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  • Sherlōck
    In episode eight we saw Capricorn Ionia used Aria's power to destroy the barrier of Palaestra. It is surrounded by water so when he destroyed the barrier all the water was displaced very fast. I am going to calc the Kinetic Energy needed displace the water.

    First I need the size of Palaestra & its barrier.

    Human = 6 pixel = 1.7 meter

    Wall = 135 pixel = 38.25 meter

    Wall = 23 pixel = 38.25 meter

    Palaestra Diameter = 226 pixel = 375.8478 meter

    Palaestra Diameter = 732 pixel = 375.8478 meter.

    The barrier covered the whole scan few seconds later & you can't really see Palaestra inside it anymore so its safe to say whole panel size is barriers diameter.

    Barrier Diameter = 848 pixel = 435.4084 meter

    To find the volume of the water I am going to use angsize to calc the distance from our point of view to Palaestra.

    Palaestra Diameter = 63 pixel = 375.8478 meter

    Palaestra Depth = 16 pixel = 95.45341 meter

    Panel Height = 480 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(63/(480/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 10.50172126564

    Putting object Degree Size & Palaestra Diameter into angular size calculator I got,

    Distance to Palaestra or Water Body Radius= 2.0448e+3 meter

    Water Body Depth = 95.45341 meter

    Water Body Volume = pi*r^2*h

    Water Body Volume = 1253842600.930370 meter^3

    Now to get the actual volume I need to substract submerged Palaestra volume from this one.

    Submerged Palaestra Volume = pi*r^2*h

    Submerged Palaestra Volume = 10590231.222966 meter^3

    Displaced Water Volume = 1253842600.930370-10590231.222966 meter^3

    Displaced Water Volume = 1243252369.707403 meter^3

    Water Density = 1000 kg/meter^3

    Water Mass = p*v = 1243252369707.40385 kg

    It took roughly six seconds for the water to get displaced.

    Velocity = (2.0448e+3-29.780286)/6 = 335.83661 meter/second

    K.E = 140221753379974757.6115048 Joules

    K.E = 33.513803389 megatons

    Final Tally

    K.E of Displaced Water = 33.5138 megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck




    And here is translation from SS Fan Forums:

    Taking the statement as granted here. Should there be any debate about its validity is not my concern.I haven't even read the series.

    To calculate its energy I need the mass of the blackhole.To calculate it I need its radius first.

    Human = 266.07256 pixel = 1.7 meter

    Blackhole Radius = 583 pixel = meter.

    I am going to use Schwarzschild radius formula to find its mass.

    Schwarzschild radius formula =

    Here Radius , r = 3.72492374 meter.

    Gravitational constant , G = 6.673?10−11 N?(m/kg)2

    Speed of Light , c = 299,792,458 meter/second

    Mass , m = ?

    Inputting these values into equation,

    3.72492374 = (2 * 6.67384e-11 * m)/299,792,458^2

    3.72492374 * 299,792,458^2 = 2 * 6.67384e-11 * m

    334779450626307228.26595017 = 2 * 6.67384e-11 * m

    167389725313153614.13297508 = 6.67384e-11 * m

    m = 2508462839999304872365878731.5592221399 kg.

    Putting the mass of the Black hole & speed of light in the equation below I can find its energy.

    Blackhole Energy, E = mc^2

    E = 2508462839999304872365878731.5592221399*299,792,458^2

    E = 225449396811824044023544803820605089546126972.57653165892 Joules

    E = 53.88369905 tenakilo

    Fun Fact : Uncle Hawkins said Blackhole doesn't exist. It has yet to be accepted by scientific community last I heard. But its going to be fun to find out. All black hole calc of OBD will become meaningless.

    Here is the article.

    Final Tally

    Black Hole Energy = 53.8836 tenakilo of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    Speed of Chrono Conclusion Eternal

    During their fight Saturn used this power. It stopped the time in whole universe.Good for me cause I don't really need to calc its area of effect now. But I decided to calc its expansion speed. The feat occurred in Episode-96.

    First I am going to need the distance between the Saturns place & Earth.I will use angular method to find the distance.

    Earth diameter = 342 pixel = 12756 kilometer

    Panel Height = 360 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(342/(360/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 67.263476262734

    Putting the degree size & Saturn's diameter in angular calculator I got

    Distance = 9.5881e+3 kilometer

    It took 89 frame for it to expand to Earth.Frame rate of the video is 30 FPS.

    Timeframe = (89/30) = 2.9666 seconds

    Expansion Rate = (9.5881e+3*1000/2.9666) = 3232016.449807 meter/second

    Expansion rate = 0.0107808 C

    Lets try it another way.From a straight up scan of the expansion.

    Earth Diameter = 245 pixel = 12756 kilometer or 12756000 meter

    Distance crossed = 38135304.460432 meter

    It took 20 from to cover that distance.So,

    Timeframe = 20/30 = 0.666666 second

    Expansion Rate = 38135304.460432/0.666666 = 57202956.690648 meter/second

    Expansion Rate = 0.1908085 C

    Any one of these two is applicable but if you ask me I will see second one is more accurate.

    After reading Mike's comment I agree with him. If it really stopped the time in whole universe then its speed will have to be far greater.


    Expansion rate how much time it took to cover the entire radius.

    Radius covered = 14000000000ly = 1.3245e+26m

    16 seconds after he used the attack Saturn said that its over.So,

    Timeframe = 16 seconds

    Expansion rate = 1.3245e+26m/16 = 8278125000000000000000000 m/s

    Expansion rate = 27612852755622024.353928 C

    Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken

    In the last episode Koga uses this attack against Saturn. It lights up the whole space.I am going to calc how much energy its going to need to light up the space like that.

    From here you can see the light engulfing the earth.You can barely see it in the second scan.1,2.

    First I need the distance from where they were fighting to earth.I already calced that & its 9.5881e+3 kilometer.

    Radius is going to be summation of distance to earth & earth's diameter.

    Radius = (9.5881e+3*1000*100)+(12756*1000*100) centimeter.

    Radius = 2234410000 centimeter

    Surface area of a hemisphere is 2pir^2.

    Surface Area = 31369355868622330564.997573147387587 cm^2

    It was pretty bright. You couldn't really see anything past the sphere.So I am going to use what willy found here.

    Low end using 200 J/cm^2.

    Ryu Sei Ken [Low End] = 6273871173724466112999.514629 Joules

    Ryu Sei Ken [Low End] = 1.499491 Teratons.

    Low end using 400 J/cm^2.

    Ryu Sei Ken [High End] = 12547742347448932225999.02925895 Joules

    Ryu Sei Ken [High End] = 2.998982 teratons

    Did not really do the feat any justice.

    Final Tally

    Chrono Conclusion Eternal [Low End] = 0.0107808 C

    Chrono Conclusion Eternal [Mid end] = 0.1908085 C

    Chrono Conclusion Eternal [High end] = 27612852755622024.353928 C

    Ryu Sei Ken [Low End] = 1.499491 Teratons of TNT.

    Ryu Sei Ken [High End] = 2.998982 Teratons of TNT.
  • Sherlōck
    There are few feat in their fight. Not so amazing their power level wise still I decided to calc few of those.All of these feat are from the last episode when Koga reached final level of Omega .

    Koga's Speed

    We already know they are light speed so this might seem a bit low.During their fight Koga chased Saturn through the planet Saturn's asteroid belt.

    Saturn asteroid belt width = 328 pixel = 273,266 km or 273266000 meter.

    Distance Crossed = 68 pixel = 56652707.31707 meter

    They crossed the distance in 18 frames.The video runs on 29.9 FPS.

    Time frame = (18/29.9) = 0.602006 seconds

    Speed of Koga = 56652707.31707/0.602006 meter/second

    Speed of Koga = 94106441.59891 meter/second

    Speed of Koga = Mach 276783.651761 or 0.31390530 C

    Saturn Takes away Saturn

    We saw Planet saturn was very close to earth when Saturn awakened. After the fight ended Saturn took back the planet to its original place. I am going to calc kinetic energy needed to accomplish such feat.

    First I need to calc the distance from out point of view to saturn.I am going to use angular method here.

    Planet Saturn = 130 pixel = 116464 km

    Panel Height = 360

    object degree size = 2*atan(130/(360/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 28.379948410218

    Putting the degree size & Saturn's diameter in angular calculator.

    Distance from POV to Saturn = 2.3030e+5 km.

    Now again I am going to calc distance to Saturn after few seconds later.

    Planet Saturn = 123 pixel

    Panel Height = 360

    object degree size = 2*atan(123/(360/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 26.90884316028

    Putting the degree size & Saturn's diameter in angular calculator.

    Distance from POV to Saturn = 2.4341e+5 km.

    Distance Crossed = 2.4341e+5-2.3030e+5 km

    Distance Crossed = 13110 km or 13110000 meter

    Saturn crossed that distance in 100 frame. The video is 29.9 FPS.

    Timeframe = 100/29.9 = 3.3444816 second

    Velocity = 13110000/3.34448 meter/second

    Velocity = 3919889.99999 meter/second

    Saturn Mass = 568.3E24 kg

    Kinetic Energy = .5*568.3E24* 3919889.99999^2

    Kinetic Energy = 4366117512478214917916990765409558385790.1434 J

    Kinetic Energy = 1.04352713013 tenatons

    Final Tally

    Koga's speed = Mach 276783.6517 or 0.3139 C

    Kinetic Energy of Planet Saturn = 1.0435 tenatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    Good now this is two feat from the class 3 pllasite Thebe nicknamed The Hammer. Both of these feat from episode 57.

    Demon's Hammer

    First one is against Silver Saint Ennead.He clamed to have the strongest shield among the silver saints.Good for him.

    Thebe threw his hammer towards Ennead. Silver saint used his "Perfect Square". He managed keep conscious but his shield was shattered & he was out of commission.It also made a big crater. That's what we are going to calc.

    First we need the length of his shield.Here,

    Ennead = 191.7 pixel = 1.7 meter

    Shield = 161.95 pixel = 1.43617 meter

    Now I am going to use the shields length to scale the craters diameter.

    Shield = 15 pixel = 1.43617 meter

    Crater Diameter = 477 pixel = 45.67040 meter

    Now depth.To scale depth I am going to use the length from Koga's head to crotch.I scaled it before in another feat.


    Koga's Head to Crotch = 18 pixel = 0.84022 meter.

    Crater Depth Average = (49+32+66)/3 = 49 pixel = 2.2872 meter

    I am going to model the crater as half ellipsoid.

    V = (2/3)*pi*( 45.67040/2)^2*2.2872 meter^3

    V = 2497.8847430 meter^3

    Nuclear binding energy of granite is 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

    Demon's Hammer Energy = 5352999383043564610431.65664 Joules

    Demon's Hammer Energy = 1.27939755809 teratons

    Gigantic Meteor

    To show his superiority to Eden he used this attack.He says he summoned it.Possibly from space.Anyway when it hit Eden his pallasite armor was shattered & a large crater was made. I am going to calc both KE of the meteor & energy needed to make that crater.

    Lets start with calcing energy needed to make the crater .


    Eden = 30 pixel = 1.62 meter

    Crater Diameter = 362 pixel = 19.548 meter

    Koga Head to crotch = 56.88585 pixel = 0.84022 meter

    Crater Depth = 59.30430 pixel = 0.87594 meter

    Modelling the crater as half ellipsoid.

    V = (2/3)*pi*r^3

    V = (2/3)*pi*( 19.548/2)^2*0.87594 meter^3

    V =175.2579 meter^3

    Nuclear binding energy of granite is 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

    Demon's Gigantic Meteor Crater = 375579984721395583685.08296 Joules

    Demon's Gigantic Meteor Crater = 89.765770 gigatons

    For calcing the kinetic Energy of the meteor I am going to both mass & speed of the meteor.For that I am going to need the size of meteor.

    Eden = 53.65 pixel = 1.62 meter

    Meteor Diameter = 598.5 pixel = 18.07213 meter

    Meteor radius = D/2 = 9.03606 meter

    Meteor Volume [Sphere] = (4/3)*pi*r^3

    Meteor Volume [Sphere] = 3090.4872146 meter^3

    Stony Meteor Density = 3500 kg/m^3

    Meteor Mass = 10816705.251401 kg

    For speed I am going to use two path.First one is calcing speed by FPS method for low end & second one is using minimum & maximum velocity of meteor entering earth.

    Low End

    First what I am going to do use calc the distance from our POV to meteor & few frames later calc the distance again from our POV via ang calcing.

    First Scan

    Panel Height = 360

    Meteor size = 90 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(90/(360/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 19.85825

    Putting object degree size & size into angular calculator I got distance = 51.619 meter

    Second Scan

    Again,Panel Height = 360

    Meteor Size = 314 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(314/(360/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 62.8278773

    Putting object degree size & size into angular calculator I got distance = 14.795 meter

    Distance Crossed = 51.619-14.795 = 36.824 meter

    Frame rate of the video is 29.61 . It took 6 frame for meteor to cross the distance.

    Time = 1/29361*6 = 0.2026 second

    Meteor Velocity = 36.824/0.2026 = 181.726439 meter/second

    K.E = .5mv^2

    KE = 178608135852.4626 joules

    KE = 42.6883 tons

    Mid End

    For low end I'll use 11 km/s which is regarded as the minimum velocity entering into Earth's atmosphere.


    This is definitely a meteor over 100000 tons.Still I am still going to use 70% of its cosmic velocity.

    70% of 11 km/s = 7700 meter/second

    K.E = 654410667709807.488325594 joules

    K.E = 156.407903372 kilotons

    High End

    The high-end value for velocity is 70.56 km/s which is the maximum velocity for meteor entering our atmosphere.

    70% of 70.56 km/s = 49392 meter/second

    KE = 13194052997874633.915695 Joules

    KE = 3.153454349 megatons

    Final Tally

    Demon's Hammer Energy = 1.2793 teratons of TNT

    Demon's Gigantic Meteor Crater = 89.765770 gigatons of TNT

    K.E of Meteor = 42.6883 tons-156.4079 kilotons-3.1534 megatons
  • Sherlōck
    Pegasus Rue Sei Ken

    In episode 56 Koga,Haruto were fighting against a Class-3 Pallasite. There Koga used his famous power Rue Sei Ken. Suddenly Class-2 Pallasite Rhea jumped in front of the attack & stopped it with one hand. Which resulted in a crater. Rhea was damaged by it a bit but he quickly regenerated.

    Rhea = 38.273 pixel = 1.7 meter

    Crater Diameter = 329 pixel = 14.61343 meter

    Crater Depth = 27 pixel = 1.19927 meter

    Now we can see its not a full crater. There was no crater in the area Rhea was standing. So first I am going to calc the whole crater volume.Then calc the volume of the area that's not in the crater & subtract it from whole crater diameter. Then we will get the actual crater Volume.

    I am going to model the crater as half ellipsoid.

    V = (2/3)*pi*(14.61343/2)^2*1.19927 meter^3

    V = 134.0983 meter^3

    Great. Now lets calc the volume of the area Rhea was standing.I am modelling the area as Triangular prism.

    b = triangle base length = 161.19 pixel = 7.159694 meter
    h = triangle height = 1.19927 meter
    l = length between the triangles = 6.3355237 meter

    Volume = .5*6.3355237*1.19927*7.159694 meter^3

    Volume = 27.19989 meter^3

    Crater Volume = 134.0983-27.19989 meter^3

    Crater Volume = 106.89845 meter^3.

    Nuclear Binding Energy of Granite is 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

    Rue Sei Ken Energy = 229084773437092560786.027607519 Joules

    Rue Sei Ken Energy = 54.752574913 Gigatons

    Pegasus Rolling Crush

    In their fight against Pallasite King Gallia everyone awakened their Omega power. They became tremendously powerful & beat Gallia. Koga dealt the finishing blow. He called it Rolling Crush.It was kinda like Charizard' Seismic Crush. Anyway this made a small crater.

    Koga = 33 pixel = 1.62 meter

    Crater Diameter = 446 pixel = 21.89454 meter

    Crater Radius = D/2 = 10.9472 meter

    Crater Depth = 90 pixel = 4.41818 meter

    Modelling the crater as half ellipsoid.

    Crater Volume = (2*10.9472^2*pi*4.41818)/3 meter^3

    Crater Volume = 1108.95538 meter^3

    Nuclear Binding Energy of Granite is 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

    Rolling Crush Energy = 2376505759398111144772.377647 Joules

    Rolling Crush Energy = 567.99850846 Gigatons

    Final Tally

    Rue Sei Ken Energy = 54.75257 Gigatons of TNT

    Rolling Crush Energy = 567.9985 Gigatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    Honestly speaking I am not really sure about this feat.But I wanted to try it anyway.

    In episode 92 in his fight against Seiya Titan made a huge energy ball.According to Ryuuho apparently his cosmo was creating a huge mass which was warping gravity. Titan also mentioned that his cosmo was the size of the planet. I am not sure if he meant that energy ball has same mass as a planet or not.But l think that what he meant.

    If his cosmo creating planet level mass via energy then I guess I can use mass-energy equivalence formula here to calc the energy.

    M = Mass of Mercury = 328.5E21 kg [Low End]

    c = Speed of light = 299792458 m/s

    E = 328.5E21*299792458^2 Joules

    E = 29524107621504459474000000000000000000000 Joules

    E = 705.643107588 Ninatons

    While we are at it lets calc what would be this energy balls density too.

    Seiya = 59.059 pixel = 1.7 meter

    Energy Ball Diameter = 160 pixel = 4.8933 meter

    Energy Ball Radius = D/2 = 2.446 meter

    Energy Ball Volume = (4/3)*pi*r^3

    Energy Ball Volume = 61.3518 meter^3

    Energy Ball Density = Mass/Volume

    Energy Ball Density =5354364563118697487207.514960 kg/m^3

    Again I am not sure that this is the correct approach but I wanted to try it anyway.

    Final Tally

    Gigantic Planet End Energy = 705.6431 Ninatons of TNT

    Gigantic Planet End Density = 5354364563118697487207.514960 kg/m^3
  • Sherlōck
    In Episode 39 of the series Genbu fought against Aquarius Tokisada another Gold Saint.This fight was one sided. Genbu dominated from the start. Anyway he made two crater in the process.I am going to calc the energy needed to make those. Albeit those crater doesn't reflect their real strength.But whatever.

    Rozen Shinbuken

    Genbu gathers energy in his fist & punches his opponent.Seems pretty straight forward attack.Anyway upon the impact to the ground it made a small crater.Lets calc its volume first.

    Tokisada = 87 pixel = 1.7 meter

    Crater Diameter = 775 pixel

    Crater Radius = 387.5 pixel = 7.5718 meter

    Crater Depth = 184 pixel = 3.5954 meter

    Modelling the crater as half eclipse to find its volume.

    Crater Volume = 2/3*pi*a*b*c

    Crater Volume = 2/3*pi*7.5718*7.5718*3.5954

    Crater Volume = 431.7266 meter^3

    It seems pulverization to me but it seems we use energy value of Nuclear binding energy for Seiya feats. I am going to use both here.

    Pulverization Value of rock is 214.35 j/cc

    Low End Energy = 431.7266*1000000*214.35

    Low End Energy = 92540607133.128920 Joules

    Low End Energy = 22.11773593 tons

    Nuclear Binding Energy of rock is 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

    High End Energy = 431.7266*1000000*2143012962432.5

    High End Energy = 925195804234517139361.721805 Joules

    High End Energy = 221.127104263 gigatons

    Rosen Joteiha

    At the end of the fight Tokisada used his Chrono Execution against Genbu. Genbu retaliated by using Joteiha which overpowered Tokisada's attack,slammed him into a rock formation & made a small crater.

    First I am going to use Koga to scale the height of rock formation.Koga is a 13 year old boy in that scene.According to this average height of a 13-year-old Japanese boy as 5' 3" (1.6002 m).

    Koga = 536 pixel = 1.62 meter

    Head to Crotch = 278 pixel = 0.84022 meter.

    Now again,

    Koga = 18 pixel = 0.84022 meter

    Rock Formation Height = 340 pixel = 15.8708 meter

    Good. Now we can use rock formation height to scale the crater diameter.

    Rock Formation Height = 346 pixel = 15.8708 meter.

    Crater Diameter = 459 pixel = 21.0541 meter.

    Crater Radius = D/2 = 10.5270 meter

    Now I need the depth.Prospective is screwed but what can I do.I am working with what I got.Because of screwed prospective I am going to use 1.6 meter for Tokisada's height instead of 1.7 meter.

    Tokisada = 48.6 pixel = 1.6 meter

    Crater Depth = 138 pixel = 4.5432 meter

    For simplicity & common sense I am going to calc the diameter as half elipsode.I know there is a bit of it missing.Its not whole half crater but we know it would have if there were more rock formation.

    Crater Volume = (2/3)*pi*abc

    Crater Volume = (2/3)*pi*10.5270*10.5270*4.54320

    Crater Volume = 1054.4778 meter.

    Again I am going t use both pulverization & Nuclear binding energy here.

    Pulverization Value of rock 214.35 j/cc

    Low End Energy = 1054.4778*1000000*214.35

    Low End Energy = 226027326875.6670 Joules

    Low End Energy = 54.021827647 tons

    Nuclear Binding Energy of rock is 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

    High End Energy = 1054.4778*1000000*2143012962432.5

    High End Energy = 2259759698430241653557.018341 Joules

    High End Energy = 540.095530217 gigatons

    Final Tally

    Rozen Shinbuken [Low End] = 22.1177 tons of TNT

    Rozen Shinbuken [High End] = 221.1271 gigatons of TNT

    Rosen Joteiha [Low End] = 54.0218 tons of TNT

    Rosen Joteiha [High End] = 540.095 gigatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    After capturing Athena in episode 2 of new Saint Seiya series Mars unleashes a energy ball that destroys a big chunk of the island she was hiding for many years. I am going to calc the energy of it.Lets get to it,

    Floor Height = 41 pixel = 3 meter

    Building length = 377 pixel = 27.5853 meter

    Now I am going to use building width to scale the crater. Now the crater is eclipse shaped. Half eclipse precisely. First I am going to calc the area of the eclipse & then multiply it with the depth to find the volume.

    Building length = 19 pixel = 27.5853 meter

    Crater Diameter = 383.985 pixel = 557.4929 meter

    Crater Radius 1 = (Diameter/2) = 278.7464 meter

    Crater Radius 2 = 247.681 pixel = 359.5984 meter

    Area of crater = .5*pi*radius 1*radius 2

    Area of crater = 157451.61794 meter^2

    Average crater depth = (29+21+20.615+23.769)/4 = 23.596 pixel

    Average crater depth = 23.596 pixel = 34.2581 meter

    Crater Volume = 34.2581*157451.61794 meter^3

    Crater Volume = 5393996.5268 meter^3

    From this scan below we can see molten part & black smoke coming out of it.So I am going to use vaporization value for low end.

    Vaporization value of rock is 25700 j/cc

    Vaporization Energy = 5393996.5268*1000000*25700 Joules

    Vaporization Energy = 138625710740307037.20509 Joules

    Vaporization Energy = 33.132340043 Megatons

    City level energy.

    For high end I am going to use atomization. I have already calculated the j/cc for destroying nuclear binding energy of granite. I am going to use it here.

    Nuclear binding energy of granite is 2143012962432.5 Joules/cc

    Atomization Value = 5393996.5268*1000000*2143012962432.5 Joules

    Atomization Value = 11559404476377284688152368.134252 Joules

    Atomization Value = 2.76276397619 petatons

    Continent level. Calcing value using atomization gives crazy result.

    Final Tally

    Mars Energy Ball Low End = 33.1323 Megatons on TNT

    Mars Energy Ball High End = 2.7627 Petatons of TNT