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Viewing blog entries in category: Reviews of Movie & TV Series

  • Sherlōck
    Just finished watching the last season of 24.If one asks me to express my view in one word on the whole series then I will say SPLENDID without any hesitation.I will give it 9/10.

    24 not only has great action scenes but also it showed great tactical side as well.It made me wonder what will happen next every second.It surely put me on my toes.

    The great side of 24 is that how it incorporated political side with its action,how it goes,how leaders face difficulty & sometime makes wrong decision as well. It showed that in time like those not only they are under tremendous pressure from threat against their country but also pressure from opposition side or people from their own administration.

    Another great thing about 24 is that they didn't stop after stopping the threat they went to the root of it.That's what I liked the best. Cause its very rare in real world.

    In my honest opinion Season -2 is the best season of whole Series. It was simply awesome. The Presidents action,his ideal,Charisma along with Bauer's action was simply amazing. I wish our Prime Minister would be like him.I still remember his speech after he regained his position as President.

    Gentlemen, ladies...we came dangerously close to war today.That all of us reacted emotionally to the nuclear detonation is understandable.But leaders are required to have patience beyond human limits.

    The series also showed how much power big organization in every country holds.Though I am disappointed that the main culprit Max didn't get caught.

    I am actually disappointed that in the end Jack didn't end up with anybody. His Wife Teri was killed,Audry Raines went to mental Clinic,The chick in Mexico died & last of all Audry Raines died too.From the moment she was introduced in Season -7 I liked her & wanted her to end up with Jack but when they finally got together in Season -8 she died too.I really liked her.

    Because of Dumb Chole he didn't get to kill The Russian President after so much he did to get there.He should have killed him.

    Anyway the whole series was awesome & I recommend it to people who still haven't seen it yet.
  • Sherlōck
    At long last I watched Avengers today. I know pretty late. But I had my problem. Exam,friends went to country home during vacation after exam. At last today we all re-grouped & watched the movie.

    First I want to say I haven't read comic version of it. Not available in my country.

    The film was pretty good. I throughly enjoyed it. It had many moments that made me laugh.

    I liked the action. It wasn't that good but it wasn't bad either. I enjoyed Thor vs Iron Man vs C.America more than the last fight.

    Hulk was really awesome throughout the movie whenever he appeared.

    I wanted Thor to beat Loki,not Hulk. But I liked Hulk beating Loki too so I am not complaining.

    I would give the movie 8/10.
  • Sherlōck
    So I finally watched The Hunger Games last Friday. I was very excited cause it was sitting on top of food chain for few weeks. But I have to say I was very disappointed.

    At first I want to say that I actually didn't read the book so I don't know anything about that.

    The starting wasn't really great. IMO starting of a movie will have to be good to make people feel like that I will watch the rest of it. It failed to deliver such.

    The middle part was actually very interesting. I liked it.

    The fight wasn't actually top notch. You let 24 people fight each other to death & kill 12 on spot & most of the others get off paneled too. The fight only looked good when Katiness was dodging all those explosion. Dog chasing them at the last moment wasn't great either. It didn't create thrill one would expect.

    The chemistry between two lead characters were out of blue & forced in my opinion. It didn't look that great.

    I also didn't like the ending. Declaring both of them as winner didn't sound great in my ear. 10 seconds ago one of them should die & after the host was so moved by their love that he declared both of them winner. We are talking about same host who let other 22 people die brutally.

    There wasn't any moral. We can all agree that it showed how fucked up the society was but nothing happened to them. At the end it only showed you are powerless against the higher up. I guess thats a good moral.

    Overall I felt like I just wasted my money on a crappy movie.