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Viewing blog entries in category: The Elder Scrolls

  • TTGL

    Bolt Escape involves turning to energy to flash forward and stun enemies. Pretty sure this is a spamable attack too.The average weight of a human adult is 62kg.

    E = mc^2
    = 62 X 299792458^2
    = 5.57228211e18 joules
    = 1.331807387667303999 gigatons

    Final Results

    Bolt Escape = 1.332 gigatons
  • TTGL
    Calc request for @MatthewSchroeder


    Arch-Curate Vyrthur destroys the Chantry of Auri-El.
    I've been meaning to do this one for a while, but wasn't sure how to scale it. Thankfully, Matt found some shots with which we can scale the size of the Chantry of Auri-El.

    There seem to be 12 pillars there. A quick search reveals that the average height of a man is 175cm (1.75m).

    63 pixels = 1.75m
    1 pixel = 1.75m/63 = 0.0277777778m
    0.0277777778m X 135 = 3.75m
    0.0277777778m X 116 = 3.22222222m
    0.0277777778m X 24 = 0.666666667m
    0.0277777778m X 72 = 2m

    126 pixels = 3.75m
    1 pixel = 3.75m/126 = 0.0297619048m
    0.0297619048m X 378 = 11.25m
    0.0297619048m X 41 = 1.2202381m
    0.0297619048m X 211 = 6.27976191m
    0.0297619048m X 197 = 5.86309525m

    29 pixels = 3.22222222m
    1 pixel = 3.22222222m/29 = 0.111111111m
    0.111111111m X 5 = 0.555555555m
    0.111111111m X 9 = 0.999999999m
    0.111111111m X 153 = 17m
    0.111111111m X 21 = 2.33333333m
    0.111111111m X 254 = 28.2222222m

    Volume of the main room as a rectangular prism, of the roof bit as half a cylinder and the pillars as rectangles.

    H = 11.25 - 3.75
    = 7.5m

    V = 7.5 X 17 X 28.2222222
    = 3598.33333m^3

    28.2222222 - (0.666666667 X 2) = 26.8888889m
    17 - (0.666666667 X 2) = 15.6666667m
    7.5 - 0.666666667 = 6.83333333m

    V = 26.8888889 X 15.6666667 X 6.83333333
    = 2878.60494m^3

    V = 3598.33333 - 2878.60494
    = 719.72839m^3

    V = 28.2222222 X 2 X 2
    = 112.888889 X 2
    = 225.777778m^3

    V = 28.2222222 X 0.666666667 X 0.666666667
    = 12.5432099 X 2
    = 25.0864198m^3

    V = 225.777778 - 25.0864198
    = 200.691358m^3

    V = 0.555555555 X 0.999999999 X 6.83333333
    = 3.79629629 X 12
    = 45.5555555m^3

    V = 2.33333333 X 0.999999999 X 6.83333333
    = 15.9444444 X 12
    = 191.333333m^3

    28.2222222m - 6.27976191m = 21.9424603m

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 5.86309525^2 X 21.9424603
    = 2369.67667m^3

    21.9424603 - (0.666666667 X 2) = 20.609127m
    5.86309525 - (0.666666667 X 2) = 4.52976192m

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 4.52976192^2 X 20.609127
    = 1328.49591

    V = 2369.67667 - 1328.49591
    = 1041.18076/2
    = 520.59038m^3

    Now to add all of that up.

    V = 719.72839 + 200.691358 + 45.5555555 + 191.333333 + 520.59038
    = 1677.89902m^3

    Finally for our energy. It looks pretty violent, so obviously we'll be going with violent fragmentation, which is 69000000 joules per m^3.

    E = 1677.89902 X 69000000
    = 115775032380 joules
    = 27.6708968403442 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Arch Curate Vyrthur destroys the Chantry of Auri-El = 27.671 tons of TNT
  • TTGL

    The spell Meteor calls down a meteorite from the constellations. We have have seen the stars of the constellations to be floating at seemingly unfixed points.


    Even if those are holes to Aetherius or something else, we still have a sense of size and scale, which is similar in scope to our universe. Let's get the timeframe...

    The timeframe is 1.58 seconds. The distance from Earth to the nearest star is 4.22 lightyears, or 3.99234299e16m.

    T = 3.99234299e16m/1.58s
    = 2.52679936e16/299792458
    = 84284954.2 C

    Final Results
    Meteor = 84284954.2 C

    Also keep in mind that there are other attacks and spells that allow for the interaction with stars and the Sun in The Elder Scrolls, such as Auri-El's Bow, Nova and Spear Shards.
  • TTGL
    A post for @MatthewSchroeder for VBW, who's looking over TES stuff.

    The Mundus/Aurbis contains infinite angles, with the line being one future/universe, and each angle adding infinite more futures.
    In Oblivion, the number of dimensions is variable depending on the ruler(s) of said plane.
    [QUOTELoremaster's Archive: The Maelstrom Arena - Part 1"]Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen says, “Ah! The 'Weir Gate' leads, or will lead, to the Slipstream Realm where you mortals have or will establish your Battlespire Academy. Regarding the 'Slipstream' designation: mortals, of course, can only perceive Oblivion and the astronomical regions of the Mundus in terms of their own frames of reference. They 'see' only what they can comprehend, and often that isn't much. Furthermore, what they do comprehend often seems to drive them insane, though the rate of mental deterioration varies with individuals. Twice upon a time, the Imperial Mananauts regularly ventured beyond Nirn, and in doing so learned that the mortal mind is best acclimated to other realities by gentle degrees. This is one of the reasons why Maelstrom seems to resemble aspects of your world—I wished it to be mortal-friendly, or at least friendly enough for mortals to experience my arenas without distorting their mentalities! Anyway, the Mananauts will learn that it's best to train for Oblivion in a transition zone, a place where differing truths can co-exist without conceptual abrasion. At certain points, transliminal forces balance in standing waves, and these regions are designated 'Slipstream Realms.' We haven't actually been to Battlespire yet, have we, my Tutor? Would you please remember forward for me to tell the Quidnunc about this 'Weir Gate'?"[/QUOTE]
    Even lesser Daedra have forms of a higher spatial comprehension than mortals can conceive.
    Divayth Fyr can create extra spatial potions.
    Magic works its way through higher spatial dimensions, and this allows Shadow Mages to travel between worlds by moving at obscure angles.
    Travelling between Mundus and Oblivion requires extra-dimensional materials.
    The Hist attack with 16-D exploding maths that fucks up time and space (sending Kinmune thousands of years back in time) and creates explosions of impossible angles.
    The Skeleton Key exists beyond all dimensions.

    Another reference to infinite dimensions and endless islands.
    Once more moving in strange directions through non-cardinal points.
    Also it's to note that spatial dimensions are a subset of space, Lorkhan (the god of space) originally created all geometric dimensions.
  • TTGL
    Ald'ruhn is absolutely huge.

    And the emperor crabs were wiped out by House Redoran, with Skar (the emperor crab who's corpse made Ald'ruhn) was killed by a perticularly powerful warrior.

    Average height of a man is 1.77m (it's actually a dark elf, but it should serve).

    44 pixels = 1.77m
    1 pixel = 1.77m/44 = 0.0402272727m
    0.0402272727m X 506 = 20.35500m
    0.0402272727m X 1345 = 54.1056818m

    I'll go with the dimensions of a mubcrab for this.
    So that's an average length of 225mm (0.225m) and an average mass of 2kg.

    M2 = (H2/H1)^3*M1
    = (54.1056818/0.225)^3*2
    = 27810645.1kg

    Let's find our energy with GPE.

    E = 20.35500 X 9.807 X 27810645.1
    = 5.55160227e9 joules
    = 1.326864787285 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Skar's minimum energy = >1.326 tons of TNT

    This is just the GPE of his body without including his legs or KE, so his power would certainly be higher. Even standard giants have feats of this level, and Skar is far beyond your garden variety giant.
  • TTGL

    The Greybeards shake the world by speaking, both in the lore and first-hand in game. Todd Howard confirms this happens.
    Looking at my old Steven Universe Cluster calc for help. Circumference of the Earth is 40,075 km. We need half of that, so 20037.5km, or 12450.7252645 miles. Divide it by 5.7 for the amount of time passed.

    T = 12450.7252645/5.7
    = 2184.33777

    Next up is how high a magnitude it would rank as. Given the great rumbling we hear, I'd say it ranks as V (rather strong).

    That would be about a 5 or 6 on the richter scale.

    Creating a nomogram from scratch is too painful to replicate, and none of the programs work for me, so I'll take a shortcut; do this with a shorter nomogram, then times it to get the result needed.

    20037.5/800 = 25.046875
    25.046875 X 1750 = 43832.0312mm

    Mg = log(base10)43832.0312+3log(base10)[5.5*2184.33777]-2.92

    Put that into the earthquake calculator, and we have 5.5113754834575E+25 joules, or 13.1725035455 petatons.

    Final Results
    Greybeards call Dovahkiin = 13.173 petatons

    This is consistent with Dovahkiins Storm Call from the top of High Hrothgar too. Then again, given the whole Alduin being on par with a Dragonbreak, Oblivion Crisis or Planesmeld, this isn't even close to his best in the end.
  • TTGL
    There's a ton of misconceptions about the Tribunals power in The Elder Scrolls. I'll make it clear now; they aren't just powerful warriors or wizards who can destroy countries, they're bonafide gods who can create and destroy entire universes, possibly everything. Let's begin with Sotha Sil. Sotha Sil is the Clockwork God, who created the Clockwork City.

    The Clockwork City exists outside space and time within interdimensional space.
    The stars in the Clockwork City aren't rips the Aetherius, but are actually his memories.
    The Cockwork City is an extension of Sotha Sil.

    Sotha Sil's Clockwork City is a replica of the entire Mundus, where Sotha Sil where he runs experiments to see how he can perfect the world, and reshapes the world from his hidden city.
    The Clockwork City is a Manifest Metaphor.
    Sotha Sil decides what kind of magics do and don't work in his domain.
    Sotha Sil is a master of all materials, including unknown ones.
    Everything that happens in the Clockwork City is a direct manifestation of Sotha Sil's will.
    The Clockwork City is a reality of infinite size, with the Radius only being the innermost layer. There are Wheels within Wheels and Worlds within Worlds. Note that Wheel can also mean Aurbis.

    The stars in the Clockwork City are made of star-data composed of Seht's memories.
    The Clockwork City replicates the mythic structures of the world.
    The Clockwork City can scan the Mundus and create a clockwork duplicate form of anything, alive or not.
    The Clockwork City has the power to not only reshape the entire material plane, but remake or even destroy it.

    After Nocturnals true "form" breaks through the defences, she engulfs the entire Clockwork City in seconds. Divayth Fyr holds her back long enough for Sotha Sil to be reunited with his shadow. Upon gaining his full power back, he banishes Nocturnal from the Clockwork City.

    The Mechanical Heart of Lorkhan (which is a copy of the real Heart of Lorkhan) created by Sotha Sil embues it's users with an infinite amount of magicka. It was made to power the Clockwork City City after Almalexia killed Sotha Sil, as he was doing that before.
    Should the Hero choose to use the Mechanical Heart, the sheer power destroys their body. Note that Sotha Sil and the rest of the Tribunal (as well as Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House) can use the Heart of Lorkhan indefinately.

    The Clockwork City's power is so great that even the Daedric Princes seek it (and it has it's own wards to keep the Daedric Princes out).
    Even to Azura, one of the eight most powerful Daedric Princes, the location of the Clockwork City is hidden.
    Vivec's divine energy was used to energize the entire Clockwork City and light it up. It was so bright that it was seen across universes and dimensions, which is how Barbas found it. Keep in mind that the Clockwork City is infinite in size (as said above), so it would take infinite energy to light it up (also said above).
    Sotha Sil reshapes the Mundus from the Clockwork City.
    Even way back in Morrowind, Vivec existed outside time. When he sleeps, or is even killed in the world of time, all he needs to do again is wake up and he's alive again, and no time has passed.
    Dagoth Ur also thinks outside time.
    Vivec exists in multiple universes simultaneously.
    Vivec battled a manifestation of Dagon. This is confirmed in the Morrowind Prima.

    Aios, the AI who governs the substrata operations of the Clockwork City, classifies Almalexia as an existiantial threat level to the Clockwork City, along with the Numidium. Note that Nocturnal (as the Ur-dra no less) is just moderate.
    And Almalexia did ultimately kill Sotha Sil (abet after the loss of his divine power).

    In order for the Tribunal to ascend to godhood, it took the power of Keening and Sunder, powerful Dwemer artifacts that can alter the laws of reality.
    And if you want a validation for The 36 Lessons of Vivec...here you go.

    There's more in terms of hax, but in terms of power, I think it's pretty clear how strong the Tribunal are. In their prime, Sotha Sil created the Clockwork City, a reality of infinite extent outside space and time in interdimensional space that's a Manifest Metaphor, which is capable of remaking or destroying the entire Mundus. Vivec's divine energy lit up the entire Clockwork City, and Almalexia is considered an existential threat to it. When Nocturnal engulfed the Clockwork City, Sotha Sil banished her when he regained his full power. The Heart of Lorkhan and it's duplicate the Mechanical Heart bestow infinite energy to it's user, and a normal mortal cannot withstand its power without being destroyed. Yet the Tribunal withstood its power for thousands of years, as did Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House (though the later for centuries, not millenia). Even when weakened, the Tribunal held back the power of Dagoth Ur for centuries before the Heart of Lorkhan vanished. Gaining power from the Heart of Lorkhan or removing it involved altering the laws of reality themself. At minimum, the Tribunal are universal+, though they could be a lot higher (multiversal+ or beyond).
  • TTGL
    Someone skilled in destruction can turn enemies to ashes with lightning, and a powerful enough destruction user can turn any enemy to dust. For an ordinary humanoid enemy that's 0.7146 tons of TNT, but we can do a bit better than that, can't we? There are also mammoths, but I can't find the volume for them (and ThanatosSeraph got about 9 tons of TNT for an elephant, so that will serve). And even then, we can go better. Once when I was playing Skyrim, I turned a Dwemer Centurion to ashes.


    We'll go with the last one. The race of the man closest to the Dwarven Centurion is undeterminable, so we'll just go with the average male height of 1.77m.

    537 pixels = 1.77m
    1 pixel = 1.77m/537 = 0.00329608939m
    0.00329608939m X 319 = 1.05145252m

    56 pixels = 1.05145252m
    1 pixel = 1.05145252m/56 = 0.0187759379m
    0.0187759379m X 170 = 3.19190944m
    0.0187759379m X 87 = 1.6335066m
    0.0187759379m X 184 = 3.45477257m
    3.19190944m + 1.6335066m + 3.45477257m = 8.28018861m
    0.0187759379m X 62 = 1.16410815m
    0.0187759379m X 70 = 1.31431565m
    0.0187759379m X 512 = 9.6132802m

    18 pixels = 1.31431565m
    1 pixel = 1.31431565m/18 = 0.0730175361m
    0.0730175361m X 551 = 40.2326624m

    The average weight of the human body per cm^3 is 1.01g. The average global body mass is 62kg. Using sqare law, we'll scale up the volume of the Centurion from an average person.

    M2 = (H2/H1)^3 X M1
    = (8.28018861/1.77)^3 X 62
    = 6347.35193kg

    But we're not done yet, as the Dwemer isn't a thing of flesh, but metal. Given the Dwarves made the Brass God, I think their average anumunculi will be made of brass. Brass weighs 8.4g per cm^3. The density of the human body is 0.89g per cm^3. Looking at my old Atlantis calc for help.

    M = 6347.35193/0.89 X 8.4
    = 59907.5912kg

    I can't find the latent heat of vaporization for brass, but brass is mostly copper. Specific heat of copper is 390, and it's melting point is 1084.62 C.

    E = 59907.5912 X 390 X 1084.62
    = 2.53410189e10 joules

    We'll save that later to add them all together at the end. Latent heat of melting for copper is 206137.

    E = 59907.5912 X 206137
    = 1.23491711e10 joules

    Next for the boiling point.

    E = 59907.5912 X 390 X (2927 - 1084.62)
    = 4.30452937e10 joules

    Finally for vaporization.

    E = 4720692 X 59907.5912
    = 2.82805287e11 joules

    At last for our total energy. There's also a hollowness factor of 0.15, so we'll times it by that.

    E = 2.53410189e10 + 1.23491711e10 + 4.30452937e10 + 2.82805287e11
    = 363540770700 X 0.15
    = 54531115605 joules
    = 13.033249427581 tons of TNT

    Let's also get the energy for the pillar getting knocked down.

    V = lhw
    = 1.16410815 X 1.31431565 X 9.6132802
    = 14.7083722m^3

    Fragmentation of rock per m^3 is 8000000 joules.

    E = 14.7083722 X 8000000
    = 117666978 joules
    = 0.028123082696 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Dovahkiin vaporizes a Dwemer Centurion = 13.033 tons of TNT
    Dwemer Centurion smashes a pillar = 0.0281 tons of TNT
  • TTGL
    Scans from the Battlespire Athenaeum.

    The Battlespire
    The Battlespire resides in a pocket universe, and serves like a space needle. Also, we have the history of the previous games, and the dimension Jagar Tharn sealed Uriel Septim VII in was also a pocket universe (in Arena, we see planets and stars in it, so it's a universe of some extent). On top of that, the Hero of Battlespire is already a powerful mage at the start of the game.

    Once again, Battlespire resides inside a pocket universe.

    Mehrunes Dagon
    Daedric Sigils can be harmful to mortals and other enemies.

    Dagon sent thousands of daedra to deal with you.

    These daedra are unbelievably strong.

    The context behind beating Dagon. Dagon also swears vengance on the Empire, which he gets.

    Confirmation of Chimere's fate, and how Dagon threw his island into Oblivion and cursed him with immortality.

    Dagon has many pocket universes which serve as government centres over other pocket universes.

    The Nocturnals are servants of the Daedric Princess Nocturnal.

    Jaciel Morgen is a luitenent of Nocturnal and is trapped in a Dreamsleeve

    The Shade Perilous is a realm of Nocturnal, who's enemies with Dagon. Also, Angada has a transmorph spell and can look like anyone.

    Jaciel Morgen was trapped in a Dreamsleeve.

    Should Nocturnal and Dagon battle, it would rip open the sky and destroy all mortal things (a fight that Jaciel believes that Nocturnal can win).

    The Ideal Masters
    The Ideal Masters are non-corporeal entities that exist as Platonic Ideals. Also, weak seams between worlds attract lost souls, which get sucked into the Soul Cairn.

    The name of an Ideal Master is so great that you cannot even know it, and one can to any of the outer realms through the Magicka Font so long as you know it's name.

    The Daedric alphabet translation.

    It had additional editing by Bruce Nesmith.
  • TTGL
    After looking at the Skyrim and Oblivion Primas, I've finally gotten the Morrowind Prima scans up! It's not as good as the Oblivion or anywhere near the Skyrim guides, but it's still nice.

    Dagoth Ur
    The introduction, which talks about Dagoth Urs history and his return, as well as a general history of the previous games. It points out that you're far to weak to face Dagoth Ur at the start of the game, and must get stronger and the right tools.

    Sixth House cultists will awaken after receiving dreams from Dagoth Ur.

    Dagoth Ur sustains the existence of the Ash Vampires.

    Dagoth Ur can't die so long as he's connected to the Heart of Lorkhan, and can survive as a disembodied spirit.

    The Tribunal
    Vivec stopped the fall of Baan Dau. Not only that, but it confirms his battle with a manifestation of Mehrunes Dagon, where he gave his sword to the Prince.

    Mount Assarnibibi is said to be the place where Molag Bal oversaw the 99 Lovers of Boethiah giving birth to Almalexia.

    The Dwemer
    The Dwemer had machines that could control the weather.

    Information on the crashed reverse engineered Dwemer airship.

    While M'aiq has some interesting things to say sometimes, what he says about the Dwemer is nonesense (that they were short).

    Ignatius Flaccus restores Dwemer Animunculi and programs them to fight in an arena.

    Hircine fights you in one of his aspects to make the fight fair.

    Long ago, Hircine walked the earth (though this may just be refering to previous Bloodmoons).

    The werewolf ice statues can come to life.

    Creatures & enemies
    The foes of Morrowind.

    The foes of Tribunal.

    The foes of Bloodmoon.

    A list of artefacts.

    Information on Keening & Sunder.

    The acknowledgements section. Not only did Pete Hines edit the prima, but he worked on it hard enough that he has an acknowledgements section.

    Azura stops the ash storms over Mournhold after Almalexia's death.

    Wulf is confirmed to be a manifestation of Tiber Septim, once again confirming that Tiber Septim indeed rose to godhood.

    Reference to the next game, Oblivion.

    Anything you wish for me to look up in it, I'll be happy to do so.
  • TTGL
    A big rant on Alduins power, and some misconceptions about it that I feel need clearing up.

    It's time to address a misconception that I wish to straighten out. I may have said this in the past myself, but thinking over it it's not only incorrect, it's blatantly false. People often talk about Alduin fulfilling his role as the World-Eater, and how he's not doing that in Skyrim, and chooses to rule it instead. This lost him almost all of his power. After my last replay though, and looking at some other evidence, I see no proof of this. Paarthunax says that he tried to claim the lordship of Akatosh, and this caused his doom due to his arrogance of his own power.

    Epilogue (Skyrim)

    Trying to claim the lordship of Akatosh could mean many things, but it does not necessarily means he rejected his own role as World-Eater. Infact, would someone arrogant of their own power throw it away? Given what Paarthunax and the Greybeards say, Alduin is still not only capable of eating the World, but going to do so.

    Skyrim:Elder Knowledge - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)
    Paarthunax is a dragon, who as a child of Akatosh is directly connected to the flow of Time.
    All dragons felt the Elder Scroll which sundered time and cast Alduin out of time. If that's not enough proof of a dragons connection to time, there's also the Wooden Mask, which sends you back in time when worn.

    The powers of the dragon priests were granted to them by the dragons.

    Lore:The Dragon War - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)
    So we can conclude that a dragons connection to time is unfeigned, and Paarthunax's quote about time ending is true (what reason does Paarthunax have to lie in anycase?). So then how powerful is Alduin in Skyrim?

    Word of god compares Alduin's return in scope to a planesmeld, Oblivion Invasion or Dragon Break, as beings of mythological levels can change reality in big ways. And the destruction of the World so a new one can be made is a pretty big change to reality. Some may say that Alduin does this through his nature of being World-Eater rather than raw power, and to this I point out that these changes are done by "those who can channel magicka and force their will upon it." So the power to change reality is done by channelling magical energy to enforce your will upon reality, and the stronger you are, the more you can do this. This directly ties into how powerful a character is, regardless of their nature.

    Defeating Alduin requires learning Dragon Rend from the original ancient heroes who created the words of power (who were the first humans to make words in the dragon tonge, which would make them pretty powerful, but more on that later). This shout enforces the concept of mortality on a dragon.
    This shout was used against Alduin by the three ancient heroes, but when it failed, they cast him out of time with the Elder Scroll.

    Skyrim:Alduin's Bane - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)
    "But this was not enough."
    "It's no use!"

    Even with dragonrend, this is not enough to defeat Alduin. You need to be comparable in power to Alduin as well as having dragonrend to defeat him. Dragonrend makes him vunerable, but it still requires someone of great strength to defeat him. Without it, he's invincible. Odahviing comes to you because he feels that you actually have the power to challenge Alduin. On top of that, Alduin is by far the most powerful of dragons, and the other dragons (even together) didn't dare defy him.

    Skyrim:Odahviing - The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP)
    Upon defeating him, Alduin even acknowledges your strength before he flees.
    Dovahkiins power is so great by the end of the game that Alduin himself fears you.

    Note also the World-Eater fears you. One of the three writers for the prima was one of the Skyrim developers, and it was edited by other Skyrim developers and a bunch of Skyrim writers added additional writing to the Skyrim Prima, which is licenced to Bethesda, so this is accurate. I don't think Alduin has forsaken his role as World-Eater if he's being refered to as such. it refers to him as such again below.
    Unless the three heroes got stronger in Sovenguarde, you were the one pulling most the punches in the battle against Alduin, both times around.

    Paarthunax was helpless against Alduin and got effortlessly defeated. The Prima also confirms he's a god.

    So to conclude, is there any evidence that Alduin was in any way incredibly weakened during the events of Skyrim? Unless there's something I haven't seen, no there isn't. Infact, the only argument I've seen for Alduin being super weak in Skyrim seems to be based purely from argument from belief rather than any source. Not even some vague poem from 5000 years ago or OOG works implies he's super weakened that I've seen (which I've made a point here of not basing this argument off, though that isn't to say they're completely irrelivant). If there is evidence of this, I request that it gets posted rather than people saying it's true with no proof. While he can still get stronger by devouring the souls of the dead, word of god explicitly compares him in scope to cosmic-scale events like a planesmeld, Oblivion Invasion or Dragon Break. What's more, Dragonrend is needed to defeat Alduin, as otherwise he's invincible to all attacks, and even then someone of power comparable to his own is then needed to defeat him rather than just anyone.
  • TTGL
    An aspect of an insane feat that I thought of another impressive aspect to;
    Without the aid of an extra-dimensional artifact or Daedric entity, gates to Oblivion will close in an infinitesimally small period of time. An infinitesimally small fraction of time very much sounds like the planck instance, which is 5.39106e-44th of a second. This is due to the Divine Barriers created by the Aedra and Towers.
    The average height of a man is 1.77m.

    56 pixels = 1.77m
    1 pixel = 1.77m/56 = 0.0316071429m
    0.0316071429m X 380 = 12.0107143m

    T = 12.0107143m/5.39106e-44s
    = 2.22789476e44/299792458
    = 7.431457e35 C

    Final Results
    Barriers close unsustained gates = 7.431457e35 C
  • TTGL
    An absolutely insane feat that was hiding in plain sight all along; the energy to sustain portals between Mundus and Oblivion.
    This is part of the plot of Oblivion how the sigil stones, which usually run out of energy and can only last a few minutes at maximum (unless they recharge over time) can maintain gates indefinately that have to be forced shut.
    Opening a gate to Oblivion requires a tremendous amount of power in order to put enough energy into each infinitesimally small fraction of time in order to maintain said gates. Under non-invasion conditions, it lasts at best for several minutes. When a sigil stone is removed, the gate instantly collapses on itself.

    The energy to maintain a gateway is absolutely colossal. An infinitesimally small sounds very much like the planck instance, which is 5.39106e-44th of a second. Assuming one joule every instance gets 5.39106 FOE.

    And looking at a standard gate, it takes a lot more than 1 joule a second.

    And if you question this level of power, keep in mind that the energy in a sigil stone was enough to destroy a pocket dimension of Coldharbour.

    Final Results
    Energy to sustain a gate to Oblivion (per second) = >5.391 FOE

    Keep in mind also that people like Shalidor and Divayth Fyr can open portals to Oblivion at will with raw power.
  • TTGL

    Aranias has a power that allows her to reshape the landscape, even to the point of lifting entire islands from the sea. Below is another example;

    At first this seemed hard, but there is a way we can scale (about 7:00 into the above video). The average height of a woman is 64.6 inches, or 1.64084m.

    142 pixels = 1.64084m
    1 pixel = 1.64084m/142 = 0.0115552113m
    0.0115552113m X 259 = 2.99279973m

    127 pixels = 2.99279973m
    1 pixel = 2.99279973m/127 = 0.0235653522m
    0.0235653522m X 471 = 11.0992809m

    31 pixels = 11.0992809m
    1 pixel 11.0992809m/31 = 0.358041319m
    0.358041319m X 641 = 229.504485m
    229.504485m/2 = 114.752242m

    The average depth of the ocean is 12,100 feet, or 3.68808km (3688.08m). Volume as a cylinder.

    V = πr2h
    = π X 114.752242^2 X 3688.08
    = 152571201m^3
    = 1.52571201e+14cm^3

    The average density of oceanic crust is 3.0g/cm^3.

    M = 1.52571201e+14 X 3
    = 4.57713603e14g
    = 457713603000kg

    We'll get our energy with GPE.

    E = 1844.04 X 9.807 X 457713603000
    = 8.27752178e15 joules
    = 1.97837518642 megatons

    Final Results
    Aranias raises Silatar= 1.978 megatons

    Well, that was a lot less than I expected...still impressive though. Also, though the landreshaping skill is unique to Aranais (though there are different kinds of earth-shaping magic), her raw power isn't; Andor has more raw power than she does (prior to her becoming the Wilderqueen).
    And master wizards like Shalidor, Diyath Fyr and Neloth are far more powerful than either of them.
  • TTGL
    A friend pointed this out to me; you see near giant camps the remains of those foolish enough to bother them.

    Multiple examples of some poor bastard being crushed under a huge boulder. Dimensions of a human skull is below.

    35 pixels = 21cm
    1 pixel = 21cm/35 = 0.6cm
    0.6cm X 772 = 463.2cm
    463.2cm/2 = 231.6cm (2.316m)
    0.6cm X 585 = 351cm
    351cm/2 = 175.5cm (1.755m)

    Volume as an ellispoid.
    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 2.316 X 1.755 X 1.755
    = 29.8800559m^3

    I'll go with granite for now, which weighs 2.6 tons/m^3.

    M = 29.8800559 X 2.6
    = 77.6881453 tons (77688.1453kg)

    For our energy we'll go with GPE. For the total height, we'll also add on the height of a giant. As in a previous calc, the average height of a giant is 7.42400m. Looking at TheBlueDashs' Leone lifts a rock calc for help.

    E = 7.42400m X 9.807 X 77688.1453kg
    = 5656253.85 joules
    = 0.001351877115201 tons of TNT

    Final Result
    Giant crushes person with boulder = 0.001 tons of TNT

    Giants can not only pick up these boulders, but throw them considerable distances, so this would ultimately be higher.