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Digimon:: Darksuperstarmon official profile

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 54

wiki digimon

Dark SuperStarmon is a Digimon surrounded by star level assignments. First of all he was born from a Black Hole, he can live in a Black Hole and of course he is able to recreate some of the power of Super Nova and still create a Black Hole.

Considering only the quote from Super Nova we are able to get 3 speculations from what he may be referring to: The kinetic energy, Neutrino Energy and Electromagnetic Radiation.

0.1 Foe from Neutrino energy, 1e+43 Joules or 2.39 octillion of megatons (large star level)

0.01 Foe from Electromagnetic radiation, 1e+42 Joules or 239 tenatons or 239 septillion of megatons (star level +)

1.3~1.4 Foe from Kinetic energy, 1.3e+44 Joules or 1.4e+44 Joules or 33.46 octillion of megatons (large star level) Virtually all energies released by a Super Nova come to Nova level (Less is only slightly, a difference of 0.46e + 42 Joules or 109.94 septillion of megaton). As the text of the DRB refers to fragments released by the Super Nova I believe he is referring to the mass released by Super Nova, which by kinetic Energy proves to be Nova level. Consistent with the other top-level feats of the Digimon Adventure Perfects.
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