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Viewing blog entries in category: Zatch Bell Calculations

  • Sherlōck
    Destroying Mother Earth

    Clear at the end of their fight went to space & shoot a beam towards earth to destroy it.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/266-35597-2/zatch-bell/chapter-319.html

    Though it obviously didn't get destroyed cause he shoot his beam at an illusion made by Kanchome.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/266-35597-3/zatch-bell/chapter-319.html

    Also judging from his reaction from above scan I think its pretty obvious that he thought that his beam would destroy earth.He said it would annihilate 1/10 of earth.

    So Volume of Earth = 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 m^3

    Destroyed Volume = 109750950000000000000 m^3

    Pulverization Energy = 23525116132500000000000000000 J

    Pulverization Energy = 5622.63769897 petatons of TNT

    Vaporizatio Energy = 2820599415000000000000000000000

    Vaporization Energy = 674139.439532 petatons

    Continent Level either way.

    Stopping Earths Rotation

    Brago claimed as he states he draws power from mother earth so much that its like the earth stops rotating.He simply borrows some of the Earth's gravitational power. I am not sure its applicable to DC though.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/266-34314-7/zatch-bell/chapter-314.html

    Anyway even if he stopped Earth's Rotation for 1 second then,

    R.K.E = 0.5*8.04*10^37*(6.28318531/86400)^2 - 0.5*8.04*10^37*(6.28318531/86401)^2

    R.K.U = 4921154711663187811546790 J

    R.K.U = 1.18 Petaton
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/manga/konjiki_no_gash_bell/v30/c287/6.html


    This fight took placed in Mountain Range in France.I tried to find the smallest mountain in France but failed.So I am going to use The UN Environmental Programme's definition of "mountainous environment" includes any of the following

    I am going to use 300 meter as low end here. So the result here is the lowest possible.

    In this scan,Mountain Height = 28 px = 300 meter.
    Mountain Base Radius = 33 px = 353.571428 meter.
    Blast Diameter = 320 px = 3428.571428 meter
    Blast Height = 189 px = 2025.000000 meter
    Mountain Volume = (1/3)*pi*r^2*h
    Mountain Volume = 39273915.303359 m^3

    Well its obviously not violent fragmentation nor sedan crater. Can?t be sure its pulverization either though it?s a pretty safe bet.I am going to calculate the energy using both fragmentation & pulverization.

    For Fragmentation

    Fragmentation Energy = 314191322426873.0980845 Joules
    Cross Section Area = .5*707.142856*300
    Cross Section Area = 106071.4284 m^2
    J/M^2 = 314191322426873.0980845/106071.4284
    J/M^2 = 2962073078.1718510
    surface area of blast = 2*pi*r*h [Half elipsode]
    surface area of blast = 666466.440434431 m^2
    So Yield = 666466.440434431*2962073078.1718510
    Total Yield = 1974122300715853.13293630 Joules
    Total Yield = 471.826553708 kilotons

    For Pulverization

    Cross section & surface area is same so no need to calc them again.

    Energy = 8418363745275001.65 J
    J/M^2 = 79365045538.26675581
    Yield = 52894139394805164.61327478139329411 Joules
    Yield = 12.642002723 Megatons

    Final Tally

    Ashuran's' Diago Burao = 471.82 kilotons-12.64 megatons
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/266-34360-5/zatch-bell/chapter-315.html

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/266-34360-6/zatch-bell/chapter-315.html


    He pulverized a large amount of rock using this attack. And Brago survived it using his strongest attack.

    They were fighting in the Rocky Mountains of North America.I am going to use smallest mountain of Rocky Mountains to calculate the energy behind his attack.So if anything its a low end.Now smallest mountain in the rocky mountains is Stoney Squaw which height is 1868 meter.

    Here,Mountain Height = 100 px = 1868 meter.

    Crater Depth = 61 px = 1139.48 meter.

    Here we can?t see the whole diameter.Hell we can?t even see the radius fully.Gash and others are standing right at the middle here.I am going to scale right side radius since its at least covers more.

    Crater Diameter = 703 px = 13132.04 meter

    For calcing volume I am going to use cylinder which resembles the crater.

    Volume = pi*r^2*h

    Volume = pi*13132.04^2*1139.48

    Volume = 617335104194.63231700m^3

    Energy [Pulverization] = 617335104194.63231700*1000000*214.35

    Energy [Pulverization] = 132325779584119437148.98028 Joules

    Energy [Pulverization] = 31.626620359 Gigatons

    Now the whole crater was result of two swing so sor a single swing the result is half or 15.8133101795 Gigatons.

    This can be also scaled to Brago since he stopped the attack.

    Final Tally

    Clear's Tail swing = 15.8133101795 Gigatons
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/266-34312-10/zatch-bell/chapter-312.html


    With this attack Clear pulverized a mountain.Now they were fighting in the Rocky Mountains of North America. I am going to use smallest mountain of Rocky Mountains to calculate the energy behind his attack.

    Now this is not accounting all the mountain which got totally destroyed along the way & also the ones behind that.To account destroying those I am going to use full sphere volume for destruction.

    Now smallest mountain in the rocky mountains is Stoney Squaw which height is 1868 meter.

    Here Mountain height = 138 px = 1868 meter.

    Destruction Diameter = 150 px = 1997.82608 meter

    Destruction Volume = 4/*pi*r^3

    Destruction Volume = (4/3)*pi*998.9130434 m^3

    Destruction Volume = 4175145947.75941918 m^3

    Clears power is annihilation. So I asked Willy & Chaos if vaporization can be used or not. Willy said it would serve a good low end here.

    Now Rock vaping value 25,700 j/cc

    Destruction Energy [Vaporization] = 107301250857417072926 Joules

    Destruction Energy [Vaporization] = 25.64561445 Gigatons

    And this is not even his strongest attack. Later Gash bell also survived one of this.

    Final Tally

    Clear's Teoradisu = 25.645 Gigatons
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/266-25416-16/zatch-bell/chapter-281.html


    Well its a lazy calc.Not from a notable character & no one tanked it either but anyway lets see where it goes.

    Gorm one of the last ten participants in Demon War fires Jingamuru Dioborusu at Earth another demon & creates a somewhat good crater.

    Here Mira = 28 px = 1.7 meter.

    Crater Depth = 4.1892857 meter

    Crater Height = 38.917857 meter

    Volume = 3322.27 m^3

    Energy [Pulverization] = 712128574500 J

    Energy [Pulverization] = 170.202814173 tons

    Final Tally

    Gorm's Jingamuru Dioborusu = 170.202814173 tons
  • Sherlōck
    Apparently Clear can sense any demon within 5000+ km Gorm wasn't within it when he was fighting Kyonchome. So when Shin fired his Kuria Seunosu it crossed 5000+ km quite quickly.Now I don't have anything thats exact so lets play around with number a bit.

    For 5 second Speed = 1000000 m/s = Mach 2941.17647058

    For 10 second speed = 500000 m/s = Mach 1470.5882352

    For 15 second speed = 333333.333 m/s = Mach 980.39215

    For 30 second speed = 166666.666 m/s = Mach 490.1960

    For 60 second speed = 83333.333 m/s = Mach 245.09803

    And it didn't take more than one minute that's I am confident about.The spell was massively hypersonic.

    Now before you go running your mouth about if they were 5000+ km away how did he manage to hit him.The answer is in the second panel.The book keeper Vini was the one who aimed it not Clear.

    While we are at it lets calc the DC too.

    Human = 19 px = 1.7 meter.

    Diameter = 268 px = 23.97894 meter

    Depth = 90 px = 8.05263 meter.

    Volume [Cylinder] = 3636.53640 m^3

    Energy [Pulverization] = 186.30295874 tons

    Disappointing I know. But it was fired by seriously wounded Clear aimed to hit the books only so not that surprised.

    Final Tally

    Kuria Seunosu speed = Mach 245.09803-Mach 2941.17647058