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Digimon:: Peckmon dodges Sunflowmon's Sunshine Beam

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 61

Feat can be seen here

The proof this is a lightspeed attack is the Reference Databook's entry on Sunflowmon:


Using this official height chart as a reference.

82px = 1.8m (A good height)
Sunflowmon's head = 49px = 1.075m
Peckmon's head = 35px = 0.76829m

Panel height = 480px
Sunflowmon's head = 102px = 1.075m
2atan(tan(70/2)*(102/480))= 0.21402807259 radians
0.21402807259 *180/pi= 12.2629052567266178 degrees
using the angular calculator
Distance from the screen= 5 meters

Peckmon's head = 63px = 0.76829m
2atan(tan(70/2)*(63/480))= 0.124536949
0.124536949*180/pi= 7.1354415711359778
Distance from the screen= 6.1612 meters
Peckmon should be closer to the screen than Sunflowmon, but I guess lolauthorintent messed this one up. Anyway, let's proceed.

Distance between Sunflowmon and Peckmon = 1.1612 meters
Timeframe = (1.1612)/(299792458m/s)=0.0000000038733463 seconds

Peckmon's head = 75px = 0.76829m
Distance he moved (overlay) = 340px = 3.48291466666m
speed= (3.48291466666m)/(0.0000000038733463)= 899200432.10 m/s or 2.99c
If this is used. scale to the digimon of ultimate level (shingreymon, mirageogaogamon, rosemon, ravemon and burts mode)

Final Tally
Peckmon speed= 899200432.10 m/s or 2.99c
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