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Viewing blog entries in category: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann calcs

  • Tacocat
    We all know the attack. It's been under debate for a long time whether it's universal or not.

    I'm here to calculate Lazengann's destruction.

    TTGL is 10,000,000 Ly tall. I'll post the source later, but I assume this is common knowledge by now.


    The width of Lazengann's head is almost a million Ly.

    I know it's kind of ambiguous where the top of Lazengann's head is, but I just measured it where its eyes bisect the line.


    So Lazengann's head is just over a million light-years tall.


    So Lazengann Overload is about 8 million Ly tall.



    Cube law that with the average person's height (1.7m) and the average person's volume (.0664m^3)...


    Now, there's obviously going to be some hollowness. It's not a building, though. I've seen 60% hollowness used before with mechs, so fuck it, I'm going with that :noworries


    Yes, I know there's bullshit going on with this thing's gravity, and there are plenty of other issues, but just ignore it. the writers certainly do.

    Anyway, this thing seems to be made out of steel.

    According to TTGL's scanners, Infinity Big Bang Storm broke Lazengann Overload down to the quantum level. I'm going to assume this means at least atomization.

    Niggatron calculated the energy required to atomize steel as 59526.65j/cc.


    or about 1.43 tenakiloFoe.

    That's about 36 million times the mass-energy of the observable universe, if I did my math correctly.

    Now, considering Lazengann Overload was converted to pure energy, it's possible Lazengann was annihilated. The Anti-Spiral even mentions that TTGL will be "utterly annihilated". Take that how you will.

    Anyway, Niggatron also calculated the annihilation value of steel to be 6.7034e12j/cc.


    or about 160 tenagigaFoe.

    That's about 4 quadrillion times the mass-energy of the observable universe.

    Mass-energy conversion for Lazengann Overload would be 1.68e87J.
  • Tacocat

    TTGL is 10 million Ly tall.

    1 Ly=9.4605284e15m

    10,000,000 Ly=9.4605284e22 m

    (9.4605284e22/398.82)506.0534=1.2e23 m

    (9.4605284e22/398.82)601.1=1.426e23 m

    v=5.376e68 m^3

    Loldensity. Humor me :distracted

    Steel? Probably steel or something :noworries

    5.376e68*7800=4.2e72 kg

    So...we gonna talk about how Lordgenome's drill masses, like, 140 quintillion times the theoretical mass of the observable universe? :lmao
  • Tacocat

    As overrated as he is, Kamina was a fucking man.

    Gonna calc how man he really is.

    When he thinks Kamina's dead, Simon takes Dai-Gunzan to the top of the nearest volcano.

    In a previous calc, I got the tip of Dai-Gunzan's dick pelvic blade to be 43.6m.


    That's for the approximate width of the crater of the volcano.

    Now for the volume of the erupted lava.





    Apparently lava is primarily basalt :hmm

    Well according to that link, the density is 2600kg/m^3.


    The magma reaches at least this height in 3 frames for a frame-rate of 30fps. That gives us a time-frame of .1s.

    Center of mass is a third of the height away from the base, right? That would make it two thirds of our height because the cone is upside-down.



    or about 3.66 megatons.

    Cue first ever Giga...Drill...BREAKER!

  • Tacocat

    You probably know where this is going :hehee Needed something to do while IGPX was on.

    Again, be warned of big pictures.

    Official size has TTGL at 10 million Ly.

    (10000000/128.9732)18=1,395,638.784 Ly

    for GranZamboa's head.

    (1395638.784/485)37=106471.4 Ly

    for the Antispiral's home world with the casing around it.

    (106471.4/456)(456-(2)41.63)=87031 Ly

    for the diameter of the Antispiral home world.


    d=24,893 Ly

    24893(60*60*24*365)=785,025,648,000 light seconds

    Antispiral launches his tendril things at Lagann from this distance. They cross the distance in about 43 frames. Frame rate of 24fps.


    As many lels as there are c's.

  • Tacocat

    Credit goes to Dartg for kicking my ass into gear.

    Basically, this is Death Spiral Machine shenanigans.

    Be warned, the images are big because of all the GAR they contain.

    When Team Dai-Gurren fires the first drill at the Death Spiral Machine, Leyte says they're "just in firing range".

    One of the only ones I could be fucked to find.

    One of my old calcs has the face for Chouginga Dai-Gurren at 908.8km.



    So that's a low-end for a firing range, considering they shot well past perspective and had no problems in doing so.

    This is where they're just within firing range. That light is quite obviously the outer barrier for the Death Spiral Machine 'cause YOLO :superhiro

    Using the above distance...






    Kittan takes about 34 frames to reach it, and I just got a brand-spanking new, super sexy definition torrent with eps that run at 30 fps.


    or about mach 494.

  • Tacocat
    Decided to just compile the rest of these calcs into one blog, 'cause you're all probably tired of my shit.

    Alright, let's get started.

    Spoiler: Ashtanga throws some planets

    When Chouginga-Gurren Lagann emerges from the superdense space, big face guy decides to chuck a few, y'know, motherfucking planets at the thing.

    This is going to use scaling for the head on Ashtanga's forehead from this calc.


    So this planet here is 68160km in diameter. Just to give an idea of what Chouginga-Gurren Lagann no-sold.



    This takes 1 frame to occur in an episode with a frame-rate of 24fps, giving us a time-frame of 1/24s.


    or about 3.165c.

    Can't get KE with that, unfortunately, but Chouginga-Gurren Lagann moves quickly compared to these things.

    Spoiler: Chouginga Dai-Kutta


    Chouginga-Gurren Lagann sends its boomerang Ashtanga's way and easily cleaves it in two. After reaching the end of Ashtanga, the boomerang returns in 8 frames. Again, the frame-rate of the video is 24fps. This gives us a time-frame of 1/3s.


    or about 6.95c.

    Fun Fact: Unless I'm mistaken, Ashtanga is about 5 times as long as the diameter of the VB 10 star.

    Fun Fact #2: Chouginga-Giga Drill Breaker rips through several of these bad boys.

    Spoiler: Chouginga-Gurren Lagann pierces space-time

    A bajillion beams are launched, but the fastest one seems to be the one that actually comes from Chouginga-Gurren Lagann all the way past the video frame.

    Anyway, now we gotta angsize.


    Using the 908.8km value for Chouginga-Gurren Lagan's face, we get a distance of...


    Shit happens in 1 frame, and I assume by now that I don't need to tell you the frame-rate of my TTGL episodes.


    or about 10.04c.

    Spoiler: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann dodges some beams

    These next two calculations are going to work under the assumption that TTGL is, indeed, 10 million Ly tall.


    The beam crosses this distance in 1 frame, or 1/24th of a second. There are 3.15569e7 seconds in a year.


    That's about 8 quadrillion times the speed of light.

    Spoiler: Gran Zamboa swings TTGL


    Using the angsize calculator, we get...


    Gran Zamboa swings TTGL to the frame in 2 frames. This makes a time-frame of 1/12th of a second.


    That's about 26 quadrillion times the speed of light.

    Final Tally:

    Ashtanga throws some planets: 3.165c

    Chouginga Dai-Kutta: 6.95c

    Chouginga-Gurren Lagann pierces space-time: 10.04c

    TTGL dodges some beams: 7,861,376,681,015,393c

    Gran Zamboa swings TTGL: 25,740,584,647,200,000c
  • Tacocat
    Because Gurren Lagann needs more boosting :maybe

    The feat can be found in episode 24 of Gurren Lagann, around where Ailac and Kidd die.


    Chouginga-Gurren Lagann's face is Chouginga Dai-Gurren's face, so...

    908.8(3)=2726.4km for this blue head thingy on the giant face's forehead.


    So our distance is 15468km.

    The missiles reach the frame 45 frames after they are launched. With a frame-rate of 24fps, this leaves us with a time-frame of 45/24s.


    or about mach 24,264.

    Darry's Grappearl bullets and Yoko's Dayakkaiser bullets massively outpace this, and their shots get dodged all over the place by scrub hands and feet. Plus, Kidd and Ailac match this speed, so there's that.
  • Tacocat
    Pretty straightforward shit here.

    During the Battle of Teppelin, Dai-gurren charges the Teppelin mech. Spiral King responds by swinging a fucking massive hammer-arm thing at it.

    I'll be using my scaling for Gurren Lagann from this calc here.


    Okay, so Dai-Gurren is 1.824km in length.

    I'm going to calculate the dimensions of the hammer thing as two conical frustums.




    volume of a conical frumstrum=(1/3)pi(r^2+rR+R^2)h









    Now that that's over with, next is mass. Density of steel is 7850kg/m^3, right? I think it's pretty safe to say this thing is made of steel.



    Now for speed.

    I cropped these caps unevenly, but this can be solved by measuring the amount of pixels from Teppelin to the edge of the screen.


    A 2px difference means we add 2px to the smaller value, which gives us 669px.



    The motion happens in 1 frame, and the frame-rate of the video is 23.952fps, so we have a time-frame of 1/23.952s.


    or about mach 314.

    (Dai-Gurren matches this speed, by the way. Only reason I bring it up is 'cause I remember some kid telling me that Lancelot from Code Geass was leagues faster than P1 Gurren Lagann :maybe)



    or about 5.7 exatons.

    Both Dai-Gurren and Gurren Lagann took this to the face. In the same episode, Razengan literally ripped Gurren Lagann to shreds.
  • Tacocat
    Part 1 Simon fucks up Dai-Gunzan with his drill. Let me first say that I have no reservations using the anime considering the anime is the original canon.

    According to his Wiki page, Simon's about 5ft (1.524m) tall, which sounds about right, I guess.



    Gurren Lagann is 71.5143m tall.


    The length of the tip of Dai-Gunzan's blade to Enkidu is 43.6 meters.


    This will serve as the bare minimum height for the volume of rock fragmented, as Dai-Gunzan is completely engulfed by the cylinder excavated.


    The diameter of the base of the volume of rock fragmented is 1081.28m.

    Volume of a cylinder


    where r=540.64m and h=654m.



    Violent fragmentation for rock is 120 j/cc, or 120,000,000 j/m^3


    or 17,223,981.09 tons of TNT

    or about 17.2 megatons.

    Is that right? :hmm First time calc'ing DC, and I've had maybe 4 hours of sleep over 36 hours:distracted

    Keep in mind that this is by episode 7 :gar