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digimon:: Pteramon Attack

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 49

in episode 21 of digimon data squad, gotsumon led an attack against DATS, it looks like the pteramon generate fireballs with their missiles.(Feat)

It is a short calculation.

based on this,the window widthis 88 inch---223cm--- 2.23 meters

window height=19px=2.23 meters
building height= 251px= 30 meters
fireball height= 387px= 46 meters
fireball diameter= 589px= 107 meters.

using the Nuke calculator looking at the Fireball radius (minimum).
gives a total of 5 kilotons, as it is not nuclear we divide between 2
the firing 6 missiles. each missile generates 416 tons tnt.
pteramon has 12 missiles, what would be 5 kilotons.

rizegreymon resisted the bombing of 10 pteramon, no damage

Final Tally.
Saido Waindā= (12 missiles)5 kilotons
(1 missiles)= 416 tons tnt

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