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digimon:: Machgaogamon throw a building.

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 29

in the episode 15 of digimon data squad machgaogamon launches a building at metalphantomon (Feat).

Basic scaling.

based on this,the window widthis 88 inch---223cm--- 2.23 meters
image 1
window width = 40px=2.23 meters
building width= 721px= 40.2 meters
building height=to determine the height I will use the angle calculator.
panel height=763px
=2atan(tan(70/2)*(295/763))= 30.296297018244 degrees, using angle calculator 74.246 meters
building height=74.246 meters

image 2
building width=156px=40.2 meters
building length=83px=20.1 meters

Building mass
Height = 74.246 meters
Width= 40.2 meters
Length = 20.1 meters

Volume = Length x width x Heigh
20.1*40.2*74.246= 59992.25292m^3

concrete density=2300 kg / m 3

Mass = density × volume= 59992.25292m^3*2300 kg / m 3= 137982181.716 kg or 137982.181716 tons
omit 80% of actual Mass (Because Buildings are usually hollow from inside)
Building mass=27596436.3432kg or 27596.43 tons
Machgaogamon threw with one hand.
this scales to rizegreymon and the other perfect levels.

Final Tally.
Machgaogamon lifting strength= 27596436.3432kg or 27596.43 tons
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