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Douze-Mille (Diebuster!)

Published by Galo de Lion in the blog Galo de Lion's blog. Views: 570

In the last episode of Diebuster!, they weaponize the Earth and launch it at 99% the speed of light at the Excellio Variable Gravity Well. I can't seem to find any videos of it, so have this instead.

99% of the speed of light is 296794533m/s.

Weight of the Earth is 5.97200e24kg.

Feeding that through the KE calculator, we get 2.6302776652860265e+41 joules, or 6.28651449638151744e+31 tons of TNT. That's 62865144.9638 yottatons, or 62.8651449638 tenatons!

Using the relativistic kinetic energy calculator, we get 3.14900000000000017e+42 joules, or 7.52629063097514341e+32 tons of TNT, which translates to 752629063.097 yottatons, or 752.629063097 tenatons!

Final Results
Douze-Milles kinetic energy = 752.629063097 tenatons
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  • Galo de Lion
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