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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Calcs

Published by Deer Lord in the blog Deer Lord's blog. Views: 898

Figured I'd do this since this is the most OP CBM out there;
You can watch the movie here:

Feats directory:
1. Surfer flies to Earth= 2:03
2. Surfer Freezes shit= 3:05
3. SS kills Galactus= 1:21:40

1. Silver Surfer flies to Earth:

Fairly easy one, we can see the shot paning over the moon at 2:03
then we see Surfer coming from the distance, so he'd have to be at least as far as the moon at that point (he's farther but we don't know by how much)
regardless we first see him at 2:10 and by 2:20 he's already in Earth.

So he flew the earth-moon distance in under 10s.

v= 384,400,000m/10s = 38440000 m/s = 0.128c

2. Silver surfer freezes Giza

SS could make it hail in Giza, a desert by just passing by, I'll see what I can get out of that

In 3:15 we can see that he froze everything from the great Sphinx to the horizon
now from ground level, the Horizon is typically visible for 4.7 km
so the are he froze would be roughly a circle with that diameter.

Area of a circle= pie*r^2= 3.14*(2350)^2= 17349445.4295 m^2

He frozen it up all the way to the clouds since he made it hail, so at least around 2km tall area

Air volume= 17349445.4295*2000= 34698890858.9 m^3

To get air density I'll use this calculator and input average values for the area
with a temp of about 29 degrees and 55% humidity we get
Air density= 1.155 kg/m^3

Air mass= V*density= 34698890858.9*1.155= 40077218942.029 kg
Specific heat of air is 1006 j/kg
Q=m*c*t= 40077218942.029*1006*29= 1169212785414743.911 J
or 279.448 kilotons of TNT, just by flying around

3. Silver Surfer destroys Galactus

Ah, yes. The big one.

So lets see just how big is this space turd.

Okay, so I split him up to a sphere (blue), and a cylinder (red) of space turdness.
Earth's diameter= 139 px = 12,742 km
Sphere diameter= 479 px = 43,909.48 km
Cylinder diameter= 577 px = 52,893.05 km
Cylinder height= 597 px = 54,726.43 km

Sphere volume= 4.43e+13 km^3
Cylinder volume= 1.2e+14 km^3

Galactus' volume= 164300000000000 km^3 = 1.643e+23 m^3

So what is Galactus made of? I figured the closest thing to a space turd would be actual space dust
going off of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_dust
we're looking at a bulk density of 10^-6/m^3

Galactus' mass= 1.643e+23 m^3*10^-6= 1.643e+17 kg
That's one heavy space turd

Now for dispersion speed;
From viewing the video frame by frame the explosion crossed Earth's diameter within 2 frames
so that's 0.08 sec

V= 12,742,000/0.08 = 159275000 m/s which is 0.53c

plugging this into the relativistic KE calculator we get a result of 2.662e+33 J
which is 636.233 Zettatons of TNT

Final Tally:
Silver Surfer flies to Earth = 0.128c
Silver Surfer freezes Giza= 279.448 kilotons
Silver Surfer destroys Galactus= 636.233 zettatons

SS is still Herald level even as a nerfed movie version :skully
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