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digimon::Shoutmon x3 (Three Victorize)

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 48

shoutmon x 3 destroys Machleomon, using Three Victorize (feat)

Taiki is a 12 years old Japanese boy.12-year-old Japanese children are on average 1.52 meters height.
Mushmon is same to taiki height

image 1
Mushmon=246px= 1.52 meters
door height=386px=2.38px

image 2
door height=18px=2.38px
town width=683px= 90 meters

image 3
town width=95px= 90meters
explosion diameter= 96px= 91 meters
Using near total fatalities considering the blast is off the ground, ((0.091 / .28) ^ 3) / 2= 0.017 kilotons or 17 tons tnt

Final Tally
Shoutmon x3 (Three Victorize)= 17 tons tnt
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