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DC - Green Lanterns survive a supernova

Published by Galo de Lion in the blog Galo de Lion's blog. Views: 107

Calc request for @Veggie and @Claudio Swiss .

A bunch of novice Green Lanterns survive a supernova. In order to go supernova, a star needs to have at least 8 solar masses. Red Giants at their highest weigh 8 solar masses, and have a diameter of at least 100,000,000.

= 2*atan(184/(666/tan(70/2)))
= 0.260327296 rad
= 14.9156553528899174 degrees

Enter this into the angscaler, and we have a distance from the Sun to the Green Lanterns as 381960000km (or 381960000000m) away. Looking at ChaosTheory123's Ood Bnar calc for reference. The average surface area of a man is 1.9m^2.

A = 4πr^2
= 4 Xπ X 381960000000^2
= 1.83335106e24m^2

A = 1.9/1.83335106e24
= 1.03635362e-24m^2

The energy of a supernova is 10^44 joules.

E = 10^44 X 1.03635362e-24
= 1.03635362e20 joules
= 24.769445984703629904 gigatons

Final Results
Green Lanterns survive a supernova = 24.769 gigatons

Not as impressive as the supernova itself, I'm afraid.
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