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  • Tacocat

    During the finale of XS season 1, Mala Mala Jong attacks a mountain on the outskirts of the Xiaolin Temple, which is located in China. Omi escapes with the Serpent's Tail, a Shen Gong Wu which turns the tangible intangible, by flying through the Earth to some nondescript American farmland.

    This feat happens over 11 seconds of the episode. This is viable, considering the pace at which Mala Mala Jong advanced on them.

    Now, I don't know how to find the exact distance Omi traveled, so I'll just consider it to be the radius of the Earth to be conservative.


    or about mach 1703.5.

    Several have matched the Serpent's Tail's flight speed, including Dojo. Omi outpaces Dojo in their race.

  • Tacocat
    The Lunar Locket is a particularly broken Shen Gong Wu which allows the user to control, well, the fucking moon.

    The Snowman uses the Locket to create a perpetual eclipse of the Sun and freeze the world over. This can be calc'd, of course, but I'd prefer to just get the KE of when Omi moves the moon away from the sun.


    The moon is 3474800m in width.


    And the feat spanned 40 frames in a 23fps video.



    or about 86 yottatons.

    Note that Chase Young harbors no interest in Shen Gong Wu because he is above them :maybe