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Dem FTL servants

Published by Crimson King in the blog Crimson King's blog. Views: 249

The entire passage

The feats

First FTL attack
Second FTL attack

Demiya shooting the FTL targets and pulling Meltlilith away

Pretty much spells it out

However I like to laugh at clowns that attempt to downplay.

"But I'm from derpbattles and lack the brain power to see how the second attack is also FTL!"

The fact that second attack damaged Meltlilith's body as well shows it was FTL.

Not to mention Meltlilith was putting all her power into the attack. What, you think she's gonna go "Even though I can move at FTL speeds, I'm gonna slow down and not use my full powers on the obvious end boss"?

"But CK, how do we know they're moving at FTL after the clash?"

If the initial FTL strike couldn't kill her completely, you think Meltlilith is gonna go "That FTL attack didn't finish her. I should slow down the attack"?

"but CK, what about mass inertia and blah blah blah?"

Do you see the passage saying they slowed down?

Not to mention if after the initial strike she slowed down in any way she would would have ended up being slower than Kiara. She'd have to keep the same speed to continue stabbing further into Kiara.

Did I mention she's putting all her power into the suicide attack? You think she'll relax after just stabbing once instead of continuing to drive her attack further into Kiara?

"But my derping leads me to believe it's a shonen clash!11!"

...and? You're just finding a non issue to complain about because they're too powerful to fit your shitty opinion on how strong the setting should be.

"But real life physics!1!!!1"

Yes, because we all know no one in fiction moves at FTL speeds.

"but muh power levels! No other servants are this fast.!1!11!"

Remember how Excalibur turns prana into light and fires it?

Herk has blocked it

Gil has dodged it.

Iskander has dodged it

Hell, Mashu has blocked it

Don't like excalibur?

Archimedes uses mirrors to reflect sunlight for his attacks. Servants have no problem fighting him.

This isn't even the first FTL attack. Ishtar teleports to Venus and shoots people from there. And unless her enemies like to patiently stand there for hours to wait for her attack, That's FTL.

And then of course Quetz wants to use that attack as a baseball.
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