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digimon:: wargreymon pushes to Venommyotysmon

Published by Chuci28 in the blog Chuci28's blog. Views: 55

in episode 39 of digimon adventure, Wargreymon pushes venonnyotysmon across a street. (feat). and VenomMyotismon could no sell a giga blaster and wolf claw from MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon.

the height of weregarurumon is similar to leomon, that previously calculated in 2.7 meters.

Image 1

weregarurumon height= 361px= 2.7 meters
distance between eyes= 284px= 2.12 meters

Image 2

face 1
distance between eyes=31px=2.12 meters
nose length= 24px=1.64 meters

face 2
nose length= 30px= 1.64 meters
horn length= 215px= 11.75 meters

full body
horn length= 35px= 11.75 meters
venonmyotismon hight=425px=142.6 meters.

The square-cube law is in use here

to find the volume.I will use the formula used by Kaiserwombat to find the EVA mass
I will compare it to the average height of an average japanese 1.71cm

0.8 * (142.6 / 1.71) ^ 3 = 463938.3m^3
the human body density 985 kg/m^3.
463938.3*985= 456979225.5 kg or 456979.2255 tons
This is minimal, it must be heavier, his limbs are longer and wider.

Final Tally

Hight (minimum)= 142.6 meters
Mass (minimum)= 456979225.5 kg or 456979.2255 tons
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