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FMA - The power of the Sun in the palm of my hand

Published by TTGL in the blog TTGL's blog. Views: 536


Father creates and holds a miniature sun in the palm of his hand. We can scale the size of the sun from Fathers head, which if I recall right is the same as Hohenheims younger self. With Amestris in the West (Germany/Europe) and Xing in the East (China/Asia) and Xarxes is in the middle, so it's somewhat comparable to the Middle East geographically speaking (the FMA wiki says it draws influence from Persia). Modern day Persia is Iran, and the average height of an Iranian man is 173.4cm (1.734m).

276 pixels = 173.4cm
1 pixel = 173.4cm/276 = 0.6282608cm
0.62826087cm X 39 = 24.5021739cm

115 pixels = 24.5021739cm
1 pixel = 24.5021739cm/115 = 0.213062382cm
0.213062382cm X 33 = 7.03105861cm
7.03105861cm/2 = 3.51552931cm = 0.035155293099999998518m

Now for the surface area of the sun.

A = 4πr2
= 4 X π X 0.035155293099999998518^2

To finish this we'll need to use Stefan-Boltzmann Law of thermal radiation. I'll be looking at God Movements Neuro lava calc for help here. The temperature of the core of the Sun is 15,000,000 degrees C.

q = sigma*T^4 A
= (5.6703*10^-8)*(15000000)^4*(0.01553071)
= 4.45822911e19 joules
= 10.6554233031 gigatons

Final Results
Father creates a miniature sun = 10.655 gigatons
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