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Discworld cosmology

Published by Galo de Lion in the blog Galo de Lion's blog. Views: 606

It's about time I did more cosmology masterposts. So let's get going with Discworld! This doesn't have everything, sorry, but it has as much as I could gather, and I may expand it in the future.

Cosmology size
Discworlds cosmology is massive, with infinite levels of infinity in "the" multiverse. Infinite more are created every infinitely short instance form every point. The multiverse is just a tiny part of an even bigger multiverse, and so is that to an even bigger one, up and down forever.
Having used Discworld to describe this scientiffic/mathematical/philosophical issue, it then goes deeper into said issue.
It directly invokes Cantors Law.
There are also worlds within worlds, as seen by Time.
Everything in context to "the" multiverse refers to all possible universes and realities, including alternate laws of physics.
Not only that, but there are other multiverses too.
These multiverses are made by different Creators (for reference, this conversation takes place at the dawn of the Universe).
All stories, dreams and myths are made real somewhere in "the" multiverse.
The Dungeon Dimensions are even bigger than the multiverse still, and consist of realities that never where, might have been are made and unmade in chaos (note there is a being who embodies chaos). Where reality draws thin, Things and Elder Gods from the Dungeon Dimensions can make their way in.
In comparison to the Universe, the Dungeon Dimensions are like a ocean to a candle.
The Creators and the cycle of "the" Universe
The Creators are incredibly powerful beings who create entire universes and multiverses, including the laws of physics.
Creators exist independently of belief (this is an important aspect of the Discworld multiverse).
Even with lesser Creators who choose to only create a single world, they then go on to create all alternate versions of this world.
This not only includes the world, but the entire universe that goes with it.
Nation (which while not a Discworld book, is part of "the" multiverse) has a being called Imo do likewise; creating a universe than all possible universes to follow.
It's also noted that Locaha (Death, the same as in Discworlds universe) is a part of Imo, as is all his creation.
Eventually, the universes end and fade into nothing or collapse on themselves. Then the Creators return to make another set of universes. The foot note notes that there are various ways of creating a universe, such as gradual creation or a Big Bang. Various Creators favor different ways. It's noted that not even infinity exists anymore after the end of the Universe.
Even oblivion itself will end one day.
This has happened before, and it's noted that the Creator of Discworld can perceive events in picoseconds.
On the above, it's also noted that the Big Bang could be called a bit of music. This is consistent with all acts of Creation seen in Discworld. The Big Bang was created by the Spirit of Rock.
Other references to this.
The music also sustains reality. The Spirit of Music with Rocks in also says Death cannot kill it.
Anthropomorphic Personifications
Anthropomorphic Personifications (APs for short) are the embodiments of various aspects of reality and nature. Some of them exist independently of belief (or really, they're affected but just shaped by it), while others are sustained by it. The greatest APs exist all across the multiverse.
This last one also confirms Good Omens is part of the Discworld multiverse, with the same Death, War, Famine and
On a similar note, Nation is also connected to the Discworld multiverse, as Locaha is Death.
The humanoid form that an AP takes is not their true form. For example, Death is the shadow of creation, and it cannot exist without him (note also he calls himself Azrael; this will be of importance later).
Kaos/Chaos also sheds "his" form, becoming a great cloud-like being. As this happens, Chaos says how the rules don't apply to him, and how he's a fundamental part of how the Universe works.
Time is a sequence of events. That is to say, "she" destroys and remakes the entire Universe in the shortest possible unit of time, and stores copies away.
Time splits into alternate timelines, each of which are other universes (created by the Creators).
Certain APs like Time exist beyond Death, while others don't.
The APs (as well as other beings like gods and demons) exist both in and outside the laws of physics.
Infact, Time finds it hard to exist in linear time.
APs can create aspects of themselves, like the Death of Rats.
Kaos/Chaos existed before the Universe had even begun.
It's noted that certain gods are actually APs.
Gods & demons
Gods are beings who are sustained by belief (not worship, as Small Gods makes a point of). The more believers they have, the more power.
Believing in the concept associated with a god can also empower them. Like the Sea Queen who is empowered by belief in the oceans.
Gods and demons exist outside of time (and likely the other laws of physics, as APs do) and view it all at the same time, but they can't always perceive everything.
On top of this, gods can create time.
The most powerful gods are Fate and Luck, who embody Fate and Luck and are known across the entire multiverse, thus drawing power from infinite believers.
Gods and goddesses can change their form at their will, but not their eyes, which reflect their true nature. Fates eyes are twin infinite abysses that draw anyone who gazes into them within (note Fate is refered to here as an AP).
Although gods can be reaped (when they run out of believers), they can never truly die; just become a small god again.
Demons can travel through time (from its end to its start), and demons like Astfgl have wings made of shaped space and magnetism.
When a demon is killed, they can return, though it takes them centuries to form a new form.
Demons can enter peoples minds and their dreams.
Greater demons can teleport people across time and space.
Belief, narrativium, Magic vs Reality & the Auditors
Belief is what "creates" and sustains entities like gods (although they've previously existed as small gods), as well as shaping the nature of APs.
Narrativium is adding a story upon the Universe. In some examples this is metaphorical, in others (like on Discworld) this is literal. This also demonstrates why believing is so important in Discworld
Magic is malleable and relies on belief, while reality is certain and does not. Thus too much magic in one area can weaken the barriers of the world, which could allow Things from the Dungeon Dimensions to enter the Universe and destroy it.
It's the job of the Auditors to keep reality in check and govern the laws of physics. They embody concepts with no notable personality traits, like gravity. They also abhor life and belief it to be a hinderance to the multiverse, but aren't allowed to wipe them out (by, for example, increasing gravity a millionfold). So they try and find loopholes to exploit.
The Auditors have more power in some universes than others, like how they have more power in this universe than in Discworld.
The Eight Old High Ones
The Eight Old High Ones are beings of unimaginable power, and the most powerful entities in all existence. Only one of them are known, that being Azrael. They exist in a place where time has no meaning. Death is but an aspect of Azrael.
Azrael owns the clock that tells Time what Time is, and from which all time flows (and Time too may be an aspect of Azrael).
Azrael is the Beginning and the End of Time and the Death of the Whole Multiverse, and remembers when Everything ends, when it will be again. His physical form is so vast that it dwarves galaxies. Death who is the shadow of creation and reaps all life in "the" multiverse, is but a little death in comparison.
Azrael and the Eight Old High Ones sustain Everything and allow it to happen by believing in it.

Now to sum up with the short version...
  • The Discworld Multiverse consists of not only infinite universes, but infinite levels of infinity and worlds within worlds, with infinite more universes being created all the time at every possible moment from every possible point
  • This includes all possible universes, from different outcomes of events to alternating laws of physics, all of fiction and the real world
  • The Dungeon Dimensions are even bigger than the main multiverse
  • There is not just one multiverse, but many, each with an infinite series of sub-multiverses, each infinitely bigger than the next
  • These universes and multiverses are created by beings called the Creators, who exists independently of belief and can create entire universes, including their laws of physics
  • Creators often go on to create all possible alternate universes for the universe or world they created, which can also exist as part of them, as can conceptual entities
  • Creators create and sustain their worlds with music
  • The universes are created, and are eventually destroyed
  • Anthropomorphic Personifications (or APs) are the embodiments of the laws of nature; the most powerful ones exist across "the" entire multiverse
  • Although not all APs are empowered by belief, all of them are shaped by it, and what people believe a concept such as theirs would be like
  • The humanoid form of an AP is just an avatar, and their true form is far more abstract (for example, Death exists as the shadow of Creation, and it cannot exist without him)
  • Gods are beings empowered by belief, and some gods are APs, the most powerful of which have infinite believers across the multiverse
  • APs and Gods exist both inside and outside the rules of reality, and can have reality effect them only how they desire it to; infact, they can create and kill their own rules of nature, like time
  • Time destroys and remakes the entire universe (and likely all universes "she" exists in, that being all of them) in the shortest possible unit of time (either a planck instance or infinitely short)
  • APs are omnipresent
  • Reality and magic are two opposing forces; reality is governed by the Auditors, magic by narrativium and the gods
  • Magic can weaken the barriers of reality, which could allow Things from the Dungeon Dimensions to get in
  • All of the above is sustained by the Eight Old High Ones, and beings like Death and Time are but tiny aspects of them
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