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Ampchu Fails At Calculations #20: Ribbellion

Published by Ampchu in the blog Ampchu's blog. Views: 338

Back with yet another Puella Magi calc, this time for Homura's bullet catch feat via kicking Mami's ribbon upward which is a lot more impressive than it actually looks. This will finally cement the speed for low tiered magical girls alongside the already calced power they possess. Let's find out now.


- First, measuring the distance in which the bullet moved. The gun that Homura used in the scene appears to be a Walther P5 by its design. The bullet length is at least 1.008 cm.


99.6 ÷ 211.1 = 0.472
1.008 × 0.472 = 0.476 cm

- Now for the distance that Homura's leg traveled. Presuming a roughly 180 degree kick motion, I simply have to find half the circumference using her leg length as the radius. Homura's official height is 158 cm.


238.1 ÷ 453 = 0.525
158 × 0.525 = 83 cm
2 × 3.14 × 83 =521.24
527.8 ÷ 2 = 260.62 cm

- Now to compare the speed of the leg swing to the bullet with 360 m/s as a low-end based on the Walther P5's actual muzzle velocity and 1,422 m/s for high-end based on the .220 Swift considering magical girl bullets far exceed real life small arms in velocity anyway thanks to magical amplification, justifying the high-end.

260.62 ÷ 0.476 = 547.521
547.521 × 360 ÷ 340 = mach 579.73
547.521 × 1422 ÷ 340 = mach 2,290

Massively hypersonic to massively hypersonic+, which scales to other low tier magical girls such as Sayaka Miki considering Homura Akemi is statistically the slowest magical girl alongside first timeline Madoka Kaname.


Final Result: Mach 579.73 to 2,290
  • Hikki
  • Hikki
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