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digimon:: seadramon lifting strenght

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 48

in episode 3 of digimon adventure, seadramon drags a big rock.

Matt is a 12 years old Japanese boy. 12-year-old Japanese children are on average 1.52 meter height .

image 1
Matt height=219px= 1.52 meters
train car height= 365px= 2.5 meters

image 2
train car height= 27px=2.5 meters
train car length= 75px= 7 meters
stone diameter= 849px= 79 meters

image 3
train car length=63px=7 meters
stone length=897px= 99 meters
stone height= 269px=29 meters

Going to use an Ellipsoid.
Volume = 4/3 * π * ra * rb * rc

granite density=2700kg/m^3

M= 118756.9146946745691037*2700= 320643669 kg or 320643 tons

Final Tally
seadramon Lifting strenght= 320643669 kg or 320643 tons
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