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Viewing blog entries in category: Power Rangers calcs

  • Tacocat
    Yet another one :maybe And between Rito with his feat and Chip's "as fast as lightning" shtick, lightning speed goes a long way in PRverse, apparently :maybe

    Vida gets turned into a vampire, and to change her back they have to defeat the queen of vampires. To do this, they need to use a special artifact bathed in a potion with natural light as an additive...or something. I wasn't really paying attention, but that's light from the Sun being reflected through a bunch of mirrors. Chip and Udonna follow its propagation all throughout the room. Then they even dodge it, but this was the most clear reaction.

    Anyway, a quick Google Search tells me that Chip's actor, Nic Sampson, is 1.78m tall.



    Chip's head moved in tandem with the ray of light, and he wasn't exactly trying hard, so his combat speed should be somewhere in the general relativistic vicinity.
  • Tacocat
    S.P.D. comin' through. Though, with all the crazy speed shenanigans going on in Power Rangers, this comes as no surprise.

    Sydney can transmute her body into any material she touches. Think Alien Force Kevin Levin. She uses diamonds in this case and uses her fist to reflect light at whatever those guys are called. (I lost track at the Stingwingers or something.) And then those assholes react to it.

    Couldn't be fucked to scale right now. I'll probably do it later. But that one dude out in front moves his arm across his body in the time it takes the light to propagate maybe a little less than the length of his body. Easily relativistic.

    This corroborates the sub-relativistic Stingwingers and human Tommy and Kimberly's light reaction feat all the way back in season 2 or 3.
  • Tacocat
    First ep of S.P.D., Emperor Gruumm blows up a planet for kicks. I can't find the episode online, but have a gif.

    Let it be known that I used every other frame of the scene because I wanted the gif to be small. I'm not manipulating the feat or anything :cat

    Anyway, it's pretty obvious that the mass was scattered rather fast. Much of the expansion (that we can see, anyway) was finished within just 7 frames. 29fps is this episode's frame-rate, making the time-frame 7/29ths of a second. Now it looks like much of the mass was scattered at least maybe twice the radius of the planet itself in that time-frame. Somewhat arbitrary, but I didn't feel like meticulously scaling anything. And, I mean...look at that explosion. (Also, the next paragraph will further corroborate a larger distance.)

    How big is the planet? Well Mora, 10-year-old Satan that she is, asks why Gruumm is even bothering to attack Earth because it's so comparatively minuscule to their normal targets. So as a major low-end, the radius would be Earth's. Twice that would be the diameter, which is 12742km on average.


    That's relativistic right there. So let's bust out the relativistic KE equation.


    Mass of Earth is 5.972E24kg.


    or about 2 tenatons.

    Gruumm didn't personally do this, but he ordered his subordinates to do it on a whim, meaning there was no prep for it. Dunno what it does for S.P.D. as of now, but it seems the least it would scale to is Astronema's highly-prepped Dark Specter-busting missile, especially considering Dark Specter's armada will have had superior tech.
  • Tacocat
    I regret that pun :sanji

    In the second episode of Lost Galaxy, Furio, the Goldar of season 7, petrifies the entirety of Maya's home planet Mirinoi. You can see half of the planet being encompassed by the wave in the above gif.

    I know the planet's all green and shit, but on the surface it's rather Earth-like. In fact, the entire series's premise is that Terra Venture must travel the galaxies to forge a new Earth colony. At the end, after much of the petrifaction had worn off, Terra Venture finds its home on, you guessed it, Mirinoi, which the commander describes to have nigh identical conditions to Earth.

    Circumference of the Earth is 40075000m. Half of that is 20037500m.

    Shit happened in 52 frames. This particular episode runs at 24fps. That makes the time-frame 52/24ths of a second.


    or about mach 27,200.

    Obviously this is trash to the likes of the Rangers. But not to the Stingwinger scrubs who easily outpaced this shit. Guess who regularly beat down footsoldiers without their power suits :noworries
  • Tacocat

    The feat is at about 1:05. Divatox finds a star chart under the sea or something that shows the location of a couple supercars or whatever. Dreadfeather mentions they're located in an entirely separate quadrant from Earth's. Also...

    ...Divatox's star chart show's planets on the same orbital path. I think it's pretty safe to assume this shit isn't in our solar system.

    Alpha Centauri, the closest star to our Sun, is 4.367 Ly from Earth. It was round-trip, so 8.734 Ly.

    Again, there's no concrete time-frame, but it obviously wasn't very long. The Rangers find it extremely odd if there's a lull in Divatox's monster attacks for a few days, and they didn't mention a thing in this ep, so it couldn't have taken more than maybe a week. When you consider other contextual evidence, that's even stretching it.


    2nd Gen Turbo comin' through with them feats. Who would have thunk? Justin can easily combat this dude and easily reacts to him while he's flying.

    Hmm, well, I suppose it would make sense with them being the future In Space Rangers.
  • Tacocat
    Almost bumped off the recent blog entries? Unacceptable :maybe

    Though, I did just begin Turbo, so perhaps there won't be anything for a while. Zeo had several feats, it's just that Mighty Morphin' was so ridiculous that most of them were irrelevant in the scope of things. Zeo played its Battledoming part by bringing feats for powerscaling.

    That said, this one was somewhat interesting.


    The feat is between ~1:40 and 3:18. Pyramidas is chased off of Earth by some bounty hunters. Trey all too conveniently crashes on Aquitar, where the Aquitians can rescue him and send him back to the Command Center. Aquitar, as we know from Alien Rangers, is in another galaxy. Closest galaxy to ours is Andromeda, which is 2.538 million Ly from Earth.

    There's no determinate time-frame, but Adam and Tanya witness Trey getting chased off of Earth. After Pyramidas crashes at about 4:20, we see Billy scrambling to locate the crash site with Adam rushing in and commenting about how they "have to help him". Plus, Zordon is still informing them of the situation. This wouldn't have taken much longer than it would take Adam and Tanya to find a safe place and teleport. Given how easily the Rangers tend to get out of sight for that shit, 10 minutes seems more than adequate. Not gonna matter much, anyway.


    Not terribly relevant right now, but I feel like this will come in handy by the end of In Space...
  • Tacocat
    Ugh, Alien Rangers. At least I'm almost done with it.


    For anyone confused about what's going on, in the S3 finale Master Vile did that reversing the Earth's rotation shit to turn back time again. So now the Rangers are stuck in the past.

    Anyway, Rita and Zedd think it's a brilliant idea to turn the class bully (Bulk) into their Monster of the Week. Problem is, Bulk doesn't feel like listening to them, so he attacks their Moon palace from Earth.

    Feat is at ~16:05. Don't have Alien Rangers torrented, mostly because there are no torrents for it, but it looks like it took about a second.

    Lunar distance is 384400km.


    Don't...even know why I did this :psyduck Monsters of the Week have LS attacks beyond the assholes that produce actual light waves and whatnot, I suppose?

  • Tacocat
    A little more impressive than the conventional lightning-timing feat :maybe

    Remember this shit? Zedd shoots a bolt of electricity at Rito and the motherfucker dodges it.




    This means Rito was marginally faster than the bolt of electricity Zedd shoots from the moon to Earth in a fraction of a second every goddamn episode.

    Makes Rito at least 5.34c.

    Scrub ass Ninja Rangers like Rocky and Aisha run circles around this asshole without their power suits :lmao
  • Tacocat
    Rito Revolto makes his entrance into the series by cratering in the Moon and just walking out of it without a scratch. The impact is so powerful that Billy feels it from Earth (not really possible, but hey). This is in his small form, too.

    That's the impact. Diameter of the moon is 3474.8km.


    Couldn't really find a good way to get depth, but this...

    ...is the best I could do :distracted

    Rito's about as tall as Goldar who is taller than Tommy. Tommy's actor, Jason David Frank, is 1.8m. For sake of simplicity, I'm just going to call Rito 2m and be done with it. This is a stupid low-end, anyway.




    Gonna go with pulverization.


    or about 820 megatons.

    Again, I don't think this really does the feat justice, but that's really the most work I'm willing to put into it.

    By about halfway through the season, Ninja Aisha is more than Rito can handle without even donning her power suit :noworries


    Alright, well Chaos says I should use a crater calculator instead of that massively low-end crater height.


    When I put the diameter into the complex crater calculator, it gives me a depth of 3.91e3m, and thus a volume of 1.3e13m^3. Obviously I'm going to be ignoring the kinetic energy at the top; given the mass of our impactor, the KE would be derived from FTL velocities, which is nonsensical.

    I guess I can get a pulverization value, though.


    or about 666 gigatons.

    That what you had in mind, Chaos? :hmm
  • Tacocat
    Zedd realizes that Zordon needs teens (with attitude :maybe) for Power Rangers, and that if he can turn the Rangers back into kids no one will be left to fight him. So he goes Superman up in this asshole and physically reverses the Earth's rotation to turn back time :lmao


    Zordon and Alpha explain at 6:35.


    I know the viewing globe is kinda cloudy (to be fair, you can't expect me to have decent quality MMPR) and the scaling isn't entirely accurate, but I kinda just wanted something general to work with.

    Anyway, the Earth rotates 12 pixels between frames. The diameter of that circle I drew around the Earth was 817px.

    theta=0.03 rads

    Now I'm looking to get the angular velocity, w (omega). The above pics are two consecutive frames, and this episode runs 29 frames per second, so the time-frame is 1/29th of a second.

    w=0.87 rads/s

    Finally we can get the rotational kinetic energy. The moment of inertia for the Earth is 8.04e37 kg*m2.


    or about 7.263 ninatons.

    Keep 'em coming, Power Rangers. Keep 'em coming :maybe
  • Tacocat


    At about 4:55 Zordon talks about the power transfer from Jason, Zack, and Trinie to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. Problem is the transfer requires an enormous amount of energy, and energy of this amount can only be found in the Sword of Light, which is located on the Deserted Planet...which is located in what Goldar and Zedd call the "farthest galaxy" :maybe

    So the Rangers fucking fly to the planet, as seen at 5:40, and Zedd flies his personal Zord Serpentera there, as seen at 7:21, arriving at roughly the same time as the Rangers. This is all done within a morning :lmao

    This episode aired in 1994. According to Wikipedia, the farthest known galaxy at that point in time was 8C 1435+63. Unfortunately, it doesn't list a distance, and I'm too lazy to look. In any case, fucking Zordon and Zedd have been all over the universe. They would know galaxies far beyond those observable by Earth's technology. Though, if anyone knows a distance, feel free to tell me and I'll update this.

    Anyway, farthest one that I know a distance for that's closest to 1994 would be RD1, with a distance of 12.5 billion Ly. I figure that's good enough?

    Time-frame can be derived from Adam, Rocky, and Aisha. We hear at about 9:25 that they're getting ready to go to lunch, so I'd say about noon. This is after the Rangers and Serpentera arrive at the Deserted Planet. They left the same morning, before school, apparently, but after daybreak, so maybe around 7 a.m.

    That leaves us with the Rangers and Serpentera crossing 12.5 billion Ly in roughly 5 hours.



    The fucking Thunderzords keep up with this motherfucker with only Jason's powercoin... Hell, the Tunderzords possibly make this trek in a significantly shorter time-frame...

  • Tacocat
    I realize how this must seem, but bear with me.


    At about 2:30, Zedd explains to Goldar that his newest monster, dubbed Magnet Brain, will be made out of Billy's polarizing device and a literal magnetic field.


    At 11:40 the Rangers react to a wave fired by Magnet Brain. I know it looks funky--much like straight up light reflections in previous episodes looked like a fucking Hyperbeam--but given Magnet Brain is literally made of a magnetic field, it seems logical to me that he'd be loosing EM waves. It'd be kind of confusing if that shit weren't visible to the audience, much like lasers shouldn't really be visible but are so in nigh every fiction. It's not even like the Rangers can see it; they run right into it, only having reacted to it by coincidence, and start flailing around once they feel its effects. And later in the episode, Jason and Zack have no idea why their blasters backfire when Magnet Brain does the same shit right in front of them.

    EM wave propagation velocity is, of course, the speed of light.

    Well, couldn't be fucked to scale right now, but that shit should be relativistic :noworries

    This may seem hella outlier, but in anticipation of the shit like the Galaxy Gliders and Andros clashing with Zedd (In Space is really clear in my mind, for some reason :psyduck), it's actually pretty reasonable. I guess it's just a matter of whether you guys think I'm full of shit for calling those EM waves or not :distracted

    Also of note, this was all after this asshole disrupted the entire Earth's magnetic field and was hyped to be able to actually disintegrate the planet :distracted
  • Tacocat

    At about 1:40 Rita reveals her plan to use her magic to eclipse the Sun in order to cut off the Megazord's source of power (even though this is, like, the only instance in which the Megazord is said to run off of solar power, but whatever).

    At 13:30, we can see the eclipse.


    I missed about a pixel on the second pic, so add one to make it 394px.


    Diameter of the moon is 3474.8km.


    It took the moon 37 frames to cross this distance, while my episodes run at a frame-rate of 25 frames per second. That makes the time-frame 37/25ths of a second.


    Mass of the moon is ~7.35e22kg.


    or about 158 zettatons.
  • Tacocat
    Zedd shows up and the feats roll in :maybe

    Zedd says fuck you to the putty maker + scepter throwing shenanigans and just magics regular Earth shit into monsters.

    Might be the easiest calc I've ever done. His lightning takes about 6 frames to reach Earth from the moon. Frame rate is 25 frames per second, making the time-frame 6/25ths of a second.

    Lunar distance is 384400km


    or about 5.34c.

    There's another one of his red eye beam things doing basically the same, but I figured this would be more relevant.
  • Tacocat
    I know what it sounds like, but the island is a physical island, so :distracted

    That's the feat.

    It was kind of hard to find something to scale from, given the fact that the island is a prop in the IRL filming, but I noticed that the mountain was tall enough to have a snow cap.


    The island seems to be pretty warm in climate, with palm trees and shit scattered all about, so 4500m seems pretty safe.

    First to do the mountain.




    Now we'll do the base thing.



    I got kinda lazy and didn't scale the smaller width of the base, but it's at the very least equivalent to the depth.



    Now to add 'em up.


    I'm gonna clac the KE, given that we can plainly see the mass being scattered beyond the island's radius in a matter of frames.

    Density of continental crust is 2700kg/m^3.


    Within 8 frames of Rita's attack reaching the island, we see a lot of mass being expelled. Within 20 frames the entire thing is gone.

    My episodes run on a frame-rate of 25 frames per second. The time-frame is, then, 20/25ths of a second.



    or about 93 teratons.