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Fantastic Four bit feats, part 8

Published by Endless Mike in the blog Endless Mike's blog. Views: 508

Part 7 + links to previous parts

#117. Crystal opens a fissure in the Earth deep enough for fire to come forth (meaning it reached magma) and then closes it "in the flicker of an eye":


This takes place in the fictional central American nation of San Gusto, but we can get an better approximation by the fact that there's a Mayan pyramid there. Wikipedia has a map of the former Mayan territory. Cross-referencing it with this map of crust depth, the minimum in that area would be around 20 km.

The Mayan territory now covers the RL countries of Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. The latter 2 aren't covered on the Wikipedia height table, so I'll use the average Mexican male height to measure this one guy, at 1.63 m. Treating the fissure as an ellipse and scaling (with a bit of extrapolation):

We get a width of 3.894483846 m and a length of 3.996205438 m, which makes the surface area 12.223275337287502 m^2. With a 20 km depth, the volume is 244,465.5067 m^3. Density of continental crust = 2.7 g/cm^3, for a mass of 660,056,868.2 kg. The distance this would have to travel would be the radius of the fissure, so I'll average both radii to get 1.972672321 m.

It takes from 300 - 400 milliseconds for a human eye to blink. I'll use 350 as the high-end for this feat, and 1 second for the low-end.

Low-end: 0.5 * 660,056,868.2 * 1.972672321^2 = 1.2842844558e9 j, or 0.3069513762 tons.

High-end: 0.5 * 660,056,868.2 * 5.636206631^2 = 1.048395557e10 j, or 2.50572552 tons.

A lot less than I was expecting.

#119. Black Panther blitzes some guards before they can react:


This takes place in a fictional African country based on South Africa (the comic had an anti-apartheid message). This makes the scaling tricky, as I can't find a figure for the average height of a white South African, as the population there is predominantly black. I guess using the average SA male height is fine, 1.69 m. This makes the distance 3.283667344 m. I believe we're using 1/120th of a second for reaction time now, so T'Challa's speed here is 394.0400813 m/s, or Mach 1.157953749.

#127. Mole Man is building drills to the Earth's core to release molten iron to burn the entire surface world:


Since this is molten material, I assume he's talking about the outer core. Outer core density ranges from 9.9 to 12.2 g/cm^3. Average is 11.05.

I figure a layer 1 cm deep over the Earth's land area would be enough to accomplish what Mole Man desires (probably a lowball considering the height of the flames in the scan).

Earth's land area = 510,100,000 km^2. So we need a volume of 5101 km^3, and a mass of 5.636605e16 kg.

Now I'm not sure how the acceleration due to gravity would be effected deep inside the Earth, but I think I can use Earth's surface gravity for a GPE calc, it will be close enough.

Depth of the outer core = 2890 km.

5.636605e16 * 9.81 * 2,890,000 = 1.598028247e24 j, or 381.9379175 Tt.

#129. Ben holds the FF's passenger ICBM to the ground against the force of its engines (not sure what's anchoring him to the ground, but hey, comic books):


I think a reasonable low-end would be to assume this is a modified Titan I missile, as this was a smaller US ICBM. Its mass is 105,140 kg. Now this part might be calc stacking, I'm not sure, but I don't think it is since I'm using one attribute (speed) to get something else, not stacking the same attribute, but tell me if I'm wrong. I previously calculated (in part 5) this missile's speed as ranging from 2005.121511 to 6683.73837 km/s.

Low-end: 0.5 * 105,140 * 2,005,121.511^2 = 2.113583302e17 j, or 50.51585331 Mt.

High-end: 0.5 * 105,140 * 6,683,738.37^2 = 2.348425892e18 j, or 561.287259 Mt.

Ben had no trouble holding this force back, and only let go when Sue made his arms invisible and startled him.

Apparently this is invalid though since we can't prove the missile was using its entire thrust at the time.

#133. Reed uses his body to slingshot the FF 10 Manhattan blocks in under 10 seconds:


Depending on whether we're talking widthwise or lengthwise here, the speed will be from >80.4672 m/s to >274.32 m/s.

#134. Dragon Man flies from somewhere in Pennsylvania (not specified) to Queens NYC:


Using this useful calculator SuperTacocat found, I get a minimum distance of 290.6 km.

Judging by the events of the comic (as explained by the narration), I don't think this could have taken any longer than a minute. That equals a speed of 4.843333333 km/s, or Mach 14.23295816.

#139. Miracle Man creates a tornado that sends the FF and friends far past the horizon:


To get viewpoint, we'll first scale an area of the city Miracle Man created:


The structure above the tram with the 3 semi-discs on it looks a lot like the building on the right of the panel with the tornado.

Scaling the larger circular window as 1.5 m, I get the structure as 48.94736842 m off the ground.

Horizon formula:

D = sqrt(2 * 6.371 * 48.94736842) = 24.973733357 km.

Now the view from where they landed:


We can see a bit of the mountain they landed behind. In Oklahoma where this takes place, there are 2 types of native pine trees, Loblolly and Ponderosas. The outlines of the trees in the distance I'm scaling look more triangular, and thus are more likely to be Ponderosas.

Average height of this tree is 100 to 160'. I'll use 130 (39.624 m).

The panel is 440 px square.

2*atan(tan(70/2)*(440/440) = 70.000000000022

2*atan(17/(440/tan(70.000000000022/2))) = 3.099343676728 degrees.

Angsizing gives us 732.33 m, add this distance to the previous one for a total distance of 25.70606336 km. Now scaling the tornado:

Panel width = 325 px
Panel height = 424 px

2*atan(tan(70/2)*(325/424) = 56.446305968144

2*atan(2/(325/tan(56.446305968144/2))) = 0.378479158856 degrees.

Solving for size, we get a diameter of 164.97 m. Treating it as a cylinder, the volume is 549,459,142.2 m^3. Density of air = 1.225 kg/m^3, so mass = 673,087,449.2 kg.

Apparently my original timeframe was unusable, so I guess I can average tornado windspeeds from here. I get 122.7 m/s.

0.5 * 673,087,449.2 * 122.7^2 = 5.066763372e12 j, or 1.210985509 Kt.

Really low-end because this obviously wasn't just an average tornado.

#140. The Fantasticar travels 16 miles (minus 100 yards) in "moments". Not sure what the standard for that is, so I'll guess 5 seconds.

That equals 5.13162 km/s, or Mach 15.08013753. Far faster than the handbook says, but of course those are full of low figures.

#146. Johnny overcomes the freezing rays of Ternak's "climate cannon", which had the power to freeze the Earth:


He was trying to make the planet inhabitable for his people, who had body temperatures "several dozen degrees lower" than humans. I'll use 36 (considering he stated NYC would be made so cold as to not be able to support life, this is low-end if anything). Since the FF comics (at least of this era) always used American units, I'll assume this means Fahrenheit. Average global temperature 1961 - 1990 = 14 degrees C (thanks KW). That's 57.2 F, so the target temperature is 21.2 F, or -6 C. The temperature of the oceans would also have to be lowered for this to stick.

Specific heat capacity of air from 40 to -50 C = 1.005.

SHC of water from 5 - 30 C = 4.188

Atmosphere mass = 5e18 kg
Hydrosphere mass = 1.4e21 kg

Now I'm not sure but I would think when subtracting the initial temp from the final, you would ignore the negative sign, otherwise the difference between -6 and 14 would be less than the equal difference between 20 and 0. So:

Q = 1005*5e18*20 = 1.005e23 j

Q = 4188*1.4e21*20 = 1.17264e26 j

Total = 1.173645e26 j or 28.05078872 Pt. Johnny overcame this while he was weakened.
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