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Azure Lane - Singularity threatens the Northern Union

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 38

Calc request from @Cipher97 .

A singluarity threatens to destroy half of the Northern Union, aka the Soviet Union. The Soviet Unionhad a surface area of 22,402,200km^2 (or 2.24022e+13m^2) with Russia having an average elevation above sea level of 600m.

V = 2.24022e+13 X 600
= 1.344132e16/2
= 6.72066e15m^3

Going with a low end of violent fragmentation and a high end of pulverization

(Low end)

E = 6.72066e15 X 69000000
= 4.6372554e23 joules
= 110.83306405353728508 teratons

(High end)

E = 6.72066e15 X 200000000
= 1.344132e24 joules
= 321.25525812619497401 teratons

Final Result
Singularities threatens the Northern Union (low end) = 110.833 teratons
Singularities threatens the Northern Union (high end) = 321.255 teratons
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