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Viewing blog entries in category: Shinzo calcs

  • Deer Lord
    Noticed an impressive feat for base Mushra while I was doing my respect thread, seems like an upgrade so lets calc it

    Feat here:
    http://[Blocked Domain]/shinzo-episode-17
    at 13:20


    Caris went through the wall, so the hole has to be at least as tall and wide as he is.

    Mushra's height in base is 1.3m

    184 px = 1.3m
    Caris' height= 822 px = 5.828 m
    Caris' width = 218 px = 1.545 m

    Now for the depth of the hole, I'll use the same dimensions as the debris from the attack, since I can't get a clear view of the hole due to dust.

    Yakumo is a 14 yo japanese girl, so her height is about 1.56m

    534 px = 1.56 m
    Hole's depth = 44 px = 0.128 m

    Volume destroyed = 5.828*1.545*0.128= 1.157 m^3, or 1157401.51 cc

    The wall seems mostly concrete, but it is plated with steel on the inner side, so I'll use 90% of the volume as concrete and 10% as steel.

    V(concrete)= 1041661.36 cc
    V(steel)= 115740.15 cc

    Fragmentation of concrete = 6 j/cc
    Fragmentation of steel = 208 j/cc

    Energy= (1041661.36*6)+(115740.15*208)= 30323919.36 J, or 0.0072 tons of TNT

    Small-building level base eterrans.

    Final Tally:
  • Deer Lord
    Probably the last shinzo calc I'll do, as all the other feats I've seen are covered by powerscaling from ones I've already calc'd

    After breaking out of his prison, a yet Incomplete Lanancuras (at his weakest basically) shows some fools why they shouldn't mess with him.

    http://[Blocked Domain]/shinzo-episode-27

    Lan pretty much raises volcanos and causes eruptions on a global scale.

    Let's try to quantify this.

    Raising the mountain:

    That shit is pretty massive
    * The width of the mountain actually covers the entire screen and then some, so using the width of the frame seems fine to me

    The multi-story building in the backround is what I've used to scale.

    Doing some-research on high building in Paris, the ones here seem to fit the Front de Seine
    Making the building 98m tall

    I'll shape the mountain as a truncated cone:
    Building height = 62 px = 98m
    Mountain height = 267 px = 422.032m
    Mountain Diameter= 1024 px = 1618.58m
    Mountain top width= 233 px = 368.29m

    Using this calculator I got a volume of:
    370,304,625.78661 m^3

    Now I'll subtract the hollow part of the volcano
    shaping as a cylinder:
    Radius= 184.145m
    Height= 422.032m
    Volume of cylinder= pie*r^2*h = 3.14*(184.145)^2*422.032= 44958842.04 m^3

    Total Volume of mountain= 370304625.78661- 44958842.04= 325345783.7466 m^3

    Most common rocks Volcanos are made of is basalt
    Basalt has a denisty ranging 2800-3100 kg/m^3.

    this site lists solid basalt as 3011 kg/m^3 so I'll use that.

    Mass of volcano= 325345783.7466*3011= 979616154861.0126 kg

    Viewing the video frame by frame I found it took 18 frames to raise the mountain with each frame being 0.04 sec.

    Timeframe= 18*0.04= 0.72s
    Speed= 422.032/0.72= 586.155 m/s

    Ke= 0.5*m*v^2=0.5*979616154861.0126*(586.155)^2= 168287443864299765.3013 J
    or 40.221 Megatons of TNT

    Raising Lava:

    I'll be using the same method used by Wombat on his pokemon calc.
    Assuming the lowest depth of magma to be 2000m underground I can calc its ke.

    Building= 62 px = 98m
    Height of lava eruption= 643 px = 1016.35 m
    Total height of lava cylinder= 1016.35+2000= 3016.35 m
    Width of lava cylinder= 124 px = 196m
    Volume of cylinder= pie*r^2*h = 3.14*(98)^2*3016.35= 91008877.379 m^3

    I'll use the low-end density for basalt in this case

    m=91008877.379*2800= 254824856659.23 kg

    The entire eruption took 20 frames, so 0.8 sec.
    v=d/t=3016.35/0.8= 3770.4375 m/s (Mach 11.08)
    Ke= 0.5*m*v^2=0.5*254824856659.23*(3770.4375)^2= 1811320428741472460.946J
    or 432.916 Megatons of TNT

    Total Energy:

    Mountain raising+Lava Raising= 40.221+432.916= 473.137 Megatons

    But wait, there's more!
    As seen in the video, Paris isn't the only place that was hit with this shit.
    At least 3 other locations has been hit too (probably a lot more, but we don't see that)

    So to get the sum total, I'll multiply by 4, which nets 1.892 Gigatons of TNT
    Small-island level

    Final Tally:
  • Deer Lord
    http://[Blocked Domain]/shinzo-episode-21

    Starting at 3:14, the two Mushrambos fly from the battlefield to do battle "as far away from yakumo as possible".
    On their way they pass the land of insect enterran, which as we've seen is located on the US eastern seaboard. (since we've seen the statue of liberty). They eventually stop at an old airfield in the desert and fight.
    Afterwards Satan Mushrambo flies back to Yakumo and tries to kill her, but he is stopped by Mushra, Sago & Kutal who also flew back to the city.

    I'll try to get speed off this feat.

    The easy part is the destination.
    Seeing as the they flew through NYC to a desert I can safely assume the destination is in New Mexico, which is the closest desert to NYC in the US (it could be also arizona or somewhere further west, but lets lowball).

    The tricky part is actually the origin point.
    The Bird Eterran kingdom is seen to be in Egypt due to Pyramids, The Great Sphinx and whatnot.
    This would suggest the city the battle takes place in is Cairo. However we are also shown that Reserpine's palace is actually the Sagrada Familia cathedral that is located in Barcelona, and is somehow close to the pyramids. yeah...
    This is fucked up.

    So I'll just use Barcelona as a low-end origin point, and Cairo as a high end.

    Low end:

    Low-end Distance= 8945.05 km


    High-end Distance= 11801.69 km

    * Yeah, I know the Google maps measurements seem off, but I scaled it in paint to make sure and it fits.

    Timeframe in the episode is wonky due to cutting away from the scene and whatnot.
    We can however gather that the entire episode takes place within the same morning.

    I think a safe lowball is to say the entire thing took 2 hours, which is 1 hour back/forth.


    Low-end= 8945050/3600= 2484.7361 m/s, or Mach 7.301

    High-end= 11801690/3600= 3278.2472 m/s, or Mach 9.633

    *I tried doing a quick calc of the time it took them to disappear from the horizon, it also nets something around mach 9

    Tell me if you think the timeframe is wrong or something :catthinks
  • Deer Lord
    So I'm going over this show looking for quantifiable feats, might make a respect thread once I'm done

    Here are a bunch of feats from the first 11 episodes:

    1. Kutal pushes subway cars

    The gang requires some transportation in ruined NYC.
    They hop on an old subway car and kutal gets it going.

    http://[Blocked Domain]/shinzo-episode-2

    I'm going to assume said car module is this one:
    Since it fits the time the show aired.

    Kutal is pushing two cars here (as seen later), with a combined weight of 75,000 kg.

    I'm assuming that to get the cars going by themselves he was pushing them in a similar acceleration as irl, hench 4 kmph/s, or 1.111 m/s^2

    Timeframe between that beginning of movement untill the car gets going on its own is 6 seconds.

    So, dv= a*dt= 1.111*6=6.666 m/s
    Thats the change in speed, looking for distance I'll assume:
    median velocity*time= 20 m (rounded from 19.998)

    F=m*a=75000*1.111= 83325 N
    W=F*d=83325*20= 1666500 J

    Wall-level+, but it's only for base-form anyway.

    2. Mushra is a dick to mountains

    During a battle with some Spider Enterrans, Mushra decides that "fuck this shit" and nose dives into their hideout (inside a mountain), blowing up most of it.

    http://[Blocked Domain]/shinzo-episode-3

    You can't see the entire thing in this shot, but in other shots it appears that the part displayed in this screencap is roughly 2/3 of the whole spire.

    Double story building= 12 px = 6m
    Front hill= 44 px = 22m

    assuming all the hills are roughly the same size
    Back hill= 30 px= 22m
    2/3ds of the Spire= 283 px = 207.533m
    Full Spire height= 311.3m
    Spire width at base= 153 px = 112.2m

    Shaping it like a cone:
    V=1.03e6 m^3

    The spire is home to the spider-enterrans so I'll assume it's about 50% hollow. Moreover, as seen at the end of the episode, Mushra did not destroy the whole thing, about 1/3 remained standing.

    the volume I'll work with is therefore:
    V= 343333.33 m^3, or 343333333333.33 cc

    Fragmentation of rock= 8 j/cc
    Energy= 343333333333.33*8= 2746666666666.66 J, or 656.47 tons of TNT
    Multi City-Block+ level

    3. Mushra, Sago & Kutal VS Gyasa

    Two speed feats here

    http://[Blocked Domain]/shinzo-episode-9
    3:25 and 10:13
    Starting with Mushra's feat

    2*atan(105/(768/tan(70/2)))= 10.936693172194 degrees

    2*atan(169/(768/tan(70/2)))= 17.518738966294 degrees

    Mushra's height= 1.85m
    Gyasa's head= 0.223m

    Using angular calculator:
    Distance=9.6624-0.72364= 8.93876m

    Mushra's red flare is visable in front of gyasa within 1 frame
    1 frame= 0.04s

    v= 8.93876/0.04= 223.469 m/s
    Faster than the eye can track.


    Second feat is Kutal rapid punching Gyasa.
    Viewing the video frame by frame we can see Kutal throws 3 punches each frame.
    Meaning he's throwing the punches and retracting his arm three times between frames, so he moves the distance of his arm

    Kutal's height= 2.15m
    Arm (fist shaped) lenght*= 0.419*height= 0.90085m
    Distance= 5.4051

    v=5.4051/0.04= 135.1275 m/s
    a bit slower than Mushra.

    *info from here: http://www.ele.uri.edu/faculty/vetter/BME207/anthropometric-data.pdf

    4.Mushrambo VS Hyper Gyasa

    http://[Blocked Domain]/shinzo-episode-11
    To calc this , I'll first have to get an understanding of how tall are the hills they are fighting around

    Scaling from a previous ep:

    Pretty much all the hills in the fight are a result of splitting this one.
    In my previous entry I have already found out that the average height of forest canopy here is at least 25m.

    Tree height= 36 px = 25m
    Hill height= 263 px = 182.638m

    Now for the speed feat:

    Mushrambo and Hyper Gyasa are engaged in an aerial battle.
    Each light is them crossing swords. I picked the movement that seemed most in-line angle-wise and in the front.

    We can see the top part of a hill in the front.
    I'll call it the top 1/4 for conservative measures.

    Top part of the hill= 71 px = 182.638/4= 45.66m
    Distance crossed= 614 px = 394.858 m

    Timeframe is 8 frames= 8*0.04= 0.32s
    *from the point the light starts to fade untill the next one appears.

    v=d/t= 394.858/0.32= 1233.932 m/s, or Mach 3.626
    Finally some supersonic values.

    Final Tally:
  • Deer Lord
    So I did this calc a couple of days ago: http://www.narutoforums.com/blog.php?b=33982

    But everything seemed off going with KE
    it turned out the Solar fragment that blew up two planets effortlessly wasn't even planet level. not much sense.

    So, I scaled it from a different frame, which made it seem larger than earth, also doesn't make sense.

    I initially settled for using Venus GBE as the absolute low-end, but then I remembered "hey wasn't there this method that they used with the Frieza feat?"

    So I'm revising this calc using Mass ejection speed for Venus' explosion.


    Venus diameter= 12103.6 km = 421 px
    1 px= 12103.6/421= 28.7496 km

    Distance debris crossed = 423 px = 423*28.7496= 12161.0993 km, or 12161099.2874 m

    Mass of Venus = 4.8675e24 kg

    watching the episode frame by frame, I get that 1 frame=0.04s

    I'll use the point of impact as a low end timeframe and the start of mass movement as high end.

    Point of Impact at 773.41 s, mass movement at 775.01 s
    Low balling the time frame I'll use 775.45s as the time the debris crossed the distance.

    Timeframe [Low-end]=775.45-773.41= 2.04 s
    Timeframe [High-end]=775.45-775.01= 0.44 s

    Speed [Low-end]= 12161099.2874/2.04= 5961323.1801 m/s = 1.9%c
    Speed [High-end]= 12161099.2874/0.44= 27638862.0168 m/s = 9.2%c

    Using Relativistic KE calculator:
    Energy [Low-end]= 8.651e37 J, or 20.6763 Ninatons of TNT
    Energy [High-end]= 1.871e39 J, or 447.1797 Ninatons of TNT

    And like before, each individual guardian gets 1/50 of that so 413.526 Yotatons for the low end and 8.943 Ninatons for the high end.

    Though Lanancuras prime gets the whole thing as it took all the guardians to beat him.

    anything wrong with this method? :catthinks
  • Deer Lord
    Probably the best destructive feat from Shinzo, and I'm gonna try and calc it.

    To cut a long story short, during the final battle between the FV (Lanancuras) and the protagonist (Mushra), Lanacuras informs Mushra that through some bullshit cosmic chain reaction, a piece of the sun has broken off into a trajectory heading to Earth (or as it's called in the show Enterra).

    The whole thing is shown to Mushra in real time through Lanancuras' stomach TV (Don't ask.)


    The Dub version adds a short scene of the guardians stating they'd "send help for Mushra", and they are presumably responsible for restoring his power with that giant rainbow thing. This scene does not exist in the original version, and since I don't know Japanese I can't tell if that's also the case or if it was all Mushra.
    My best guess is that the guardians also did this in the original cut, but the Dub added that scene to clear up the ambiguity.
    For this reason I'll divide the final output in the calc between the guardians. It shouldn't matter scaling-vise because both Mushra and Lanancuras are Celestial Guardians themselves so they get the result for their dc anyway.

    Calc time:

    I'm going off the assumption that, to destroy the Solar Fragment and prevent anything from hitting earth it requires at least as much energy as the fragment's kinetic energy.
    So this is what I'm calcing here.

    Mercury's Diameter = 4879.4 km = 90 px
    1 px = 4879.4/90= 54.2155 km

    Solar Fragment Diameter = 11 px = 11*54.2155= 596.3711 km
    Solar Fragment Radius = 298185.55 m

    Volume of SF= 4/3*pie*(298185.55)^3= 1.11057e17 m^3
    Density of the outer layer of the sun is = 0.0000002 gr/cc = 0.0002kg/m^3

    m=V*density=1.11057e17*0.0002=22211400000000 kg

    As noted above the SF starts moving at 8:03 and nearly reaches earth before being destroyed at 19:59.
    So the timeframe is 11 minutes and 56 seconds = 716 sec
    The distance is 1 AU (149597870700m)

    v=d/t= 149597870700/716 = 208935573.6033 m/s = 0.6969c

    Using relativistic Ke calculator
    I get Ke = 7.867e29 J, or 188.026 Exatons of tnt

    Scaling makes no sense, but I guess that's anime for you.

    Going by the feats shown, this Fragment smashed Venus apart by going through it and was going to destroy earth.
    So for the sake of low-balling we can say it has at least enough kinetic energy required to destroy Venus.

    GBE of Venus:
    U= 3*G*M^2/ (5*R) = 3*6.674*10^-11*(4.8675e24)^2/(5*6051800)=
    = 1.5677e32 J, or 37.469 Zettatons of tnt

    That is the sum total, but how about every individual Guardian's power?

    Well, in ep.31 during a flashback there is a shot of the Guardians fighting Lanancuras:

    We can see 50 guardians in total (including Mushra)

    Therefore an individual value would be = 1.5677e32/50= 3.1354e30 J, or 749.382 Exatons of tnt

    Final Tally:
  • Deer Lord
    Here are two more feats out of Shinzo/Mushrambo this time for mid-high tier characters
    1. Mushra blasts some pyramids

    6:00 - 6:45

    So Mushra, in his winged Hyper form, flies over flooded Egypt.
    He encounters some bird enterrans and roasts them along with some pyramids.

    Since we can see the Sphinx of Giza in there, it pretty much confirms these are the Pyramids of Giza that Mushra blasts.

    The Giza complex includes three pyramids:
    The great pyramid of Giza, The pyramid of Khafre and the pyramid of Menkaure

    Here is a pic of the complex

    The blast encircles the pyramids and destroys them.

    Blast Radius= 575m
    Surface Area of a Sphere= 4Pi*r^2
    Blast Surface area= 4150000 m^2
    Pyramid Surface Area= 136000 m^2
    Blast/Pyramid ratio= 30.5147

    Pyramid of Kufu volume= 2,583,283 m^3

    However, pyramids aren't fully soid.
    Wiki suggests they are 16% hollow.
    Volume destroyed= 2169957.72 m^3 = 2169957720000 cc

    Pyramid Violent Frag= 2169957720000 *69= 149727082680000J
    Total Blast Yield= 149727082680000*30.5147= 4568877009855396J
    or 1.091 Megatons of TNT

    This naturally scales to Sago and Kutal as well.

    2. Gyasa VS Mushra, Sago & Kutal

    13:24-13:35 ; 13:52-14:15

    Gyasa after his many Zankais blasts the protagonists and creates a giant ass explosion, which they survive, albeit barely.

    The crater doesn't show up entirely onscreen, so I just completed it in paint to get the diameter.

    We have the trees at the edge of the crater at 34 px high.
    Since the battle took place in an American Jungle (It is stated some episodes before that) I assumed the Amazon.

    According to this: http://www.treesearch.fs.fed.us/pubs/30067
    The average forest canopy in the amazon is about 30.48m
    but I'll use the low end of 25m in that research.

    Trees height = 25m = 34 px
    1 px = 25/34 = 0.7353 m

    Crater Diameter = 711px= 711*0.7353= 522.7941 m
    Crater Depth = 121 px = 121*0.7353= 88.9705 m

    Using Spherical Dome Calculator I get a volume of 9917971.41 m^3, or 9917971410000 cc

    Rock Violent Fragmentation= 69 j/cc
    Energy= 9917971410000*69= 684340027290000J or 163.56 Kilotons of TNT

    High-end= Pulverization= 214 j/cc
    Energy= 9917971410000*214= 2122445881740000J, or 507.276 Kilotons of TNT

    Final Tally:
    So town level mid tiers, Small-city level mid-high tiers in Shinzo, nice.
  • Deer Lord
    I'm bored, so here's another calc. pumped full of nostalgia this time.

    jump to 25:16, also disregard the silly vid title

    So here we find out the reason they didn't get to shinzo is because General Mushrambo blew it up back when he was still a dick.

    Haven't seen anyone try to calc this, so I'll give it a go.

    The calc:

    The explosion itself seems like textbook nuke.
    For this reason I'll be using nuke calculator, but first I'll have to find the fireball radius.

    When we get to see a view of the city from above, just as Mushrambo nukes it we see it has a convenient circular outline.
    The actual fireball covers that circle and then some, so I'll try to find its diameter.

    *re-scaled this thing a couple of times, eventually figured out the best angle is the same as the shadow in the back= -23 degrees.

    The first scaling I do is from a random person to get the landing pad width.

    Person's height= 49 px
    Average human height= 1.72m
    Therefore, 1px=1.72/49= 0.0351m

    Lane width= 791px = 791*0.0351=27.7657m

    Now for the overlook of the city:

    Lane width= 27.7657m= 30 px
    1px=28.874/30= 0.9255238m

    Fireball Diameter= 1088px= 1006.9699m
    so, Fireball radius= 503.48495m

    Plugging that to nuke calculator gives a yield of 1.47 Megatons
    Here's a second method suggested by TotalyNotaCat

    I'll be using rock melting for the crater the blast left (although it seems most of it evaporated)

    Crater length= 1164 px = 1006.9699m
    1 px = 0.8651m
    Crater width= 2*313 px= 626 px = 541.5491m
    Crater depth= 1006.9699/4= 251.742475m

    I'm calculating this as half an ellipsoid using this calculator

    And get a crater volume of: 71880228.221 m^3 or 71880228220809.45 cc

    Melting of rock = 4300 j/cc
    energy= 71880228220809.45*4300= 309084981349480635 J or 73.873 Megatons

    Final Tally: