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  • Tacocat
    Just got Persona 4 Arena and it's pretty cool. Very reminiscent of Street Fighter as far as I can tell, so maybe this will help my Ryu game in Smash. Anyway, I played through Aigis's story and her speed was pretty heavily stressed (as was Labrys's). She's got a feat at about 1:57:00 of the following video.


    The text appears pretty quickly, so be prepared to pause in order to read. I'd screencap for you, but that involves sparse amounts of effort :cat

    In summation, Labrys wants to stay in the TV world to live out her fantasy of being normal, so she attacks Aigis while Aigis confronts Shadow Labrys. Aigis evades the attack which impacts the ground milliseconds after she had been standing there, by Aigis's own account. Of course, Aigis is a robot, so a) she has the means of measuring time so precisely, and b) she's not very prone to hyperbole--it's actually kind of a gag that she takes things too literally.

    Well, considering she uses the plural, I will be using 5 milliseconds. Seems like an acceptable middle ground.

    Now Labrys swung her battleaxe overhead--obviously, if Aigis dodged to the side and the battleaxe impacted exactly where Aigis had been standing. This means that the distance the battleaxe traveled was at least Aigis's own height, which we know from the pre-fight screens to be 1.63m. Because Aigis wasn't touched, this distance had to have been crossed within those milliseconds. So, without further ado...


    or about mach .96.

    Fits nicely with Akihiko's bullet-timing, I suppose. There's also a feat of Aigis moving so fast she completely disappears from an SAT Captain's view (7:30 or so of the video), but I dunno if I'm comfortable using human FPS for that given the narration :hmm