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Digimon: dodging laser at close range

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 80


I will examine the speed of reaction of digimon, dodge attacks of light.

Feat 1.
Feat can be seen here 14:45

Gizmon XT profile

datebook :bang

laser beam speed is equal to the light-speed

in the feat it is seen that shinegreymon dodges the second attack when is a meters from him.

image 1
the height of shingreymon is 15.14 mts , the distance between the legs is 72px= 2.18 mts.

image 2
the distance between the horns # 1: 139px = 2.18 meters.

the distance between the horns # 2: 191px= 2.7 mts.

2atan(tan(70/2)*(191/775)=0.23249188231 radians
0.23249188231*180/pi= 13.3208036274152441 degrees
using the angular calculator
the distance between shinegreymon and laser : 11.561 meters

image 3

2atan(tan(70/2)*(163/773)=0.1991625937 radians
0.1991625937*180/pi=11.4111760558887981 degrees
distance remember by shinegreymon: 13.512 meters

  • Speed of the projectile = 299 792 458m/s
  • Distance that the projectile traveled =11.561 meters
  • Time frame = 11.561/ 299 792 458
  • Time frame = 0.000000038563345 sec
reactions speed= 13.512/ 0.000000038563345=350384542.62m/s or 1.16c FTL.:gar

Feat 2.
Feat can be seen here 2:13

Shakkoumon profiles


in the feat it is seen that blackwargreymon dodges the second attack when is a centimeter from him.

blackwargreymon height is 3 mt. 695px=3mt

distance between the horns 153px= 0.66mt or 66 cm

the distance between Blackwargreymon and laser beams 47px= 0.09mt or 9cm.

distance remember by Blackwargreymon 119px=0.35 mt or 35cm

Time frame: 47cm/299792458000 cm/s= 0.0000000001567751s

reactions speed: 35cm/0.0000000001567751s= 223249738000cm/s or 223249738m/s or Mach 50873.87 or 0.74 c Relativistic+ reaction, well almost :gar

Feat 3.
Feat can be found here.

Hand of Fate/Fist of Fate/Heavens Knuckle moves at the speed of light

panel height is 768 pixels, while Angemon is 113 pixels

2atan(tan(70/2)*(113/768)) = 11.764327058836 degrees

I'm not sure if Angemon has an official height. Pretty sure he's a lot taller then 02 Joe, who is around 172 cm according to production art, so 1.8 meters as a low ball seems okay.

Angsizing yields: 8.7357 meters
8.7357/299 792 458= 0.0000000291391587s

LadyDevimon is usually depicted as the same size as Angewomon, whose usually depicted as a bit shorter then Angemon. So 1.8 meters seems okay.

551 px
= 1.8 meters

Distance moved = 455 pixels

551 / 455 = 1.21
1.8 / 1.21 = 1.48 meters
1.48 meters/ 0.0000000291391587s= 50790759.44m/s or Mach 148078 or 0.16c Relativistic:ichigo

Final Tally

Shingreymon: 350385069.48m/s or 1.16c FTL

Blackwargreymon: 223249738m/s or Mach 650873.87 or 0.74 c Relativistic+

LadyDevimon: 50790759.44m/s or Mach 148078 or 0.16c Relativistic
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  • Chuci28
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