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Viewing blog entries in category: TV Series & Film

  • Sherlōck
    In Episode S14E18 after killing Mary Winchester Jack was flying around aimlessly. Sam to a tracker on Jack so he could track Jacks location.

    Now Jack flew from Lima, Peru to France in seconds. Jack's tracking signal vanished from Lima at 5:13 and reappeared on Paris at 5:14 (yes I counted the frame as well). So it took him One seconds.

    The distance between two points is 6371 miles.

    Flying Speed = 6371/1 = 6371 miles/sec

    Speed of sound = 343 meter/sec

    Jack Flying Speed = Mach 30130.57

    Final Tally

    Jack Flying Speed = Mach 30130.57

  • Sherlōck

    DC Legends of Tomorrow S03E08

    Size of Midwestern US,


    Total area = (199729+116096+183108+200365+180530+225163+250493+213100+145746+94321+149932+169640) km^2

    Total area pi*r^2 = 2128223 km^2

    Radius r, = 823.0640 kilometers

    Inputting the value in Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator we get yield. Thanks to @Shiba Miyuki for the results.

    Supergirl survived it point blank & was only knocked out for few minutes. There wasn't any visible injury.

    Final Tally

    Supernova Energy [Low End] = 1.708 Teratons
    Supernova Energy [Mid End] = 32.35 Teratons
    Supernova Energy [High End] = 158.2 Teratons

    All calc related discussion goes here.
  • Sherlōck
    So after Non failed with Myriad to control peoples mind he raised the frequency so that all the humans would die. He was using it from Fort Rozz. As usual after Supergirl beat the villain there was no time to shut it down so she lift it up to space so that the wave wouldn't harm anyone anymore. Pretty simple.

    Now,I ain't going to calc the kinetic energy here rather the work done by Melissa to lift it up.

    First we need the weight. According to General Lane it weighted one million tons.So I ain't going to bother calcing it anymore .

    1 US tons = 907.185 kg

    10,00,000 tons = 907184740 kg

    Now that we have that out of the way now we need distance. Melliasa said she would lift it up to space.


    Distance = 100 km = 100*1000 = 1,00,000 meter

    Great. Now we need time. She started lifting it at 32:51 & released it at 33:38 so 48 seconds more or less.Now,

    Acceleration a = 2s/t^2 = (2*1,00,000)/48^2

    Acceleration a = 86.8055 meter/second^2

    Now ,

    F = 907184740*86.8055 = 78748675347.2222 Newton

    Lets calc the work done by Supergirl,

    W = 78748675347.2222*1,00,000 Joules

    W = 7874867534722222.2262541544 Joules

    W = 1.882138512 Megatons

    Not bad. :hm

    Final Tally

    Supergirl lifts Fort Rozz = 1.8821 Megatons
  • Sherlōck
    She really does,doesn't she? :cat

    Anyway in the latest Supergirl episode Olson took Supergirl to Fortress of Solitude. As many of you know to enter there you need a key. The key was stated by Olson to weigh millions of tons.


    I am going to take Olson's comment as face value. He hanged around with Superman so Clarke must have told him that at some point.

    1 US tons = 907.185 kg

    10,00,000 tons = 907184740 kg

    I am going to calculate Potential Energy to lift the key. For that I need height she lifted it up.


    Going by the image posted she lifted it up at least to her shoulder height.


    Melissa Benoist = 1593 pixel = 1.73 meter

    Height to Shoulder = 1353 pixel = 1.4693 meter

    Now,lets get to to work.

    Here, Potential Energy = 1.4693596986817326*907184740*9.8 joules

    Potential Energy = 13063210822.907646 joules

    Potential Energy = 3.122182319 tons

    Not that impressive when you put a number beside it,is it?

    Final Tally

    Melissa Benoist lifts the key = 3.122182319 tons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    I don't think I have to explain anything here. Everyone here possibly has already seen the movie.

    Why Iron man too? Cause Thor couldn't bring it down alone so Stark did some sciency thingy to help destroy it.

    First of all the depth here was 2380. Now is it meter or feet is anyone's guess. Americans like to use feet or so I have been told. But it can also be meter . So I will be doing both.

    Also someone already did this but he didn't use any scaling cause the movie wasn't still out.Now it is.

    Feet Scaling


    Depth = 184 pixel = 2380 feet

    Diameter = 469 pixel = 6066.413043 feet

    Distance from panel to city = 476 pixel = 6156.95652 feet

    City Volume = 2/3*pi*r^3 = 45860578936.4568 feet^3

    Or City Volume = 1298626978.7308 meter^3

    Granite Density is 2650 kg/meter^3

    Mass = 1298626978.7308397*2650 = 3441361493636.725205 kg

    Now this happened in the same panel so I don't think there is any problem scaling like this way.


    Fragment Traveled = 476-424 pixel = 52 pixel = 672.60869 feet = 205.01112 meter

    It took 18 frames to clear that distance.Video is 24 FPS.

    So,Time frame = 1/24*18 = 0.75 second

    Velocity = 205.01112/.75 = 273.34816 meter/second

    Kinetic Energy = .5mv^2 = 128567917378617471.9790512970 Joules

    Kinetic Energy = 30.728469737 Megatons

    Meter Scaling

    Using same scans.

    Depth = 184 pixel = 2380 meter

    Diameter = 469 pixel = 6066.413043 meter

    Distance from panel to city = 476 pixel = 6156.95652 meter

    City Volume = 2/3*pi*r^3 = 45860578936.4568 meter^3

    Granite Density is 2650 kg/meter^3

    Mass = 45860578936.4568*2650 = 121530534181610.52 kg

    Now this happened in the same panel so I don't think there is any problem scaling like this way.

    Fragment Traveled = 476-424 pixel = 52 pixel = 672.6086 meter

    It took 18 frames to clear that distance.Video is 24 FPS.

    So,Time frame = 1/24*18 = 0.75 second

    Velocity = 672.6086/.75 = 896.811594202 meter/second

    Kinetic Energy = .5mv^2 = 48871744285358190450.96318615 Joules

    Kinetic Energy = 11.68062 Gigatons

    Final Tally

    Destruction of Sokovia [Feet Scaling] = 30.7284 Megatons of TNT

    Destruction of Sokovia [Meter Scaling] = 11.68062 Gigatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    Not trying to steal Taco's thunder or anything but I am currently watching the series so I thought why not.I am going to calc a speed feat.

    Maximizer's Beam Speed

    Levira created a technology that can make more than one monster giant. She used it in first episode after her monster got beat.She fired it from space to earth. Her Ship was a long way away from earth. The beam reached earth very quickly.

    First I am going to angsize the distance from her ship to earth.

    Object Size = 35 pixel = 12,742 km

    Panel Height = 360 pixel

    object degree size = 2*atan(35/(360/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 7.788887168806

    Now putting the object degree size & earth diameter into Angular Size Calculator I got,

    Distance = 9.3587e+4 km

    Now for timeframe it took the beam 3 frame to reach earth. The Video is 23.976 FPS. So,

    Timeframe = 1/23.976*3 = 0.1251251 seconds

    Beam Speed = Distance/time = 747947304.0000 meter/second

    Beam speed = Mach 2199845.01176

    Not sure if it applies to anyone or not yet. Probably just a waste of time.

    I also wanted to calc the speed of their megazord & found its already listed in here. To be honest I was throughly disappointed cause actual calc would have given much more impressive speed.

    Final Tally

    Beam speed = 2.49488 C
  • Sherlōck
    Speed of Yondu's Arrow

    Unlike its Comic counterpart Yondu uses an arrow that he can control by whistling. When he was surrounded by alliens after he fell on Xander he uses his arrow to kill all his enemy. I am now going to calc its speed. Its not going to be as impressive but who cares?

    First I am going to scale the small spaceship Ronan's minion use.I am going to try to scale it from the aline closest to it to get more accurate scalling.

    Aline = 17 pixel = 1.7 meter

    Spaceship = 89 pixel = 8.9 meter

    Now I am going to use the ship's length to scale the distance arrow moved.

    Spaceship = 111.30588 pixel = 8.9 meter

    Distance Moved = 204.32620 pixel = 16.33788 meter

    Now that we have distance we need the timeframe. It took 18 frame for the arrow to cross that distance. The Video is 23.976 FPS.

    Timeframe = 1/23.976*18 = 0.75075 second

    Arrow Speed = 16.33788/0.75075 = 21.76206 meter/second

    Korath's Gun's Power

    When Korath & Quill met for the first time they engaged in a little skirmish.Korath fired his weird gun & blew a hole through the wall. I am going to calc the energy behind it.

    I am going to use Orb alter to scale the hole. Problem is I didn't find any clear scan to scale the alter. But I can guess a rough estimation based on when Quill stood close to it. The actor that played Quill is 1.88 meter tall. I can safely say at minimum it height was 1.5 meter.

    Orb alter = 234 pixel = 1.5 meter

    Hole Average Diameter = (249+219)/2 = 234 pixel = 1.5 meter

    Hole Depth = 41 pixel = 0.24529 meter

    To find the volume I am going to model the hole as cylinder.

    Cylinder Volume = πr^2h

    Hole Volume = 0.433479 meter^3

    The whole volume was violently fragmented so I am going to use 120 j/cc.

    Gun Bullet Energy = 0.433479*1000000*120

    Gun Bullet Energy = 52017524.51424 Joules

    Don't remember if anyone took a hit from it or not.

    Final Tally

    Gun Bullet Energy = 11.28 kg of TNT

    Arrow Speed = 21.76206 meter/second
  • Sherlōck
    In the last episode of Season 10 we learned that there was a planet heading towards Earth. Clark stopped that planet on its course just before it hit the Earth & send it outside the Solar System. I am going to calc the Kinetic Energy of the planet Clark stopped.

    First time we saw the Planet was in background of Saturn & was timestamped 7 years ago. So it took 7 years for the planet to reach the Earth.That's our time frame.

    One year is generally 365 days but in seven years the possibility of having a leap year is twice. I am going to consider two leapyears & five normal years as timeframe.

    One leap Year = 366 days.

    One Normal Year = 365 days

    Total Number of Days = (5*365)+(366*2) = 2557 days

    We know,One Day = 24 hours & One Hour = 3600 seconds

    So,Total Time frame = (2557*3600*24) = 220924800 seconds

    Now,for Distance we are going to use distance from Saturn to Earth.Why? Cause the first time we saw it it was right behind Saturn.

    Distance Traveled = 1.2 billion kilometers

    Distance Traveled = 1,200,000,000,000 meters

    Planet Velocity = 1200000000000/220924800 meter/second

    Planet Velocity = 5431.7125 meter/second

    Now that we have Planet speed lets calc its volume & mass.In the scan below we see Saturn in the foreground & the planet in the background.So there is no possibility of inflation here.Just simple scalling.

    Satrun Diameter = 477.5 pixel = 116464 km

    Planet Diameter = 384.5 pixel = 93780.9591 km

    For mass I am going to use Planetary Parameter Calculator. Plugging the diameter & 1g gravity in the Calculator I got Mass = 3.231E+26 kg.

    Kinetic Energy = .5*m*v^2

    Kinetic Energy = 3.231E+26*.5*5431.712^2

    Kinetic Energy = 4766290553395021273179885861727743.24678 Joules

    Kinetic Energy = 1.1391 yottatons

    As I have said before he stopped the planet completely & pushed it away.

    Final Tally

    Kinetic Energy of the Planet = 1.13917 yottatons of TNT (YtTNT)
  • Sherlōck
    In the pilot episode of The Flash (2014) TV Series Flash (Barry Allen) stops a tornado created by another Metahuman. I am going to calc the energy of the Tornado.Lets Get to it.

    First need to find the volume of the tornado.

    Grant Gustin (Flash) = 68 pixel = 1.88 meter.

    Tornado lower part Diameter = 299 pixel = 8.2664 meter

    Now full tornado was never on the scene but we do got a live tornado diagram from the STAR Lab. I am going to use it to scale the tornado.

    Now the Tornado has two part.Upper & lower & both are shaped differently.I am going to calc their volume separately & then add them.

    Tornado lower part Diameter = 18.35 pixel = 8.2664 meter

    Tornado lower part Height = 80.77 pixel = 36.3859 meter

    Tornado Lower Part Volume (Cylinder) = pi*r^2*h

    Tornado Lower Part Volume (Cylinder) = 36.38598*pi*(8.2664/2)^2 meter^3

    Tornado Lower Part Volume (Cylinder) = 1952.8289 meter^3

    Now ,Upper part of the tornado is shaped as truncated cone.

    Top Part Diameter 1 = 44.2831 pixel = 19.9476 meter

    Top Part Radius r1 = 9.9738 meter

    Top Part Diameter 2 = 61.93 pixel = 27.8987 meter

    Top Part Radius r2 = 13.9493 meter

    Top Part Height = 76.32 pixel = 34.3813 meter

    Tornado Upper Part Volume (Cylinder) = 1/3*pi*h*(r1^2 + r2^2 + r1*r2)

    Tornado Upper Part Volume (Cylinder) = 1/3*pi*34.3813*(9.97^2 + 13.94^2 + 9.97*13.94)

    Tornado Upper Part Volume (Cylinder) = 15579.1633 meter^3

    Total Tornado Volume = 15579.1633+1952.8289 = 17531.9922 meter^3

    Density of air = 1.29 kg/m^3

    Mass of Air in Tornado = 22616.2700 kg

    Speed of the air? It was said in the show that the speed was 200 miles per hour & rising. Well not sure how much it rose but lets stick to 200 miles per hour as low end.

    Air Velocity = 200 mph = 89.408 meter/second

    The equation for rotational kinetic energy of Tornado is, K.E=mv^2/4

    K.E = 22616.2700*89.408^2/4

    K.E = 45197430.9609 Joules

    K.E = 0.010802445 tons of TNT or 9.8 kg of TNT

    It was said in the show to stop the tornado The Flash would need to move at 700 miles per hour or 312.928 meter per second. Almost the speed of sound.

    Final Tally

    Kinetic Energy of Tornado = 9.8 Kilograms of TNT

    Speed of Flash = 312.92 meter per second
  • Sherlōck
    I didn't even know I had this movie in my hard disk. I was bored so I decided to watch it. I just fast forwarded the movie & finished it in 20 minute at best.

    Anyway in this movie Superman moves the moon in front of earth & cause a solar eclipse cause his clone was getting power from the sun.Anyway its a simple enough calculation.

    Moon Diameter = 393 pixel = 3476 kilometers

    Distance Moved = 54 pixel = 468.7735 kilometers.

    It took 32 frame to close that distance. The video is 23.976 FPS. So,

    Timeframe = 1/23.976*32 = 1.3346 second.

    Moon Velocity = 351.2285 kilometer/second.

    Moon Mass = 7.34767309*10^22 kilograms

    Now lets calc the kinetic Energy of moon.

    KE = 4532100242493948633279521400971796.2769256 Joules

    KE = 1.08319795471 yottatons of TNT (YtTNT)

    Question is Man of Steel (Movie) Superman remotely this strong? I don't think so.
  • Sherlōck
    At the episode Bizarro (Season-7,Episode-1) Clark vaporizes a large amount of water with his heat wave.Lets see how much energy he needed to do it.

    Clark & Phantom were fighting in the woods.The trees there were exceptionally huge.Why do we need tree height? To scale the water volume. Anyway I am going to assume 5 meter for tree height.Seems reasonable for for me after seeing a few part of the forest.

    Tree Height = 157 pixel = 5 meter

    Water Width = 428 pixel = 13.6305 meter

    Water depth = 198 pixel = 6.3057 meter.

    Now we need length. For this I am going to angsize.

    Object Size = 58 pixel

    Panel Height = 624 pixel

    Object degree size = 2*atan(58/(624/tan(70/2)))

    Object degree size = 7.447503821118

    Putting angle & size in the ang calculator I got distance 104.72 meter.

    Water Length = 104.72 meter

    Water Volume = L*W*D

    Water Volume = 9000.76238 meter^3

    Water Density = 1000 kg/m^3

    Water Volume = 9000762.3838695 kg

    Water vaporization is 2615810 J/kg

    Heat Wave DC = 2615810*9000762.3838695 Joules

    Heat Wave DC = 23544284251349.75039 Joules

    Heat Wave DC = 5.62721898 kilotons

    Final Tally

    Heat Wave DC = 5.62721898 kilotons
  • Sherlōck
    We have been talking a lot about Deathlocks (AOS) feat courtesy of Captain America (MCU) threads for powerscalling. I decided to calc the bulldozer feat & his speed feat in recent episode.

    1 - Bulldozer Feat

    First we need the distance he pushed the bulldozer.It was not easy to scale because there are no good scan & I don't know what type of bulldozer it was which would have made the scalling far easy.

    First I am going to scale the cusion or red bag that Mike was using to push the bulldozer.

    Deathlock = 349.8128 pixel = 1.91 meter

    Red Mitt = 202.5956 pixel = 1.1061 meter

    Now I am going to use this Red Mitt or whatevers length to scale the distance the bulldozer was pushed.From the scan below you will see I scaled it up to the instructor.Cause that's the distance he covered.

    Red Mitt = 16.7630 pixel = 1.1061 meter

    Distance Crossed = 390.7902 pixel = 25.78803 meter

    Well the Mike stopped at the place where instructor was standing so it went additional distance equal to its length which is 4.9483 meter.

    Total Distance Crossed = 25.78803+4.9483 = 30.7363 meter

    Now for timeframe the feat started at 05:13 & ended at 05:29. So it took 16 seconds.We need acceleration.

    S = Ut+.5at^2

    => .5at^2 = S-Ut

    => at^2 = 2(S-Ut)

    => a = 2(S-Ut)/t^2

    => a = 2 (30.7363-0.16)/16^2

    => a = 0.238877 m/s^2

    Now that's disappointing.I thought it was faster than this. Anyway now we need the weight of the bulldozer. I don't know its type so I don't know its weight. But bulldozer weight on average is generally above 17 tons or 15594.959 kg.So,

    Force = ma

    F = 15594.959*0.238877 Newtons

    F = 3725.2823 Newtons

    Lets calc the work was done here,

    Work = Force*Distance

    W = 3725.2823*30.7363 Joules

    W = 114501.3968 Joules

    W = 0.02483 kg of TNT

    Small Building level. Just what I expected.And thanks to Darth Niggatron for pointing out a mistake in previous calc.

    2 - Deathlocks Speed

    In order to chase Skye Deathlock Jumped over her car.I am going to calc the speed of his jump.

    Deathlock = 55 px = 1.91 meter

    Jump Height = 225 px = 7.8136 meter

    It took 8 frame for him to cross the distance. The video is 24 FPS.So,

    Timeframe = (1/24*8) = 0.3333 seconds

    Jump Speed = (7.8136/0.333) = 23.4409 meter/seconds

    Final Tally

    Bulldozer Pushing Force = 3725.2823 Newtons

    Bulldozer Pushing Work = 114501.3968 Joules or 0.02483 kg of TNT

    Jump Speed = 23.4409 meter/seconds
  • Sherlōck
    From the first time I started seeing "Doctor Who" from 2005 series I wondered how big was Time Lords planet. At last in the episode "End of time part two" I saw Gallifrey right next to Earth. This was possibly the best showing of Gallifrey in relation to its size.Lets see how big it was.

    First Scan

    In this scan we can see Gallifrey next to Earth. But it was closer to our point of view than the Earth itself.

    Earth Diameter = 123 pixel = 12,742 km

    Gallifrey Diameter = 300 pixel = 31,078.0487 km.

    Second Scan

    In this scan Gallifrey was directly behind Earth.So the Earth was closer to our point of view this time.

    Earth Diameter = 125 pixel = 12,742 km

    Gallifrey Diameter = 281 pixel = 28,644.016 km.

    Since we have two different size from two different prospective I am going to use average of these two diameter.

    Average Diameter = (31,078.0487+28644.016)/2

    Average Diameter = 29861.0323 kilometer.

    Plugging the diameter & 1g gravity here we got its GBE 2.878E+33 Joules.

    GBE of Gallifrey = 687.858508604 zettatons

    Final Tally

    Gallifrey Diameter = 28,644.016 km.

    Gallifrey GBE = 687.8585 zettatons of TNT (ZtTNT)
  • Sherlōck
    In Season 4 Episode 4 there is a nice speed feat of Eric. Although I am not satisfied with scalling I am still rolling with it.

    In the episode after he lost his memory Eric was making fun with Sookie. In a scene he ran away very quickly just for fun. Well he was high on Fairies blood so there's that.That's the feat I am going to calc today.

    For distance I am going to have to angle size how much distance Eric covered. I am not satisfied cause I think the distance is lot more than what I got.

    Panel Height = 405 px

    Eric [Alexander Skarsg?rd] = 74 px = 1.94 meter

    As we know,

    object degree size = 2*atan(74/(405/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 14.58153264884

    Putting the degree size in angular calculator I got distance = 7.5817 meter

    The whole scene took place in 4 frame & the video is 23.976215 FPS.

    Timeframe = 0.1668320041340971 seconds

    Eric's Speed = 7.5817/0.1668320041340971

    Eric's Speed = 45.44511 m/s

    There are much more impressive speed feat in the series.This is one of the low end showing.

    Final Tally

    Eric Northman's Speed = 45.44511 m/s
  • Sherlōck
    In Season - 5 episode 18 we got to know Nautica daughter of Triton.When she was born Poseidon gave her a heart which kept the seas warm.It was said multiple times that if she leaves the sea for a long period of time the water will eventually freeze.As evident in screenshots below,






    Triton said if she doesn't return to sea before sunset the water of Greece will turn to Ice.So its a process.Its not like the moment she leaves the sea the water turns into ice instantly.

    Anyway,so I am going to calc it using smallest sea of the world.The seas sorrounding Greece are bigger.So its a low end.

    The Smallest Sea in the world is Gulf of California.The volume of water in it is 145,000 km^3.The temperature of the water in the Gulf of California generally experiences lows of 16?C in winter and highs of 30?C near Lapaz.So the average temperature of Gulf is around 23 degree Celcius.

    Here,Water Volume = 145000 km^3 = 1.45*10^14 m^3

    Sea Water Density = 1025 kg/m^3

    Water Mass, m = 1.4877*10^17 kg

    Freezing Point of Ocean Water = -2?C.

    Specific Heat of water C = 4186 J/kg

    Latent Heat of Water L = 334880 J/kg

    Now lets get to work,

    Q1 = 1.4877*10^17*4186*(23-(-2))

    Q1 = 15568780500000000000000 Joules.

    It was stated specifically the water will feeze so latent energy as well.

    Q2 = 334880*1.4877*10^17

    Q2 = 49820097600000000000000 Joules.

    So,Total Energy Q = Q1+Q2

    Q = 65388878100000000000000 Joules

    Q = 15.6283169455 teratons of TNT

    As I have stated its a process.If Nautica stayed in land till sunset the it would freeze.Assuming time frame is 12 hours the energy needed to freeze the smallest ocean in the world is 361.766595961 Megatons per second.

    Final Tally

    Nautica's Heart = 15.6283 teratons of TNT or 361.7665 Megatons/second.