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because fluttershit sucks and we need something

Published by iwandesu in the blog iwandesu's blog. Views: 4175

everyone knows we have many j/cc values around there so i'll be covering the most common ones
anyway let's start with a little explanation on what i will be using and the logic behind it
the process of fragmentation is defined by the energy needed to make something fall apart in big fragments
for that i will be using the shear strenght of many materials
Pulverization comes from the ability to turn something into dust
for that we go with compressive strenght due to it being based on crushing something to the point it reached its minimun possible size
now, regarding violent fragmentation things get trickier
we qualify violent fragmentation as a kind of fragmentation where deebris fly away at high speeds and mostly as small fragments
there is no specific physical interaction for this as far as i'm concerned
people used many things from yeld strenght (steel violent fragmentation) to a low end of uniaxial compressive strenght (rock current violent fragmentation)
i'll try to focus on either the latter or the high end of shear strenght
So let's take a pick at the most common materials you will see in fiction

well we all know fluttershit got rock fragmentation as 8j/cc
but where did it come from ?
well aparently the shear strenght of a solid rock wall is on the order of 8mpa

which pretty much means 8^6 joules/m^3
or 8 j/cc
the same page refers to a solid rock wall compressive strenght as > 200 mpa
or > 200 j/cc
which is hardly different from our current 214j/cc (which is...well >200 so yeah)
now for VF we have many options
on the above link we see that compressive strenght fluctuates if your rock isnt properly stick together
and the middle ground for that variates between 50-100mpa
luckily we have a pretty straight end that comes for a low end for rock uniaxial compressive strenght
that it is our 69j/cc=69 mpa


this is a pretty easy one tbh
our current fragmentation value is 1.4 j/cc
pulverization is 14j/cc
and violent fragmentation is 42j/cc
well i always knew this made no sense but now i think we can finally put some light into the matter
cemented concrete minimun shear strenght is 6j/cc
compressive strenght is 40 j/cc
and for violent fragmentation we have a range between 17-20j/cc

this is an upgrade for average concrete/ground concrete feats
where the old values came from ?
from unrefined concrete that it is used to build small houses and wall being still useful for those situations i guess


so...we do have a fragmentation value of 50 j/cc for steel iirc
but i have absolutely no idea where it comes from and any shear strenght i find vastly dwarfes this
so let's try to quantify something
actually have a compressive and shear strenght value for steel afaic
we do have violent fragmentation of steel 250j/cc based on yeild strenght of steel
while i dont particularly agree with yeild strenght being used as VF because it...doesnt really has anything to do with fragmentation to begin with there is a mathematical relation between steel shear strenght and its tensile strenght
so let's explore it
minimun tensile strenght of carbon steel is 278 mpa
Shear strenght of steel= TSS x 0.75
Shear strenght of steel= 278 x 0.75
Shear strenght of steel=208.5 mpa
violent fragmentation will be taken by the low end of
alloy steel as it is noticed that the values largely varie in range due to differences on heat treatment which means that the high ends are likely taken from very specifical conditions
Shear strenght of steel (high end)= TSS x 0.75
SSS(HE)=758 x 0.75
SSS(HE)=568.5 mpa
now we just need to get steel compressive strenght
170-310 mpa
i...suppose this means steel has poor compressive properties but awesome durabilitily ?
well i think we better keep using military graded steel violent fragmentation as our placeholder for the sake of pulverizing still being>violent fragmenting :catwave

Iron ores

http://www.meyersgroup.ucsd.edu/papers/journals/Meyers 43.pdf
here they say the tensile strenght of a iron ore is 18.75 mpa
now i just need to apply the formula for iron
they have 3 methods but none for iron ores specifically so for the sake of something i will average the 3 methods
Shear strenght of iron= (TSI x (1.3 + 1 + 0.9))/ 3
SSI=(18.75 x (1.3 + 1 + 0.9))/ 3
SSI=20 mpa
compressive strenght of steel as seen in the table is on the order of 90 MN/m^2
or about 90 j/cc
so steel is 10 times as durable as iron ? that's mean

glass is extremely interesting tbh
basically glass is something weak to your classic fragmentation
but in order to completely smash glass you are going to take a while
Fragmentation of glass 0.75 mpa
i'll take the high end of 1 j/cc for violent fragmentation
now for pulverzation ?
you need wopping 1000 mpa to pulverize glass

and that's why you can't make any relationship between fragmentation and pulverization crossboard folks :zaru


we have some values for this
but still
we all know mike actually calced this before using this
but the thing is that this article uses both ice at hundreds of degrees below zero and ice at some dozens of degrees
so averaging it was not really the best solution
still 0.5271 j/cc hardly differs from 4 and something so meh
anyway for violent fragmentation i will be adding the high ends of the both fragmentation process
so 0.7 j/g + 0.2 j/g
or about 0.9 j/g
ice density is 0.9167 g/cc
Ice violent fragmentation= 0.9 x 0.9167
IVF=0.82503 j/cc
now we gotta focus on ice pulverization
this article says the crushing of ice varies in between 228-1046 lb/in^2 of force
so let's do a middle end of this i guess
228 +1046 x 0.5 =637 lb/ic^2
1 lbf/in^2=6894.75729 pascals
637 =4391960.39373 pascals
or about
4.3919 MPA

Human body

so yeah... i kinda already have one for that pulverization wise
now i will use bone shear strenght to get a fragmentation value for the human body
average human volume is 65913.3879 cm3
The human bone represents 14% of our weight
Average human weight is 70kg
Meaning bone weight is 9.8 kg
Bone density is 1900 kg/m3
This makes bone volume equal to 5157.89474 cm3
Which means meat volume is about 60755.4932
bone's shear strength is 51.6/cc
Meat pulverization is 0.4 j/cc
E=51.6 x 5157.89474
E=266147.3685 joules
E=0.4 x 60755.4932
E=24302.1973 joules
TE= 290449 joules
fragmentation of human body=290449/65913.3879
FHB=4.40 j/cc

white oak for wood added because my bro des asked for it
shear strenght of the oak is 1210 lbf/in^2
this means oak fragmentation is around 8,34 MPA (j/cc)
also violent fragmentation would be something like 18,34 j/cc (2660lbf/in^2)
and pulverization fluctuates between 530-8900 which gives me an average of 4715 or 32,51 j/cc for oak pulverization
just in case if we use the high end we have 61,36 j/cc

White Oak fragmentation=8.34 j/cc
White oak violent fragmentation=18,34 j/cc
White oak pulverization=32,51-61,36 j/cc

should work for now i guess :catwave
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