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Bifrost explosion (MCU)

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 1022

So this came up, and I calc'd it



Okay, starting with just how big is the Bifrost orb

Heimdall is standing in the center, so I can scale him to the diameter

Heimdall=125 px = 1.9m
Orb diameter =1366 px = 20.76m
considering not all of the diameter appears on-screen and that it's the internal one (wall thickness and all) I think I can safely round it up to 21m.

Orb diameter= 70 px = 21m
Blast radius= 986 px = 295.8m

Considering it was an omni-directional blast I'll shape it as 1/4 an elipsoid with the blast radius as length and width.
Depth however is considerably smaller, 1/4 a diameter won't work here.

I'll use half the orbs diameter as a safer measurement, so approx 10m

Volume of elipsoid is therefore= 4/3*pi*(295.8)^2*10= 3655929.843 m^3
1/4 of that is 913982.46 m^3

That is the volume of water dispersed
Density of water= 1000 kg/m^3
Mass of water= 1000*913982.46= 913982460.69 kg

Timeframe is 5.47s from watching the video on rowvid
Speed of dispersion= 295.8/5.47= 54.076 m/s

Ke= 1/2*m*v^2 = 1/2*(913982460.69)*(54.076)^2 = 1336378723772.6 J
or 319.402 tons of TNT
Multi city-block level+

Final Tally:
This is both a dc and durability feat as thor and loki took it point blank without much injury.
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