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Viewing blog entries in category: TYPE-MOON

  • Boomy
    Because I'm a good guy and want to prevent off topic shit in threads :vegeta

    We can talk about any Nasu stuff here, though girls takes the first place.

  • Boomy
    So I thought I will make this blog so everybody will be on track with TM.

    As you know(or maybe not) around 7-8 July was Type Moon ten year anniversary so many goodies for TM was introduced. It was called TYPE-MOON Fes. Here
    There's a grup who is translating this so fear not.

    So what are those "goodies"? Here you go:
    - there will be Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin movie, made by Ufotable
    - Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua is like Fate/Stay Night made on PS2 and PS Vita, it'll be slightly different than the original but not by much(I posted opening already). Here you have a trailer:
    - there's Fate/Apocrypha novel but that's known already(so far only the part with Jack the Ripper was translated)
    - there will be remake(I see you Huntring :maybe) of Tsukihime, by Ufotable(the same studio that made Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners and Fate/Zero) - so we don't have to fear about it being shitty. Trailer was showed but we have to wait for it a little longer.
    - there will be manga of this series. The author is the same one who did Tsukihime manga(so not bad, I liked it actually)
    - in the TYPE-MOON Anniversary Phantasm will be released this. Whatever that is...
    - there's Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya anime announced :lmao Unfortunately it won't be made by Ufotable, the studio is Silver Link - not bad but I'm not waiting for this. It will be released in 2013.
    - some chara designs in the remake of Tsukihime:

    Keep in mind that Ciel-sempai is mine.
    - Trailer of Fate/Extra CCC

    The most recent news:
    - in the 16 January will be released Blu-Ray from Type-Moon fes. There will be 3 CD's of Blu Ray and drama cd. The first two will be about "festival" itself. But the best thing is the third CD, there will be new episode of Carnival Phantasm on it(showing alternative ending) but what's more there will be trailer of Kara no Kyoukai movie, Tsukihime remake and few others! Can't wait!
    Here you have opening from festival:
    - there will be drama CD of Fate/Prototype(don't get your hopes to high though, it will be probably something short and not important)
    - the previews of F/A and Fire Girl will be showed in the 8th T-M Ace(in December)

    I gave up on popularity polls since the majority don't care.

    So far it's all. It's good but I wanted something from Notes, DDD and Fate/Extra - since those are awesome series. Especially Notes.

    I will be updating blog if something new is released(you can help too).

    Good sites with TM info given by Fluttershy:
    http://type-moon-cafe.deviantart.co...-Round-up-Big-News-Inside-313860280?offset=20 - my Shiki :drool

    - good news for Mahoyo, Commie officialy stated that they want to translate the game. They even show progess with translations, since the game isn't too long we don't have to wait long, yay. Here.

    Four Mahoyo chapters fully translated.

    UPDATE ! ! !

    - Fate/Extra CCC - Karna confirmed as a Servant. And two movies about Gilgamesh and New Lancer. Honest speaking I'm not so interested in Fate/Extra.
    - Fate/Apocrypha - one of the novel will be released in this year! 29-31 December. Promo art:

    Siegfried is a fucking badass!
    - Fire Girl - two novels will be released in the same time as F/A. Promo art:

    Doesn't look like something from TM, meh.
  • Boomy

    It's amazing! Really, they should make a remake of F/SN since the older anime is a garbage. I would love to see Heaven's Feel route animated :(

    Conclusion? Every anime should be made by Ufotable, they're the best.