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  • Tacocat
    In the Yellow Trailer, Yang shows a bit of what she's got. As per her kickboxing-style, she gets a little more physical than the other girls by using these gauntlets, as seen below.

    Anyway, just like everything else in this verse, they double as guns. The shells and manners in which she employs the bullets (heavy recoil to boost physical strikes and speed) seem to imply shotgun slugs. It seems pretty viable that they'd have the same muzzle velocity as any regular shotgun.

    Wikipedia has muzzle velocity for shotgun slugs at 500m/s.


    Just ignore the blue lines. I realized it was easier to scale from where it's actually shot from.

    The feat is pretty straightforward. One of the twins that Yang fights cuts a bullet out of the air.

    According to the RWBY wiki, Yang is 17 years of age. World average for females of this age is more or less 1.6m.





    Where she cut the bullet seems to be about a fourth of a full rotation, so 90 degrees.



    or about mach 39.

    I lied, Dartg :(