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Viewing blog entries in category: Toriko Calculations

  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/toriko/312/8


    I am just going to scale the area of effect from Bambina's leg swipe. Its just simple scaling.

    To scale the AOE first we need the radius. I am not going to paint a big circle. Those are messy & hard to draw. Instead I am going to use the formula below.

    Here in the scan,

    Height H = 45 pixel

    Width W = 499 pixel

    So, R = (H/2)+(W^2/8H)

    R = 714.16944 pixel

    So Radius of Toriko Earth = 714.16944 pixel = 35014.08748 kilometers

    Diameter of aeo = 286 pixel = 14021.92308 kilometers

    Total Area of effect = 154420531.3150071 kilometer^2

    Lets calc its speed or velocity too while we are at it. Here we can see Toriko's hand is very close to ground when bambina swung his tail & here his hand on ground after the swing already finished destroying our satellites.You can argue against it but I think the feat is pretty clear cut here. Anyway whether it gets accepted or not is something we can discuss later.

    Toriko = 29 pixel = 2.2 meter

    Rope Height (up to 2nd line) = 13 pixel = 0.986206896 meter

    Here in this scan again,

    Rope Height (up to 2nd line) = 89 pixel = 0.986206896 meter

    Distance Fell = 8 pixel = 0.088647810 meter

    Freefall Time ,

    Here gravity g = 9.8*100 [Its 100g mountain]

    So, time t = sqrt((2*0.088647810)/(9.8*100))

    t = 0.0134504237 second

    Expansion Velocity = ((14021.92308/2)*1000)/0.0134504237 meter/second

    Expansion Velocity = 521244657.95261391 meter/second

    Expansion Speed = Mach 1519663.725809 or 1.73868 C

    I will probably calc lifting velocity too but next before next morning.

    Final Tally

    Total Area of effect = 154420531.3150071 kilometer^2
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/toriko/301/7


    Before starting first I need the mass of the mountain.Author already told us its heights. We will start there. Now there are two scan showing its full size. I am going to scale both & use average.

    Mountain Height = 708 pixel = 1500 meter

    Mountain Base Diameter = 1067.6553 pixel = 2262.622792 meter


    Mountain Height = 46.61554 pixel = 1500 meter

    Mountain Base Diameter = 155.708060 pixel = 5010.4010547 meter

    Big difference. I didn't expect the difference to be this big.Now I am sceptical about using the average.If you have any problem then give a shout.

    Average Mountain Base Diameter = (2262.622792+5010.4010547)/2 meter

    Average Mountain Base Diameter = 3636.51192 meter

    Mountain Base Radius = D/2 = 1818.25596 meter

    I am going to calc the volume by modelling it as cone.

    V = 1/3*pi*1818.25596^2*1500 meter^3

    V = 5193138646.73364 meter^3

    Granite Density = 2750 kg/meter^3

    Mountain Mass = 14281131278517.521915 kg

    Now I need the acceleration. Author said it moved at Mach - 1 without losing any speed. Does that mean the acceleration stopped after it reached 340 meter/second midway.In that case the speed of it right after he threw it is 340 m/s which is both our initial & final velocity.

    a = v^2/(2d)

    Here, v = 340 m/s

    d = 1 meter (Arm length of Bambina.He is almost as tall as Toriko who is huge)

    a = 57800 m/s^2

    We know , Force = mass*acceleration

    Force = 825449387898312766.687 Newton

    From the scan I think he moved his hand more or less at 60 degree angle during the throw.

    60 degree = 1.0471975512 rad

    His Hand Moved S = r*theta = 1.0471975512 meter

    Now lets calc how much work he did to throw it.We know

    W = F*S

    W = 864408577646652043.8863233 Joules or 206.59860 Megatons

    Lets also calc the Kinetic Energy of the Mountain.

    K.E = 825449387898312766.687 Joules or 197.2871385 Megatons

    Final Tally

    Force to throw = 825449387898312766.687 Newton

    Work done to throw = 206.59860 Megatons of TNT

    Kinetic Energy of the Mountain = 197.2871385 Megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    http://v2012.[Blocked Domain]/manga/Toriko/c287/2


    I am not going to give a big explanation. I had one all written up but lost it due to electricity failure.When Toriko & Horse king clashed it created a big shock wave. Herculas used Horse Kick & Toriko fork.That's what I am calculating.

    Toriko world circumference = 448 pixel = 220000 km

    Area eight Length = 68 pixel = 33392.85714 km

    Area eight width = 39.6232 pixel = 19457.83395 km

    Area eight width = 207.6246 pixel = 19457.83395 km

    Shock wave Diameter = 35.6089 pixel

    Shock wave Radius = 17.80449 pixel = 1668.57290 km

    Putting 275000000 megatons in Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator I got radius 1667.8 kilometres for Air blast radius (near-total fatalities).

    Shock wave Energy = 275 teratons

    Not that impressive feat from characters of this weight class. I am a bit disappointed too.

    Now their clash also shook the continent. People that reside in Bewitching food world thought it was an earth quake.

    http://v2012.[Blocked Domain]/manga/Toriko/c287/3

    I am going to use the method GM used to calc Whitebeard's quake energy.I am also going to use the first image to scale the distance.

    Area seven Length = 1450 pixel = 33392.85714 km

    Distance from Bewitching to Horse hill = 836 pixel = 19252.709359 km

    Now straight from GM's calc but inputting my numbers.

    Final Tally

    Shock wave Energy = 275 teratons of TNT

    Earth quake Energy = 2.2885 teratons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/toriko/224/4


    Allright this calc is pretty simple.Grinpatch used his breath missile on Coco which made a big crater on the ground.First I am going to need crater's diameter.

    We happen to know Cooking Stadium has an area of 35 square kilometers.

    Stadium Area = pir^2 = 35 km^2 = 3.5e+7 m^2

    Stadium Radius, r = sqrt(35000000/pi) = 3337.7905 meter.

    Now Stadium Diameter = 383 px

    Stadium Radius = 191.5 px = 3337.7905 meter.

    Stadium Flashlight = (11+10)/2 = 10.5 px = 183.0120 meter.

    Now here,

    Stadium Flashlight = 66 px = 183.0120 meter.

    Gallery Height = 12.5299 px = 34.744 meter


    Gallery Height = 19 px = 34.744 meter

    Crater Diameter = 412 px = 753.4060 meter

    Crater Radius = 376.7030 meter

    Now we need crater depth. As per Coco's explanation the attack made its way through who knows how many ten thousands of meters.But he also said Grinpatch used it more than once. I am going to assume he made Ten thousand meter depth per one attack.Its a pretty normal assumption based on their power level.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/toriko/259/3

    Crater Depth = 10000 meter

    Crater Volume = pi*r^2*h = 4458081774.03150 m^3

    The ground was completely pulverized so 214.35 j/cc.

    Energy = 4458081774.03150*1000000*214.35

    Energy = 955589828263653123.7008556 Joules

    Energy = 228.39145035 megatons

    Final Tally

    Breath Missile = 228.3914 Megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    Scaling is here.


    Now while calcing Brohan didn't take Center of mass into equation so.

    Height from Ground = 60.535 meter.

    PE = 769508877774.8411325 J.

    Now the feat is nothing less than Violent Fragmentation & from SD.net I gather destroying Iron is lot harder than rock so using 120 j/cc is more than reasonable.

    Rock destroying Energy = 29874358800000 J

    Total Energy = 7.324060152 kiloton.

    Kinda messy & short but I think you guys got the general idea.