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Published by Lord Valgaav in the blog Lord Valgaav's blog. Views: 169

Cimmerians are a race of demons that live in the Human World of the Knighthood-verse. They're the descendants of what used to be a full-bred vampire race, but after mix breeding with humans at a certain point, they've diluted their genes to a weaker variation of the original race.

Normally demons can eat anything they want, but chose to eat souls to further increase their own demonic auras which stem from their souls. Cimmerians however can only eat blood/blood products.

Soul consumption also helps with a demon's longevity. They can live for thousands of years easily and only begin to grow old after their first few centuries.

All demons have regeneration, but at what level depends on the race or demon in question. When it comes to the Cimmerians, they shine in this area. They only require a single cell to be left in order to regenerate good as new. This also means that they never tire, and so will always be able to perform at an optimal condition.

Cimmerians have various abilities. They are able to shapeshift in order to look like different people, stand upside down on surfaces, have enhanced senses of smell and hearing, super-strength and speed, can protract their claws which is usually their main weapon, etc. The main ability they use is known as Bloodletting.

There is basic Bloodletting all Cimmerians can use, and then theres the tribal Bloodletting that only members of that particular clan can use. By channeling their aura into their hearts, Cimmerians are able to manipulate their blood in various ways for attacks and such. There are seven tribes for the Cimmerian people: White Blood, Crystal Blood, Iron Blood, Psychic Blood, Poison Blood, Polymorphic Blood, and Shaman Blood.

-White Blood: are able to heal others as well as they can themselves. Useful since usually a Cimmerian can only heal themselves.
-Crystal Blood: can harden the blood they manipulate into a crystallized substance that's harder than diamond
-Iron Blood: can harden ones blood membrane til it resembles actual iron. This makes them stronger and more durable without losing any speed. This form of Bloodletting is considered to be the best for defenses.
-Psychic Blood: can psychically manipulate the blood of others just as easily as they can control their own
-Poison Blood: highly corrosive blood. The cells of which are actually microscopic fangs that will eat through anything they touch. Should the thing they touch be organic with blood, the user is able to feed off them from a distance with this.
-Polymorphic Blood: able to transform into almost anything. Be it other people, mythic creatures, common animals, or objects
-Shaman Blood: able to channel the spirits of deceased Cimmerians as well as currently living ones. These Cimmerians can learn the fates of their people and communicate with them through spiritual means thanks to them all being connected by common blood.

All Cimmerians, regardless of tribe, are able to awaken further power by way of a semi-transformation they take on in times of intense rage. This triples their power but causes them to become berserk unless they're able to learn to control the state.
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