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Atropos drains a planet [D&D calc]

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 215

Atropos, the world born dead is a sentient, undead moonlet capable of draining planets of life for whatever reason an undying celestial objects has to consume planets I guess.

-Elder Evils (3.5e)

It is capable of consuming all positive (meaning living) energy within a planet, and has in fact done so to an earth-sized planet in the Forgotten Realms setting

In order to leave a planet "an empty husk" I'm guessing what Atropos devours is biomass, converting it to positive energy that is instantly negated by the negative energy fueling him, as the text suggests.

How much biomass is on Earth? according to wikipedia between 1 to 4 Trillion tons of carbon.
Converting an average of 2.5 trillion tons into energy via mass-energy equation would yield:

E=m*c^2= (2.5e15 kg)*(299792458 m/s)^2= 2.246e32 J, or 53.68 Zettatons of TNT, practically planet level since this is only an average.
While we're at it, I'd like to figure out the GBE of Atropos
700 miles are 1120 km, giving it a radius of 560km
It's made out of rock of some sort, so I'll use the density of granite to determine mass.

A sphere with a radius of 560,000m would have a volume of 7.35619E+17 m^3
applying a density of 2700 kg/m^3 we get a mass of 1986171300000000000000 kg.

GBE= 3*G*M^2/5*R = [3*6.67408e(-11)*(1986171300000000000000)^2]/(5*560000)= 2.82e26 J
or, 67.4 Petatons , continent level+

Final Tally:
Atropos consumes a planet ≈ 53.68 Zettatons of TNT
Atropos' GBE = 67.4 Petatons of TNT
  • Endless Mike
  • Deer Lord
  • Endless Mike
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