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Elder Scrolls Online - Meteor

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 141


The spell Meteor calls down a meteorite from the constellations. We have have seen the stars of the constellations to be floating at seemingly unfixed points.


Even if those are holes to Aetherius or something else, we still have a sense of size and scale, which is similar in scope to our universe. Let's get the timeframe...

The timeframe is 1.58 seconds. The distance from Earth to the nearest star is 4.22 lightyears, or 3.99234299e16m.

T = 3.99234299e16m/1.58s
= 2.52679936e16/299792458
= 84284954.2 C

Final Results
Meteor = 84284954.2 C

Also keep in mind that there are other attacks and spells that allow for the interaction with stars and the Sun in The Elder Scrolls, such as Auri-El's Bow, Nova and Spear Shards.
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