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Doctor Who EU misc. feats and stuff (Part 7)

Published by Endless Mike in the blog Endless Mike's blog. Views: 168

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Ace uses her wish to change the past so that she saves the Brigadier, hoping to also save the Monk by making it so that she couldn't have released Artemis since she would now have been saving the Brigadier instead. However, Artemis arranges it so that Pike saves her instead, allowing her to get her revenge on the Monk.

Artemis had actually been protecting Ace from the Monk's mind control, even while imprisoned.

The Doctor explains how he escaped the Monk's trap. Also, we see how TARDISes can still be functional and connected even when parts are separated over vast distances, how the Doctor (and presumably other Time Lords) can sense the presence of a nearby TARDIS, and a bit more on what the Monk could do with Artemis' power.

The Doctor erases the Brigadier's memories.

Pulls a rabbit out of his hat, literally.

The TARDIS has a room that holds a jungle and possibly an entire planet orbiting a sun.

Possibly an implication that the Doctor can control his sweating.

Implication that the Doctor is the inspiration for the Navajo mythological figure Nayenezgani. Slayer of Alien Gods - sounds about right.

Strong implication that the Doctor is essentially a humanoid Lovecraftian abomination beyond the true comprehension of humans, and that he manipulates their thoughts or uses a kind of personal perception filter to make them see him the way he wants them to.

More on the size of the TARDIS, as well as the Doctor levitating, juggling plasma balls, and singing with 3 voices at once.

Reference to the interior of the TARDIS as being potentially infinite in size.

The TARDIS contains many environments and ecosystems, which are suggested to be created from the thoughts of the TARDIS as it observes the universe.

Confirmation that the jungle environment from earlier is part of the TARDIS, also the Doctor has yet another dimensionally transcendental bag.

The TARDIS can alter an organism's body to transform it into a different species and back.

A note on how the early Time Lords erased potential competitors from time.

Info on 'reality bombs' (of course these are quite different from and unrelated to the Reality Bomb seen in the finale of Season 4 of the new series).
  • Endless Mike
  • Endless Mike
  • Endless Mike
  • Endless Mike
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