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  • Galo de Lion
    First off, minor NSFW warning.

    One of Osamoda's dragons pisses on the planet, which is probably where the oceans waters came from.

    323 pixels = 12,742km (12742000m)
    1 pixel = 12742000m/323 = 39448.9164m
    39448.9164m X 49 = 1932996.9m
    39448.9164m X 21 = 828427.244m
    39448.9164m X 68 = 2682526.32m
    39448.9164m X 3 = 118346.749m
    118346.749m/2 = 59173.3745m
    2682526.32m - 828427.244m = 1854099.08m

    39448.9164m X 22 = 867876.161m
    39448.9164m X 97 = 3826544.89m
    3826544.89m - 867876.161m = 2958668.73m

    Volume as several cylinders with the middles removed (in reality it's more like an irregular torus, but I have no idea how to calc that, and in anycase this should make up for some of the kinetic energy).

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 1932996.9^2 X 118346.749
    = 1.38921198e18m^3

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 2682526.32^2 X 118346.749
    = 2.67543367e18m^3

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 1854099.08^2 X 118346.749
    = 1.27812133e18m^3

    V = 2.67543367e18 - 1.27812133e18
    = 1.39731234e18m^3

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 3826544.89^2 X 118346.749
    = 5.44402148e18m^3

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 2958668.73^2 X 118346.749
    = 3.2546095e18m^3

    V = 5.44402148e18 - 3.2546095e18
    = 2.18941198e18m^3

    V = 1.38921198e18m + 1.39731234e18 + 2.18941198e18
    = 4.9759363e18m^3

    Weight of water is 1000kg per m^3.

    M = 4.9759363e18 X 1000
    = 4.9759363e21kg

    Finally, we can find our energy with GPE.

    E = 59173.3745 X 9.807 X 4.9759363e21
    = 2.88760193e27 joules
    = 690.15342495219886132 petatons

    Final Results
    Osamodas' dragon urinates on the planet = 690.153 petatons
  • Galo de Lion
    (Episode 14, 5:41)

    Kerub is launched into space (by a rock being dropped on a catapult, which I'm pretty sure breaks basic cause and effect) and catches a koalak baby on the way. First let's get the timeframe.

    8 seconds.

    Next for the distance.

    R = (h/2) + c^2/(8h)
    = (48/2) + 718^2/(8 X 48)
    = 1366.51042 X 2
    = 2733.02084 pixels = 12756.2km
    = 2*atan(2733.02084/(718/tan(70/2)))
    = 2.12906543 rad
    = 121.9864634465084 degrees

    Enter that through the trusty angscaler and have you a distance of 3536.4km.

    T = 3536.4km/8s
    = 442050/340.29
    = Mach 1299.03905

    Kerub caught the baby on the way up, so that scales to his reactions. Next for the kinetic energy. Not sure how to scale Kerubs mass, but according to a quick search, the average weight of a newborn baby is 3.5kg.

    KE = (0.5) X 3.5 X 442050^2
    = 341964354375 joules
    = 81.731442250239 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Koalak baby's durability = 81.731 tons of TNT
    Kerub's launched into space = Mach 1299.039

    And given this is a mere baby, it would scale to...literally everyone. :gokuskully
  • Galo de Lion
    (Episode 16, 2:00)

    Tortue Brutale's explosion (which was strapped to his chest) blows up a whole town with an impressive explosion. Scaling from one of the buildings, which would be at least 1 floor (10 feet, or 3.04800m tall)

    11 pixels = 3.04800m
    1 pixel = 3.04800m/11 = 0.277090909m

    0.277090909m X 531 = 147.135273m
    147.135273m/2 = 73.5676365m
    0.277090909m X 153 = 42.3949091m
    0.277090909m X 177 = 49.0450909m
    49.0450909m/2 = 24.5225454m
    0.277090909m X 108 = 29.9258182m
    29.9258182m/2 = 14.9629091m
    0.277090909m X 133 = 36.8530909m
    36.8530909m/2 = 18.4265454m
    0.277090909m X 62 = 17.1796364m
    17.1796364m/2 = 8.5898182m
    0.277090909m X 150 = 41.5636363m
    41.5636363m/2 = 20.7818181m
    0.277090909m X 191 = 52.9243636m
    52.9243636m/2 = 26.4621818m
    0.277090909m X 333 = 92.2712727m
    0.277090909m X 178 = 49.3221818m
    49.3221818m/2 = 24.6610909m
    0.277090909m X 38 = 10.5294545m
    10.5294545m/2 = 5.26472725m
    0.277090909m X 623 = 172.627636m
    172.627636m/2 = 86.313818m
    42.3949091m + 92.2712727m = 134.666182m

    The main collum as a cylinder, the ring as a torus and the rest as ellipsoids.

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 73.5676365 X 73.5676365 X 42.3949091
    = 961116.261m^3

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 24.5225454 X 14.9629091 X 14.9629091
    = 22997.7968m^3

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 18.4265454 X 8.5898182 X 8.5898182
    = 5695.08847m^3

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 20.7818181 X 20.7818181 X 26.4621818
    = 47871.9741m^3

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 24.6610909^2 X 92.2712727
    = 176295.388m^3

    V = (πr2) (2πR)
    = (π X 5.26472725 X 2) X (2 X π X 86.313818)
    = 17939.7316m^3

    V = 961116.261 + 22997.7968 + 5695.08847 + 47871.9741 + 47871.9741 + 176295.388 + 17939.7316
    = 1279788.21m^3

    Volume of a dust cloud is 1.003kg/m^3.

    M = 1279788.21 X 1.003
    = 1283627.57kg

    Now for our timeframe.

    1 second.

    T = 134.666182m/1s (134.666182m/s)

    Finally for our energy.

    E = (0.5) X 1283627.57 X 134.666182^2
    = 1.16392805e10 joules
    = 2.7818548040153 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Tortue Brutale's explosion = 2.782 tons of TNT

    Well, that's a lot less impressive than I originally thought. Still impressive though (and this calc is rather low-balled), and he was completely unscathed at point blank.
  • Galo de Lion

    Oropo constantly sustains his tower through his will. We'll scale from the Iop level, and scale the Iop level from Tristepin (once again using the average French height of 174.4cm, or 1.744m, as Pinpin is a grown man now).

    498 pixels = 1.744m
    1 pixel = 1.744m/498 = 0.00350200803m
    0.00350200803m X 152 = 0.532305221m

    30 pixels = 0.532305221m
    1 pixel = 0.532305221m/30 = 0.0177435074m
    0.0177435074m X 168 = 2.98090924m

    How wide is the Iop stage?

    2.98090924m/5 = 0.596181848m
    0.596181848m X 701 = 417.923475m

    Onto the height of the tower!

    21 pixels = 417.923475m
    1 pixel = 417.923475m/21 = 19.9011179m
    417.923475m/2 = 208.961737m
    19.9011179m X 818 = 16279.1144m
    16279.1144m/2 = 8139.5572m
    19.9011179m X 17 = 338.319004m
    338.319004m/2 = 169.159502m
    19.9011179m X 476 = 9472.93212m
    19.9011179m X 246 = 4895.675m
    9472.93212m + 4895.675m = 14368.6071m

    This doesn't include the Zaap portal or the part that lies between the top of the tower and the Zaap portal, but that should hopefully account for the hollow parts. Volume as a cylinder.

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 169.159502^2 X 4895.675
    = 440103931m^3

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 208.961737^2 X 9472.93212
    = 1.29947473e9m^3

    V = 440103931 + 1.29947473e9
    = 1739578661m^3

    The average weight of the Earth's crust per cm^3 is 2.7g, or 2700kg.

    M = 1739578661 X 2700

    We'll find our energy through GPE. Earths Gravity Pull is 9.807m/s² (it's not Earth, but it has the same gravitational pull).

    E = 6936.46845 X 9.807 X 4.69686238e12
    = 3.19508507e17 joules
    = 76.3643659178 megatons

    But that's just per second. How much energy does it take to sustain it for a minute?

    E = 3.19508507e17 X 60
    = 1.91705104e19 joules
    = 4.58186195029 gigatons

    Or an hour?

    E = 1.91705104e19 X 60
    = 1.15023062e21 joules
    = 274.911716061 gigatons

    Or a day?

    E = 1.15023062e21 X 24
    = 2.76055349e22 joules
    = 6.59788119025 teratons

    Final Results
    Oropo sustains his tower (per second) = 76.364 megatons
    Oropo sustains his tower (per minute) = 4.582 gigatons
    Oropo sustains his tower (per hour) = 274.912 gigatons
    Oropo sustains his tower (per day) = 6.598 teratons
  • Galo de Lion
    Haven't I done that joke before? Anyway...

    Jiva throws Joris into a mountain. Soon after, Amalia says the distance thrown.

    "Miles away" is at minimum 2 miles, or 3.218688km.

    = 2*atan(48/(358/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.126885948 rad
    = 7.27002929993446312 degrees

    That's 0.40896km (408.96m) when we put it through the angscaler. That's a bit too small for the nuke calculator, so we'll times it by 2 for our wide-spread destruction radius, then divide the energy by 2 for our energy. 817.92m gets 0.001353 megatons, and half of that is 0.0006765 megatons, or 676.5 tons of TNT.

    Final Results
    Jiva throws Joris into a mountain = 676.5 tons of TNT

    This isn't near Joris' best and magnitudes below Jiva's best, but consistancy is always nice.
  • Galo de Lion
    Beyond the Meridias and the Pantheon of Twelve is the Great Goddess Eliatrope & the Grand Dragon (or Great Dragon). These are the two most powerful beings in the entire setting, and created the setting.
    Eliatrope is the embodiment of Wakfu, and the Grand Dragon is the embodiment of Statis. These two forces created and sustain the entire Krosmoz.
    Their dance creates the Big Bang, and space-time split into many parts..
    Before the dance, nothing existed, not even time.
    Wakfu exists everywhere in reality and moves across the cosmos like a great wave, creating live whereever it washes. Eliatrope is the embodiment of Wafku, the energy of life and creation.

    The Great Dragon is the embodiment of Stasis, the energy of destruction and non-living things.
    Note also it refers to the two as alter egos, so they may be dualistic aspects of the same God.

    Wakfu gives substance to form, and all things are Wakfu. Even Stasis is just frozen Wakfu. And Islands are

    All life in the Krosmoz comes from the Goddess and the Great Dragon.

    The Krosmoz is split into multiple dimensions; Incarnam, Inglorium, Shulkrite, Externam & the material plane.
    Here is a map of the Krosmoz, showing the vastness of the Universe and the multiple dimensions making it up.

    Another map which shows the Goddess & the Great Dragon to be comparable in size to the Krosmoz.

    The Krosmoz is not composed of just a single universe; there are many universes & timelines in the Universe-Egg, and islands which lead to the Blue Core where the Goddess rests (more on this below).
    There more to the Krosmoz than just one universe; there are many universes (note each universe and the final egg each have three layers).


    Islands of Wakfu are fragments of worlds that exist outside space-time, such as Enrub.
    These islands are on the way that leads to the Realm of the Goddess beyond the universe at the very epicentre of existence, beyond all levels of reality.

    Each dimension is more complex than the last.

    By traversing the islands, one rises above all the Veils and dimensions to the abode of the Goddess.

    Time doesn't exist on the islands, and past, present and future are one.

    The islands exist outside time and space (note also the background in the second one we see stars).

    Each island is the soul of an Eliatrope.

    Emrub is an Island.
    Nora's quantum clones are made of Wakfu, meaning Wakfu flows through everything on the quantum level.

    So to sum up...
    • The Great Goddess Eliatrope & the Grand Dragon (or Great Dragon) created and sustain the Krosmoz, which is all existence (space, time, matter, energy, life and everything)
    • Before the dance of the Goddess and the Dragons, nothing existed, not space nor time; thus they created the fundamental concepts of the Universe (and the far weaker Meridia's can control concepts in abstract ways)
    • Both embody a fundamental force; Eliatrope embodies Wakfu, the energy of life and creation and the Grand Dragon embodies Stasis, "frozen" Wakfu, the energy of destruction and non-living things (and mechanical lifeforms & demons)
    • Both Gods are comparable in size to the Krosmoz itself and exist outside it, and outside time & space; though the Goddess also resides at the epicentre of creation as an infinite Vortex of Wakfu energy
    • Both Gods are alter egos of each other
    • Wakfu exists everywhere and washes over the Krosmoz in waves, creating life and giving form substance
    • The Krosmoz is composed of myriad universes, each universe being composed of countless (possibly infinite) solar systems & galaxies inside them and multiple higher and lower planes through which souls are recycled and reborn (Incarnun, Inglorium, the Ether, the Material Plane, Shulkrite, Externum)
    • An infinite number of higher dimensions exist between the material plane & the Realm of the Goddess, which Eliatropes seek to pass through in order to spend eternity with the Goddess
    • Among these dimensions are the islands of Wakfu, fragments of worlds, some of which are created from the souls of Eliatropes; these islands also exist outside space & time
    • Wakfu flows through everything on a quantum level
  • Galo de Lion


    Adamai and Qilby open a portal to Shulkrite for Yugo and Grovy to escape through, which takes their full power and exhausts them of energy. Opening portals to other dimensions and universes in the Krosmoz takes an immense amount of energy, and not easily quantified...until now.

    Not only did it shake Justice Knights giant fortress, but caused snow to fall. We see both the size of the fort and the snowfall.

    Infact, next episode we see the snowfall is even more extensive...

    1:02 - 2:07

    So over the horizon and to the horizon again there's snow, plus they're on a slope. I'm using the method I used for Evas arrows again. The average distance to the horizon is 4.7, so double that and we get 9.4km (or 9400m). I could probably get a higher result for the second distance, though maybe some other time. :catwave

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 9400^3
    = 3.47914212e12/2
    = 1739571060000m^3

    Weight of air is about 1.293kg/m^3.

    M = 1739571060000 X 1.293kg
    = 2249265380580kg

    The average temperature in France from May to October is 20°C and 26°C, which gives an average of 23°C. Specific heat of air between 0 and 40 degrees celsius is 1.005.

    E = 2249265380580 X 1.005 X 23
    = 5.19917693e13 joules
    = 12.4263310946 kilotons

    Now heat fusion. The heat fusion of oxygen is 13800 joules/kg.

    E = 2249265380580 X 13800
    = 3.10398623e16 joules
    = 7.41870513862 megatons

    E = 12.4263310946 kilotons + 7418.70513862 kilotons
    = 7431.13147 kilotons
    = 7.43113147 megatons

    Final Results
    Adamai & Qilby open portal to Shulkrite = >7.43113147 megatons

    Take in mind this is Qilby before he gets the Eliacube, and the latent side effect of their power. This also scales to Igole who beat Adamai.
  • Galo de Lion
    The Eliatropes fled their homeworld after Qilby started a war with the mechanisms by stealing Orgonax's heart to creat the Eliacube.
    1. Burning through the sky!
    When Qilby reactivated the Eliacube, Orgonax detects it and the Mechanisms arrive at their new planet to finish the job. Note the distance traveled by the Eliatropes.

    The journey through the Krosmoz lasted years.


    Their odyssey lasted a long time, but those who went on it where still alive at the end, so I thin 10 years (or 5.256e+6 minutes) is a safe bet. Their journey took them across all the galaxies and the entire universe, so I think we can justify using the universe as our distance. The radius of the observable universe is 46500000000 light years, or 4.39923966975e+23km.

    T = 4.39923966975e+23/10Y
    = 1.3940647e19/299792458
    = 4.6500993e10 C

    This would also scale to Orgonax, as he sent himself on this journey without a ship.


    0:00 - 0:33

    It may even scale to the 6 Eliatrope Dragons, as they accompany the ship into space outside (I'm not sure if they went inside or not), seen both in the show and the manga.

    Also at 17:02, we have an incredibly impressive speed feat.

    The Zinit flies into a galaxy in a matter of seconds. It's hard to get a proper scale on the galaxy with the art style and all, but going for half of it and then doubling that should get the full size of the galaxy (in this case 1772 pixels). The diameter of the Milky Way is 100,000 light years.

    = 2*atan(1772/(1279/tan(70/2)))
    = 1.16179242 rad
    = 66.565802336455462 degrees

    Using the angscaler, that gets a distance of 76167 lightyears, or 7.20595e+17km. We need a timeframe.

    1.83 seconds.

    T = 7.20595e+17km/1.83s
    = 3.9376776e20/299792458
    = 1313467870000 C

    2. Change the World

    The Zinit taking off not only drains a planet of all Wakfu, but blows a giant chunk out of it! Though they're all incredibly impressive, the last one looks particularly easy to calc. The Earth has a volume of about 260 billion cubic miles, or 1.083727274615e+21m^3. There barely any dust around it, so not only would that be pulverization, but also forcing everything off at escape velocity. We'll need half the above volume (5.41863637e20m^3).

    E = 5.41863637e20 X 240000000
    = 1.30047273e29 joules
    = 31.0820442161 exatons

    Final Results
    The Zinits odyssey = 46500993000 C
    The Zinit flies to a galaxy = 1313467870000 C
    The Zinit devastates a planet = >31.082 exatons

    And that's not even the highest level of power the Eliatropes have reached with their technology, as the full power of the Eliacube can do much worse.
  • Galo de Lion
    In my rewatch of the series, I noticed an impressive feat right off the bat in episode 1.


    At 1:06, we see what it's like before Grougaloragran arrives.

    A beautiful blue sunny day. Now after he arrived.

    Grougaloragrans arrival darkens the skies. And as we see above, he created the clouds himself.

    Nimbostratus are dark clouds that usually have a thickness of 6500 to 10,000 feet (2000 to 3000m thick), so we'll go with an average of 2500m. Average distance to the horizon is 4.7km, or 4700m. Volume as a cylinder

    V = πr2h
    = π X 4700^2 X 2500
    = 1.73494454e11m^3

    Density of a cloud is 1.003kg per m^3.

    M = 1.73494454e11 X 1.003kg
    = 174014937362kg

    Condensation of clouds is 2500000 joules per kg.

    E = 174014937362 X 2500000
    = 4.35037343e17 joules
    = 103.976420411 megatons

    But that's not it! We can also get the KE of the clouds moving.

    0.69 seconds.

    T = 4700m/0.69s
    = 6811.5942/s

    E = (0.5) X 174014937362 X 6811.5942^2
    = 4.03695648e18 joules
    = 964.855755258 megatons

    Now for our total energy.

    E = 103.976420411 megatons + 964.855755258 megatons
    = 1068.83218 megatons
    = 1.06883218 gigatons

    That's pretty damn impressive, and consistent too. But that's not all; the Almanax gives us this quote....
    It's implied that Grougaloragran covers the whole damn planet in mist sometimes in order to hide himself from Nox. If so then...it's not an opportunity we should miss, is it? Low hanging clouds float 2000 feet up, or 609.6m (with the added thickness of the clouds, 2500m). The radius of the Earth is 6378.1km.

    R = 6378100m + 609.6m
    = 6378709.6m

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6378709.6^3
    = 1.08714407e21m^3

    R = 6378100m + 0.6096km + 2500m
    = 6381209.6m

    V = 4/3πr^3
    = 4/3 X π X 6381209.6^3
    = 1.08842282e21

    V = 1.08842282e21 - 1.08714407e21
    = 1.27875e18m^3

    M = 1.27875e18 X 1.003
    = 1.28258625e18kg

    E = 1.28258625e18 X 2500000
    = 3.20646563e24 joules
    = 766.363678298 teratons

    Now this is what I'm talking about! Shame it doesn't confirm it though.

    Final Results
    Grougaloragran creates clouds = 1.069 gigatons
    Grougaloragran covers the world in mist (hypothetical) = 766.364 teratons
  • Galo de Lion


    A Noxine sends a signal, and the other Noxines traverse the ocean to reach Oma Island. Last time, the distance across the ocean was calced to be 6437.376km. Get the timeframe from the first signal sent to the arrival of the Noxines.

    7.83 seconds.

    T = 6437.376km/7.83s
    = 822142.529/340.29
    = Mach 2416.00555

    And the Noxines weren't hanging around in Bonta, so it would be ultimately even higher!

    Final Results
    Noxines fly to Oma Island = >Mach 2416.006
  • Galo de Lion
    You may be thinking what she's doing in the Krosmoz rather than the Aurbis, but you've got your Meridias mixed up! In the Krosmoz, there's a myriad amount of lesser gods called the Meridias. Each Meridia is assigned a day, and on said day, their influence over the World increases. This is called the Meridian Effect.
    They reside in the Astral plane, and were handpicked by Xelor himself.
    The clan of Destiny is about to bring back and old temple from the DOFUS Era: the temple of scriptures, the one where Magus Ax himself placed the Almanax.[/QUOTE]
    Each Meridia governs something, which while is precedent on their day, also has their influence present across the rest of the year too. For example, Viviantho, the Meridia of Learning, is present whenever someone learns something throughout their life.
    They can be pretty powerful. Orage is the Meridia of Storms, and she is known to get sailors in trouble by stranding ships.
    Maxares on the otherhand is the Meridia of Sailors, and can blow storms out of the way.
    Lucyvan is the Meridia of Rewards, and scans not just the World of Twelve, but the entire Krosmoz for those who deserve praise. So the Meridia aren't bound to affecting a single planet.
    Reminder of what the Krosmoz entails.


    Dek, the Meridia of Poison, makes sure that all poisonous plants and animals have their poisons.
    The Meridias can also control abstract concepts in their influence too. The Meridia of Darkness can swallow not only the light of the sun and candles, but also the light of bright ideas.
    What would happen if there wasn't a Meridian doing what they do? As we can see with Nitsougnal the Meridia of Orange, everything in their influence would otherwise be grey.
    Other Meridias of note include...
    Karlita, Meridia of Twilight.
    Atog, Meridia of heights (who's also capable of cutting of oxygen to deter travellers).
    Bii, Meridia of Barbarity (who can imbue an ordinary person with enough power to destroy villages).
    Sept, Meridia of Abundance (who can create more of something by mere contact).
    Inooni, Meridia of Frost (who can send cold winds over the planet by farting).
    Eltux, Meridia of the colour blue.
    Julo, Meridia of bad omens.
    Namsporp, Meridia of Ugliness.
    Otoul, Meridia of Intelligence.
    Poup, Meridia of Madness.
    Nikodeus, Meridia of Metamorphosis (who can transform himself and others at will).
    Sephy, Meridia of Memory (who collects peoples memories to store in the corners of their brains).
    Zellina, Meridia of Flooding (who can create natural disasters or just devastate your bathroom or laundry).
    Kuri, Meridia of Lightheartedness.
    Eylen, Meridia of Shadows.
    Kunsh, Meridia of Nightmares.
    Yecetu, Meridia of Fishing.
    Moomoo, Meridia of Forgetfulness (who steals memories).
    Nufrank, Meridia of Hardness.

    And that's not even close to all of them! More new on this as it develops. From the looks of it, they're conceptual entities that govern and control concepts.
    • Meridias are lesser gods that have power over a certain thing
    • Each was hand-picked by the major god Xelor (God of Time) to govern a different day of the year
    • A single Meridia is powerful enough to summon and dissipate storms and control the weather on the planet
    • A Meridia can affect abstract concepts (for instance, the Meridia of Darkness being able to swallow anything bright, including lightbeams and even bright ideas)
    • Without a Meridia, what they govern wouldn't be around (for instance, without the Meridia of Orange, there would be only grey instead of orange)
    • Meridias aren't bound to just the World of Twelve, but watch over the Krosmoz
    As for who this scales to, they're much weaker than the major Twelve Gods, but possibly also weaker than the Protectors of the Months, or even the Hour Demons.
  • Galo de Lion
    Freezing a single island isn't enough for a demon like Djaul, let's cast the whole planet into eternal Winter!
    Djaul kills Solar, and then plunges the entire planet into harsh, icy winter. Crops wont grow, famine and plagues run rampart, until Sacrier rises up in power and puts a stop to it and elects the new Protector of Javian, Jiva. As the entire planet is cast into Winter, it seems like a good way to start everything is making the atmosphere a lot colder. The weight of the Earths atmosphere is 5.3e18kg.

    Decendre & Javian are the equivalents of Winter months in the World of Twelve, so it's already pretty cold. The average temperature in Paris in January is 5C. The coldest recorded winter in France was −41 °C, which gives a temperature difference of 46. Specific heat of air between 0 and -50 degrees celsius is 1.005 kilojoules.
    E = 5.3e18 X 1005 X 46
    = 2.45019e23 joules
    = 58.5609464627 teratons

    We can also add the heat fusion of air/oxygen (13800 joules/kg).

    E = 13800 X 5.3e18
    = 7.31400e22 joules
    = 17.4808795411 teratons

    E = 58.5609464627 teratons + 17.4808795411 teratons
    = 17539.4405 gigatons
    = 76.041826 teratons

    Final Results
    Djaul plunges the planet into Winter = 76.042 teratons
  • Galo de Lion
    Remind me again how Enutrof got any worshippers?

    12:46 - 13:04

    Enutrof answers a prayer, and is answer is rather harsh. Still, he did answer the prayer, which means his voice/spirit (or whatever he did to reach Ruel), would have to travel to him. The Twelve Gods of the World of Twelve reside in Ingloriom.
    Below we see a map of the Krosmoz.

    We also get a pretty awesome scale out in the series.

    13:47 - 14:12

    We see the three planes surrounding both individual universes and the entire Krosmoz, so let's go with a low end and a high end. The diameter of the Universe is 93,000,000,000 light-years.

    442 pixels = 93,000,000,000LY
    1 pixels = 93,000,000,000LY/442 = 210407240LY
    210407240LY X 211 = 44395927640LY
    210407240LY X 588 = 123719457120LY
    Now for the high end.

    84 pixels = 93,000,000,000LY
    1 pixel = 93,000,000,000LY/84 = 1107142860LY
    1107142860LY X 116 = 128428571760LY
    1107142860LY X 181 = 200392857660LY
    1107142860 X 668 = 739571430480LY
    1107142860 X 718 = 794928573480LY

    Now for the timeframe from when Ruel prays to when the light of Enutrof reaches him.

    2.76 seconds.

    (Low end)

    T = 44395927640LY/2.76s
    = 1.5217715e26/299792458
    = 5.07608333e17 C

    (High end)

    T = 200392857660LY/2.76s
    = 6.86892146e26/299792458
    = 2.29122557e18 C

    Final Results
    Enutrof answers prayer (low end) = 5.07608333e17 C
    Enutrof answers prayer (high end) = 2.29122557e18 C

    Enutrof also travels across the Universe (as Osamodas used to), so he can probably fly at these speeds too.
    Should scale to all god tiers, including Godking Yugo and Iop.
  • Galo de Lion


    Anathar smashes Phaeris through a cliff into a colossal underwater cavern, and the two create a massive whirlpool. We get a shot of how damn big Phaeris is in the previous episode when he attacks the submarines (more references here, here, here and here to the immense size of his true form).

    Phaeris is in line with the submarine when he swoops, then transforms into humanoid form to rescue Yugo. The tiny ship is 40.8364284m long.

    15 pixels = 40.8364284m
    40.8364284m/15 = 2.72242856m
    2.72242856m X 30 = 81.6728568m

    43 pixels = 81.6728568m
    1 pixel = 81.6728568m/43 = 1.89936876m
    1.89936876m X 194 = 267.292986m
    1.89936876m X 116 = 220.326776m
    1.89936876m X 69 = 131.056444m

    Scaling from Phaeris's forewing to Anathars body.

    103 pixels = 131.056444m
    1 pixel = 131.056444m/103 = 1.27239266m
    1.27239266m X 183 = 232.847857m
    Now for the size of our whirlpool.

    56 pixels = 232.847857m
    1 pixel = 232.847857m/56 = 4.15799745m
    4.15799745m X 1280 = 5322.23674m

    4.15799745m X 753 = 3130.97208m
    3130.97208m/2 = 1565.48604m
    4.15799745m X 839 = 3488.55986m
    4.15799745m X 542 = 2253.63462m

    Volume as a cylinder.

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 1565.48604^2 X 2253.63462
    = 1.73512903e10m^3

    Mass of water per m^3 is 1000kg.

    M = 1.73512903e10 X 1000
    = 1.73512903e13

    I take you now...to the timeframe.

    0.25 seconds.

    T = 2253.63462m/0.25s
    = 9014.53848m/s

    At last, we can get our energy.

    E = 1.73512903e13 X 9014.53848^2
    = 1.40999889e21 joules
    = 336.997822658 gigatons

    Final Results
    Phaeris and Anathar create a giant whirlpool = 336.999 gigatons

    Suddenly Kerub throwing the golden throne into space ain't so special.
  • Galo de Lion
    It can be easy to overlook impressive feats. Such as this one;


    Phaeris attacks the New Sukofian fleet at impressive speeds. Scaling from the main submarine (the original picture can be seen here).

    15 pixels = 40.8364284m
    1 pixel = 40.8364284m/15 = 2.72242856m
    2.72242856m X 421 = 1146.14242m

    = 2*atan(37/(719/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.0487556932 rad
    = 2.793495447601616721 degrees

    The angscaler gives us a distance of 10112m.

    = 2*atan(86/(719/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.11322538 rad
    = 6.4873364077810534 degrees

    We get a distance of 17903m.

    D = 23503m - 10112m
    = 13391m

    Now the timeframe.

    1.79 seconds.

    T = 13391/1.79s
    = 7481.00559/340.29
    = Mach 21.9842064

    Final Results
    Phaeris' swoop attack = Mach 21.984