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Azure Lane - Singularity threatens the Northern Union

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 149

Calc request from @Cipher97 .

A singluarity threatens to destroy half of the Northern Union, aka the Soviet Union, and focuses on Tromsö in Norway, near where the Tirpitz sank, as you can see the singularity above the ocean in the image too. Another big calc, so let's get calcing!

The Soviet Unionhad a surface area of 22,402,200km^2 (or 2.24022e+13m^2) Russia has an average elevation above sea level of 600m.

V = 2.24022e+13 X 600
= 1.344132e16/2
= 6.72066e15m^3

Given it's a singularity and it talks about the Northern Union poofing, I think it's safe enough to assume pulverization.

E = 6.72066e15 X 200000000
= 1.344132e24 joules
= 321.25525812619497401 teratons

Next, we'll do a high end of a circular explosion, which would take out much of the planet with it. I found an old map of the world that we can scale from.

441 pixels = 5000km
1 pixel = 5000km/441 = 11.3378685m
11.3378685m X 593 = 6723.35602m

5000/12742 X 100 = 39.2403076%
671 pixels = 12756.2km (12756200m)
5000km = 671 X 39.2403076/100 = 263.302464 pixels

Now we can scale the area of the Earth destroyed. The Surface area of the Earth is 510100000km^2.

671 pixels = 12756.2km (12756200m)
1 pixel = 12756200m/671 = 19010.7303m
19010.7303m X 455 = 8649882.29m
8649882.29m/2 = 4324941.14m
19010.7303m X 87 = 1653933.54m
263 - 87 = 176
19010.7303m X 176 = 3345888.53m

Volume of both parts as spherical caps. Entering the values through this spherical cap calculator, the smaller part has a volume of 3.2430e+19m^3 and the larger part has a volume of 1.1288e+20m^3, which gives us a total volume of 1.4531e20m^3.

E = 1.4531e20 X 200000000
= 2.9062e28 joules
= 6.945984703632887431 exatons

Final Result
Singularities threatens the Northern Union (low end) = 321.255 teratons
Singularities threatens the Northern Union (high end) = 6.946 exatons
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