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Viewing blog entries in category: Yu-Gi-Oh! calcs

  • Tacocat
    Just some more on the GX season 2 finale that duble didn't do.

    Sartorius hijacks a satellite and fires it at Glow Neos and Hassleberry. Neos dodges it, and it hits the moon.

    The moon's diameter there is 290px. forgot to label it, but whatever.



    Plug that into the angsize calculator with the diameter of the moon and we get a distance of 6847 km.

    We see the beam kick up a debris cloud on the moon 15 frames after it passed perspective, and my episodes run at a frame rate of 29 fps.


    or about mach 38,934.

    Neos, while fading and pushing Hassleberry, dodges that from about melee distance. But there's also Dino Hassleberry reacting to it from a distance.

    Glow Neos is taller than your average dude, but not too much taller than 15 to 16-year-old Jaden. I'll use 1.8 meters, then.







    Hassleberry reacts to it from at least this far away, so...


    or about mach 14,321.

    Now, these distances are pretty damn close, so I'll be adding in the distance from LEO (in which most satellites apparently reside and the maximum altitude of which seems to be 2000km) and the distance from Earth to the moon.



    or about 2.47c.

    The value for Dino Hassleberry's reactions would then be...