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Viewing blog entries in category: When They Cry

  • Galo de Lion
    A brief overview of just how truly vast the Umineko cosmology is. There are an endless number of layers, and each layer is infinitely bigger than the last.

  • Galo de Lion
    A rather ridiculous feat from the manga that I stumbled across...

    To understand the significance of this feat, we must first know a bit more about those boxes...


    A Catbox is a multiverse that generates infinite parrallel universes.

    The manga scan not only shows that Beatrice made at least 20 Cat Boxes, but it may just imply she made an infinite number of them.

    This not only backs up the Umineko metaverse, but puts one of the weaker witches on that level.

  • Galo de Lion
    First there where goat-men. Then there where cats. Now...there are more cats.


    The Overlord Cats are the elite Guardians of Featherine, who take that shape to honour her. They are "completely different" to Bernkastels Cats, who are already far above Elite Theory Goats, who in turn are universal.

    Bernkastel was the first of the cats.

    Each was the hero of their own story, saving their entire country, planet and universe.


    So at the very least, they are well above Berns Cats, who in turn are above Elite Theory Goats. Some have even said that each of these cats are as powerful as Beatrice, or even Bernkastel (can't find the quote, and I doubt the latter).
  • Galo de Lion
    TIme to continue with the mega-cosmic loli lesbians.


    Lambdadelta kills all of Berns cats with a single attack.

    Bernkastel moves Lion to a bigger Catbox.

    In the manga, we see she does this by moving the entire Catbox to a bigger Catbox having power over two Catboxes/multiverses at once.
  • Galo de Lion
    You thought the Goat-men where strong? You ain't seen nothing yet!


    Bernkastel summons this many or her cat minions.

    Just one of these cats can effortlessly kill several Elite Theory Goats at once (who contain a fragment inside them).

    The cats all merge into one terrifying Leviathan.

    The Leviathan is powerful enough to hurt Lambdadelta.
  • Galo de Lion
    Continuing on from before...


    They can create and manipulate concepts (at least to an extent, though they are doing so in the Sea of Fragments).


    Lambdadelta freezes time.

    And perhaps the best feat ever, Bernkastel crosses countless universes & multiverses just to laugh in Beatrices face.

    Clearly she needs a lecturing from the Very Tall Man.
  • Galo de Lion
    Time to continue on with this. There's quite a bit on Lambdadelta & Bernkastel, so let's start with their famous one, where they create universes when fighting each other.


  • Galo de Lion
    Time to do more Umineko stuff. It's been a while.

    Maria is the Witch of Origins. Though now she's one of the weakest witches, it's implied that one day she'd be one of the strongest, if not the strongest witch. She can bring inanimate objects to life, such as Sakutarou, who she makes into her furniture.

    Sakutarou nullifies Kanons attacks.


    Her power is enough to impress Beatrice at full power.

    By focusing her powers and with enough training, she will be able to create an entire galaxy.

    Much less than a thousand years of training later, she is able to do this...

    The above feat doesn't mean that Beatrice cannot create a universe, because as seen here...


    ...She can, and much more. The feat refers to the fact that Beatrice cannot make a universe from nothing. Assuming Beatrice has something to work with, she can easily make a universe, and even an entire multiverse. Maria, however, can create something from nothing, and return something to absolute nothing.

    Maria is said to one day become a Creator witch like Featherine.

  • Galo de Lion
    Theory Goats are some of the most powerful fodder you will find. Most Theory Goats are "just" superhuman, but the elite Theory Goats are nothing to laugh at (actually they are, because they are goats).

    To understand the power of an elite Theory Goat, we first must see how awesome Will and Dlanor are.



    Will can cut entire universes in two with a single strike and Dlanor can manipulate and outright destroy concepts with her keys, as well as by passing the concept of distance.

    Now enter the Theory Goats. One Theory Goat is utterly unharmed by Dlanors Red Key, then attempts to eat the shit out of her.

    The same Theory Goat tanks an attack from Willard, and squeezes him so hard that his bones start to creak.

    The Theory Goats eat concepts.

    A swarm of them can devour the entire Catbox.

    They are made of possibilities from the future (made of fragments), and can be summoned endlessly by witches like Beatrice and Eva-Beatrice.

    In conclusion, Elite Theory Goats are capable of tanking universal attacks and conceptual damage and are a threat to beings who are at least universal+. Battler then comes in and breaks it's face in a single punch. Plenty of characters are capable of killing many Elite Theory Goats at once. What's more, they aren't even the strongest fodder in the series - Bernkastels cats are far more powerful.
  • Galo de Lion
    Some conceptual feats for Dlanor A. Knox. These too are relevant for a future blog of mine.

    Using her Red Key and her Blue Key, Dlanor can manipulatie and outright destroy concepts.

    She can bypass the concept of speed (like the Shrike).

  • Galo de Lion
    Will from Umineko does what the above title says. Relevant for a later blog.

  • Galo de Lion
    Yep, here we go with Metaversal stuff again. I'll keep this as short as possible. This blog is to confirm that Umineko indeed has a metaverse/megaverse/whatever it's called these days. I'm sure Bern/Haruhi won't mind me taking some more of his/her feats.

    My previous blog on Beatrice's multiversal feat also plays some relevance here.


    There are three pieces of evidence that we see that point to Umineko having a metaverse (though it's not refered to as such).

    First off, that Beatrice's entire gameboard is set in a single Fragment.

    Secondly, Territory Lords cannot wander the Sea of Fragments like Voyagers can, but Territory Lords like Beatrice still have access to infinite parrallel universes (as pointed out in my previous blog).

    Thirdly, the existance of multiple Cat Boxes, of which just one can spawn infinite universes. Leons existance requires moving from one Catbox to a bigger one.

    Just to point out that each parrallel universe is indeed a parrallel universe, not just a parrallel version of the island.

    All of these feats show us that though fragments are universes, some of them are multiverses. And seeing as though Beatrices gameboard/multiverse is treated as nothing special, it seems that there are many other fragments/books that are also multiverses.

    So who is metaversal? Not Beatrice, Eva-Beatrice or Maria. Likely Bernkastel, Lamdadelta & EOS Battler, certainly Ange and definately Featherine.
  • Galo de Lion
    Time to post a another respect blog. This one is for Beatrice from Umineko, to debunk any remaining idea that she is only low universal. Beatrice is high multiversal, yes she did. There was a respect thread recently, but I feel the need to address this directly.

    With her Cat Box, she creates an infinite number of parrallel universes.

    Confirmation that they are parrallel universes.

    If she should despair/die, then her entire multiverse will instantly disappear.

    Manga confirmation that her Cat Box is filled with parrallel universes (the manga is completely cannon by the way).

    She exists in a higher spatial/temporal dimensional level of existance as well as scaled off Hanyuu from Higurashi.


    Another great thing about this feat is that Beatrice is one of the weaker witches, and everyone else can be scaled off her.
  • Galo de Lion
    Higurashi, part of the When They Cry franchise, is actually quite powerful. Not as powerful as it's sister series Umineko, but still considerably so.

    Shards are alternate universes/timelines, just like in Umineko.

    There are infinite shards, thus an infinite multiverse.

    Rika merges together 50 fragments/timelines.

    (The above may be hard to read, so I wrote it out below.)

    Rika and Hanyu are Bernkastel and Featherine from Umineko

    Probablility manipulation (possible 4th wall breaking?)

    Did someone say planet/star eating space parasites?