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Dreams. What do they mean?

Published by lemondropxxx in the blog lemondropxxx's blog. Views: 118

I rarely seem to remember my dreams anymore. More often than not, I can only recall the feelings/emotions associated with the dream upon waking. However, I did have a pretty strange dream the other night.

I can't remember most of it. But from what I do remember, there was a room with a couch. Sitting on the couch, was my dad on one end and a co-worker of mine (whom I don't know that well) on the other end. In this dream, I believe I was sitting on the floor in front of my co-worker, and he was playing with/brushing through my hair with his fingers, and asking my dad if he could take me out.

I don't know what to make of it. Probably means nothing... Still, I find it strange that the first dream I have in quite some time turns out to be something like this. Would probably make a hell of a lot more sense if I could remember the rest of my dream.

Have you had any strange or unusual dreams lately? And do you think dreams hold some sort of signifigance?
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