but perform the feat well before doing so.
  • Tacocat
    A bunch of Pokes attack a fake Kyogre made of sea water and it explodes over the Battle Frontier.


    Modbat has this Kyogre at 68,211,324,181,269,157.8 kg.

    A single floor in the Battle Tower in this scan is about 1 px, which is equal to 262.18m according to Kaiser.


    Projectile motion in the y direction is the same thing as free-fall, so...


    Now we find the final velocity of the free-fall to get the initial velocity of the actual feat.


    Now to get KE.


    or about 358 gigatons.

    Credit to Totally not a cat for bringing this feat to my attention, as well as to KaiserWombat for actually doing all the tedious scaling.
  • Tacocat

    Starts, like, 25 seconds in.

    So Lysandre, crazy fuck that he is, tries to go full Hitler on Pokeverse and eradicate all Pokemon from the face of the planet because he's feeling a bit cramped. He and his masterfully executed flashback reveal that thousands of years ago, angsty sasquatch king decided to reap vengeance on the world for killing his starter, even though the dude managed to bring the thing back to life (wtf bro). Lysandre intends to use the same weapon, and he states that the sleeping legendary Pokemon's energy fueling that shit attributes to 99% of the thing's ammo.

    Anyway, yeah, Kalos is based on France. As you can see in the video, it's pretty fucking big. Dunno if I can scale using the Earth 'cause it's much closer to perspective, but I can scale using France.

    Edit: Using Flutter's scaling...

    The blue line he measured was about 237px, or something.




  • Tacocat
    I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by XY's exposition. Much more hyped to get the games now.

    Anyway, Team Rocket pulls their usual bullshit and puts this collar doohickey on a Garchomp (executive decision of the year, I'm sure). It goes berserk, blasts Team Rocket's asses off (at the speed of light), and rampages around the city until it goes full King Kong mode on Prism Tower. Then it starts firing off weirdly purple hyperbeams.

    King of a bad angle, I know, but whatever. Garchomp is 1.9m tall.



    Shit traverses that distance in 1 frame, and the episodes I have run at 29fps.

    125/(1/29)=3625m/s or about mach 10.66.
  • Tacocat
    I wonder why I choose such time-consuming series to boost.

    Anyway, a bunch of Tentacool wreck a city with a few Psybeams.

    The games set Tentacool at .9m tall.



    This happens in 1 frame, and the episode runs at a frame rate of 23fps, so our time-frame is 1/23rd of a second.


    or about mach 3.

    Pidgeotto can dodge these from this close.

    Also, in the same episode, Pikachu, Pidgeotto, Goldeen, Butterfree, Zubat, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur can survive building-level swipes from Tentacruel :33
  • Tacocat
    This is my first calc for something to do with the OBD. It's pretty slapdash and it's a real remedial calc, but I figured it was worth a shot.

    The feat I'm going to calc is from Pokemon episode 477. In this episode, Team Rocket is using a giant, rectangular net which collapses into a cage to capture flying-type Pokemon. A Pidgeot gets caught and Ash sends Pikachu to release it before the cage can close. Pikachu crosses the ravine which houses the cage with one jump spanning a couple of frames.

    The top bar of the cage/net thing came out to 322.93188 pixels while Pidgeot, which is caught in the middle, measures at 15.132476 pixels.

    Bulbapedia says Pidgeot is 1.5 meters tall, so

    X=32.01047998 meters for the bar.

    Now, I went frame-by-frame in Sony Vegas and found that Pikachu crosses the distance of the bar in about 2 frames. The frame rate for the episode is 24 f/s. So, Pikachu jumped the ravine in 1/12 of a second.

    v=384.12575976 m/s or about Mach 1.13

    Before you say anything, I realize the perspective of the top bar is skewed and Pikachu kinda jumps at a diagonal to the bar, but that would just mean I'm low-balling pretty hard. The only reason I did this was 'cause the OBD wiki said Pikachu had superhuman speed and I wanted to gauge it a bit.