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ATLA: Avatar State feats

Published by JohnZoonas in the blog JohnZoonas's blog. Views: 271

Im some random VSB dude who lurks this website, so why not post some of my calcs here?

anyhoo, I'll be calcing two feats from characters amped by the Avatar State, namely Kyoshi's island cutting feat and the feat of some random, nameless fire nation avatar

1. kyoshi's island splitting feat

2. random avatar lavabending volcanos

This is Kyoshi Island. To get any sort of scaling out of this, we need to know how much every damn pixel is worth.

For that, I'll use the eel dragon thing that Aang wrestles in the second episode, the unagi

  • Aang = 1px = 1.37m
  • Unagi body length = 211px = 289.07m
Upper body length of this thing is only generously half of its full length going by this picture, and this is a low-end. Anyway;

  • Unagi full length = 220px = 578.14m
  • Gap between each side of the island (basically the island's width) = 808px = 2.125km

  • Gap width = 95px = 2.125km
  • Island elevation = 55px = 1.23026km (above sea level)
  • Island length = 179px = 4.0039km
The average ocean depth is 3688m, so adding that onto the elevation we have the 4918m for the height

  • Volume (since the split part was akin to a rectangular prism) = l*h*w = 34153000000 cubic meters

Density of the sedimentary rock/continental crust of the earth is 2700kg/m^3
  • Mass = 9.22131e+13kg
Spoiler: scaling4

  • Kyoshi = 1px = 1.77m
  • Panel height = 334px
  • 2*atan(1/(334/tan(70/2))) = 0.00283721199 radians, or about 0.1625602726113168 degrees
Or about 623.85m for how far away the island traveled. Timeframe is about 10 seconds from when we saw Kyoshi's airbending and to when it reached this point.

  • KE = 0.5*9.22131e+13*62.385^2 = 1.7944154e+17 joules, or 42.887557361376671849 megatons
Kyoshi with the Avatar State has casual city destroying earthbending and airbending.


The goal here is simple; lowball as much as possible to avoid inflated height for these beauties. Cinder cone volcanoes, the smallest on Earth, are 91m tall on average.

  • Volcano = 55px = 91m
  • Diameter of lava = 39px = 64.5272727271m
  • Partial height of the lava = 292px = 483.119m

  • Additional height = 440px = 728m
  • Total height of lava = 1211.12727273m
  • Volume of lava burst = pi*32.2636364^2*1211.12727273 = 3960648.35983m^3
We multiply it by 4 to get 15842593.4393m^3

The density of lava is about 3100kg/m^3

  • Mass = 49112039661.8kg
For the low-end, the volcanoes start erupting at frame 484 and reach the height at frame 494. That is 10 frames, or about 0.4 seconds for the timeframe. That should give us 3027m/s.

  • KE = 0.5*49112039661.8*3027.818^2 = 2.2512178e+17 joules, or 53 megatons

Reiterating, Avatars are city level fuckers.

  • Kyoshi's island splitter = 42.88 megatons
  • Nameless fucker's volcanobending = 53 megatons
  • SunRise
  • JohnZoonas
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